Baby Parcel / Hashland Call Notes - Nov 15


  • Let’s give plots away to specific citizens who are willing to build on the land (kinda like how US govt gave settlers who are willing to use the land a homestead)
  • Consider a separate CIP for infrastructure for funding local infrastructure
  • Could allocate some funds from Hashland proposal towards infra and building on the ground


  • DAO should fund some infrastructure together.
  • Allow creativity around the planning process, bring people in
  • Oliver from Tinybox will drop one off


  • Build basic infrastructure on the land first, then people will come.
  • Some spaces can be privately owned by citizens, but save space for the community (common spaces, community town squares)
  • Have a crypto cafe, order drinks with Eth
  • Community / collective space is important, could get a custom tinybox
  • Nico interested in putting together a CIP / team to work on this

Other context

Overview of Hashland CIP