About the Request for Proposals category

Looking for ways to get involved in CityDAO? Here we will share projects that we are hoping folks will propose that we think could be beneficial to the CityDAO ecosystem.

One problem in DAOs is they can feel like “market takers” - choosing between whatever proposals that sponsors (who often have some degree of self-interest) give them.

One way that city governments combat that is by putting out Requests for Proposals. The startup accelerator YC also has a Request for Startups.

This category will be used for specific RFPs, below are some high level themes.

  • Projects that advance its mission to become the blockchain-governed network city of the future.
  • Experiments in collective ownership and governance of real world assets.
  • Things that grow and nurture the CityDAO ecosystem and its contributors.

Post an RFP

Please see the template for posting new RFPs!

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