2jamez - Application for Representation

Hello. I created r/foodporn on reddit and did not participate because internet points don’t matter. Never lost a second of sleep over missing out. I can’t sleep or focus at work, CityDAO is tangible government recognized land, what happens between our groups and the institutions will be incredible history.

I hold 1 NFT

Representing manufacturers in hopes of placing technical product is what I have done for over 15 years. Representing our groups to the world and to each other in name of CityDAO solvency is what I am asking with your vote.


Creating the subreddit r/foodporn has got to be one of the best random flexes I’ve heard. That subreddit has 4 million subscribers!

what happens between our groups and the institutions will be incredible history

I agree the potentially is here for that. All interactions the DAO has with traditional institutions will be novel, and there will be many interesting and no doubt challenging moments.

I’ll also add about 2Jamez - he is from Wyoming and has actually been to the land. Not only that, but he even went out of his way to meet with one of the neighbors to touch base, let them know more about the DAO and to give them peace of mind :pray: This is something I had been a little worried about given how foreign I imagine a DAO might sound like - can you imagine being told a group of people from around the world has just purchased the land next to your quiet rural home? haha that must have been terrifying without having context.

Related to this, 2Jamez has been active in the newly forming # :trident:public-affairs guild. I’ve also seen him involved in the land-sensors project and sounds like he may be helping setup equipment on the land at some point - @2Jamez you can let me know if I’m incorrect or there are any other details you’d like to share on that. :pray:

By the way @2Jamez would you be up for sharing some of the pictures you took at the land below? Would be cool for citizens to see them during the election process. :slight_smile:

Thanks Chance, your contribution to this group is top notch and inspiring.

Here is the link:

It took a little wondering but we found it.

I’m actually 80 miles or 129 kilometers North of the parcel in Montana. Our state would be an excellent canadate for the future real-estate portfolio. I travel to Cody, Sheridan, and Gillette, Wyoming regularly and love the area very much.

I’m still finding my best way to contribute to the group. At some point I’d like to see a market where we could exchange goods and services, for example I mail crypto or prime cow in exchange for Dev 101 education :slight_smile:

For now, I look forward to any opportunity to share professionalism and relationships while we find our way forward.


Jim or James


I so appreciate your on-the-ground experience @2Jamez. Curious what your experience was talking to the neighbors?

Also, what were your impressions of the state of the land, including food and water sources?

He sent me a talking points sheet for locals that I’m going to circulate in the group. I was supposed to do it Monday TBH but work got me sidetracked when our LTE hit on Sunday without warning. Lol