@asincrypto for CityDAO Council

A little bit about me.
Hello fellow Citizens! My name is Ahsan (asincrypto#2562) and I have the honor of seeking your vote for the CityDAO Council.

My crypto journey started back in 2013 when I bought my first bitcoin. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the maturity to hodl, and instead pocketed the gains for all of our favorite college extracurricular activities :smile:.

I founded my first startup around that time - a social mobile application that was like a Foursquare + Meetup for college campuses. While it didn’t take off as I would have hoped, it gave me the chance to turn an idea into reality, and see what organizations are like in their infancy.

I now run an industrial automation and software company that employs over 400 people globally. Most relevant of all, our teams are distributed by design, with individuals based in 10 different countries, and our local teams given significant autonomy to manage their operations. You could say that I’ve been running a centralized de-centralized organization this entire time!

Why am I a part of CityDAO?
New Capitalism. I believe that DAOs may give us an opportunity to invent a new form of inclusive capitalism. The monopoly-oriented version of today leaves power in the hands of a few individuals who can influence large swaths of society. History has shown us that this is not a sustainable model!

A novel challenge. Putting physical assets on chain represents one of the most interesting challenges in web3. Bridging the physical and digital worlds involves so much more than just technology; it involves building entirely new frameworks for legal governance!

Leading the way. As one of the first mission-driven DAOs, CityDAO has the potential to create a new operating framework for organizations. If we can demonstrate success, many others may be inspired to start their own DAOs. What could make us feel better?

The community. The most rewarding part of my CityDAO journey so far has been to see the passion and engagement in our globally distributed community. All of us come from different backgrounds, live in different places, yet have voluntarily come together to pursue a potentially paradigm-shifting approach to governance. I’m so proud to be a Citizen!

What should CityDAO focus on now?
Given that we are a startup, I think it’s best to talk about how we can move the needle quickly.

Here are four things that we could focus on:

  1. Getting our Charter / operating framework written. Once the Citizens feels confident that CityDAO knows what it’s doing, we will be able to scale.
  2. Hire full-time leads for each of our critical “guilds”. I would propose that we strongly consider using our Treasury like an early stage startup would - to hire people and build out the tools / productivity infrastructure to prepare for scaling.
  3. Find ways to increase Citizen engagement. This has been discussed recently in a thread started by fugyeah, and I believe this to be essential to CityDAO’s chances of succeeding.
  4. Lock in the legal frameworks needed to purchase real assets and put them on chain. Our legal and real estate guild has been putting a lot of effort into this, and perhaps if we added a full-time individual, we may be able to expedite this effort.

Based on the brand that CityDAO has been able to build, as well as a strong momentum for DAOs in 2022, I think we will be able to raise more funds if future investors feel confident in our ability to deploy capital. The four items above will give us, and our investors, confidence on that front.

Why vote for me?
I bring experience in entrepreneurship, technology, operations, finance, business development, and an intellectual curiosity that pushes me to learn as much as I can. That curiosity brought me to web3, and to CityDAO, and will push me to build any new competencies needed to effectively represent our Citizens.

I also feel that CityDAO should have some experienced leaders on its Council. At their core, organizations, whether centralized or decentralized, are just a collection of individuals. Over the years, I have seen what it takes to lead individuals through good times and bad, and I hope to add value to our DAO through that experience.

I look forward to representing CityDAO as best possible if given the opportunity.

Thanks for your time. Happy to answer any questions from my fellow Citizens.


This sounds like great management. One of my favorite things about a distributed workforce is the diversity. There are so many studies that show how deep-level diversity can increase creativity and effectiveness. Definitely agree about the unsustainability of monopolistic capitalism.


hi Asincrypto,

Well put. I was impressed. Just wonder how do you see the CityDAO in next 5 years?

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Hi Luffy, thanks for the question.

To be honest, I think we are still in too early of a stage in the DAO ecosystem to comment on what things may look like in 5 years. That being said, I’d like to answer with a more open-ended timeframe.

What does success look like?

  1. An engaged community that believes in, and participates in, CityDAO’s governance. We must realize that DAOs as a concept are in competition with corporations to show that humans can create substantial value through more democratic governance. Until we are able to engage large portion of our Citizens, doubts about decentralization and participation may persist.

  2. Demonstrating that CityDAO can make progress at a reasonably solid pace that equals or surpasses traditional centralized organizations. This is the biggest challenge we have, in my opinion. If we are not to out compete a traditional real estate fund / company, for example, the world may not believe that DAOs can make a measurable impact. Recognizing the challenge that we have is critical to overcoming it.

  3. Purchasing, operating, and generating income from multiple residential/commercial properties. If we can create a repeatable process of putting real assets on chain, operating those assets through effective decentralized governance, and returning financial value to token-holders, we would have established a new paradigm in real estate management. This would be hugely disruptive for one of the most “old school” industries on the planet.

  4. Crossing international borders and tokenizing property outside of the United States. For example, the Core Team has mentioned the Brazilian Amazon before. Being able to achieve our mission in multiple countries will be inspiring for people an DAOs all over!

  5. Establishing partnerships with other DAOs, and even traditional corporations. It is incumbent upon CityDAO as a pioneer in this space to share its ideas success with others in the ecosystem. This while both strengthen the DAO ecosystem, while also showing traditional corporations that more democratic governance can help them improve their own organizations.

These were just a few things that came to my mind right now, but there is certainly so much more we could achieve and hopefully will!