BlackAcres, candidate for City Council

Discord username: BlackAcres

About Me

Hello, my name is BlackAcres- or Jon, and I am a writer and stock options trader living near Los Angeles, CA. My educational background starts with a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology. However, an opportunity allowed me to pivot to the film industry where I fell in love with a more creative outlet. In regards to markets, crypto, and so on, the Housing Crises of 2008 raised my interest in the field. Being in college at the time, and having little to no money in the markets, it created a desire to learn everything I could. Eventually, that evolved into options trading and crypto. I do owe credit to my sister, who has deep dived into web3 and gave me the heads up on CityDao!

My vision for the future of CityDAO

An avenue to bring tangible value, and most importantly, necessity to the blockchain and crypto at large. Having an approach where we desire to put tangible assets on chain is the most exciting aspect of CityDao to me. Creating an environment where we can have a buyer, seller, and crypto as the exchanged currency, in a broad sense, is how I believe CityDao can lead. I also do agree, bringing a series of apartments on chain, allowing rent to be paid in crypto, is a step in the right direction to creating an economic system evolving around web3 and crypto. First, we have tenants paying their monthly rent in crypto, eventually we allow the opportunity for one to pay their bar tab in crypto, and so on.

My opinion on what a perfect Council member is

A listener first, and a deliberate action taker second. Especially when considering the function of a DAO, I believe it is crucial for a council member to hear first, and deliberately take action later- while giving a well thought out explanation when due.

Why you should vote for me

I am motivated to be involved in CityDao, not only from a potential monetary standpoint, but from an idea and concept perspective as well. Comparing my upbringing to my niece’s (who’s nine years old) and how technology for me was an option, but to her is integration, is exciting to me. Also, with my involvement with the CityDao podcast, and efforts to be useful in previous efforts in forming a Charter, I would like to continue my work with CityDao however I can.

Thank you for you time,