All we need is starting to

build a city in the real world!

-Virtual museum is a great idea but not the one we need.
-Protecting the nature in Amazon is a necessity but not our aim.
-A land in metaverse seems good but not the one we want.
-Buying a house in Tuscany would be awesome but it is not building a city from scratch.

These kinds of actions may be seen as a step further but I believe not.
They are damaging our project’s reputation, our community’s motivation and our limited resources.

I am not interested in floor price since I am a believer and a long term hodler but the floor price is a very important indication of our project’s value.
Remember the last ATH process… The floor price went to average 4 eth with the virtual museum news and actions but then it immediately saw a decrease and since then it is dropping. Because a virtual museum is not “building a city”.

All we need is to focus on building our city in the real world and starting to build it as soon as possible.

Here is my minimalist road map to stay away from these distractions and achieve our goal:

1- Renewing website. I know that the team is already working on it.

2- Planning city building. (Where do we start building? What do we build first? How do we build? etc.)

3- Deciding the location of our city. (The place, size of land, purchasing process, price…)

4- Draw a new road map by considering the above.

5- Sharing this “city building” road map with the community(everyone should be aware of it and adopt it), on our new website and social media platforms.

6- Raise some more money(because we all know our treasury is not enough). If our community and people believe in our road map, raising money will not be a problem. (an idea for raising money: 10k brick nfts representing a monument in our city about satoshi. Each can be sold for 0.1 eth…) Again we do not need any other income-generating ideas like the virtual museum and buying a home to rent it on Airbnb. All we need is a clear road map about city-building and to start building it.

7- Buying our land. (If we need money, create a new collection of nft)

8- Starting to build our city. (If we need money, create a new collection of nft)

Please let’s stay away from distractions and focus on city-building in the real world.


I don’t agree that we should be focusing on fundraising more anytime soon. How much is enough to build a city? How do we pitch investors / citizens?

there is still a ton of work to be done before we think about raising more money. Of course, this will be needed in time, but just saying that I disagree with your sequence of steps. I like the idea of focusing first on governance, a charter, and LLC operating agreement, then think about how best to deploy funds to meet our shared goals. my 2c

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