Blanca Temp Check

Here are 13 ideas that have been proposed for Parcel Blanca! Which one would you like to see brought to life?

  • Voxel forum. URL → IRLA virtual art installation with the fractional NFTs similar to Parcel 0. The NFTs would grant rights to place something there digitally. The project would be mostly focused on building out the NFTs/metaverse/AR tooling with the only physical improvement to the land being the sculpture. [Discord]

  • Staying true to CityDAO’s mission to build the Future of Cities, let’s start constructing a revolutionary proto-city - the first in over a century in the US (since Anchorage in 1914)! We’ll be using TinyBox, a modular tiny homes with built-in solar and sewage purification systems, assembled swiftly like giant IKEA furniture. We can start with five Tinyboxes ($20,000 each) and create a smart city from the ground up. Smart city technologies have huge unrealized potential to improve urban life (source). Additionally, since we are certainly fans of decentralization around here, we can try joining decentralized networks for energy and internet. Would like experiment with the implementation of a mechanism such as retroactive public goods funding to stimulate a flywheel of positive emergence rather than planning in a top down way. Can try workshops of one to two months. With the basic infrastructure accomplished (no easy feat) we can then focus on groundbreaking social experiments.

  • Since this parcel get a lot of sunlight, and it seems not to be very fertile (online data), I would install photovoltaics on it and harvest the power of the sun. Then, I would allow people to invest in this project by tokenizing the total installation cost and allowing people to participate from 10-100 ft2. So each participant would pay for the pro rata of their initial investment and then, they would get money from the selling of the solar energy back to the grid for as long as the project goes. Every participant would also have voting rights proportionate to their share. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility: they would also have to pay their share of maintenance costs, etc. Overall any CityDAO Citizen would get the opportunity to be a member of an ambitious project in a mission towards sustainable and green energy for a relatively low cost.

  • Since its nearby the airport, bungalovs and a warm atmosphere may welcome people.

  • In 2021 when 10k PFP collections were starting to become popular and a classical paradigm of the NFT market, I made a collection called UNSHADED ROCKS. It’s a collection of 10 000 unshaded digital rocks. The goal was to reuse the PFP collections’ vocabulary while conceptually deconstructing it. I propose to use some of the collection’s assets to install a permanent field of UNSHADED ROCKS physical sculptures. They could be CNC machined, 3D printed or cast using contemporary methods. You can browse the full collection here: UNSHADED

  • Oporto Carbon is a global CO2 emissions reduction brokerage firm based in Tel Aviv. We have recently purchased a plot in Portugal with the intention to plant a forest on it, quantify the CO2 reduction it creates (this is what we do) and securitize it into a yield-bearing bond. We are proposing to do the same in Colorado, creating a green project that would help create a cash income stream to the DAO. We are Citizens since August 2022.

  • I would like to be given the lease of the land in order to build a permanent monument there that has all the information needed for future humanity to create a decentralized economy. Think the Georgia Guidestones of Decentralization. The monument would include critical information for a future world to recreate our movement. Information could include instructions on how to build a blockchain (possibly the Bitcoin whitepaper in full), how to generate value from working, staking, and validating, the values of decentralization, the Cooperative Principles, and DAO 101. Basically, I’m asking for a lease on the land so that I can coordinate people from all over web3 to find the right materials for the monument, information to include on it, and the funds to buy/build it… then give the monument to the world for as long as it stands. This effort should be coordinated with CityDAO with a home presumably in your Discord as this will draw attention to your work now and in the years to come. It’s ambitious as fuck, but I believe we can do it and will tell the world that DAOs are here to stay.

  • On the front end this is would be a place to experiment with sustainable building techniques and agriculture - And sharing these experiences with as broad a community as possible. On the back end, the idea is to essentially work as a production company with the goal of accelerating the rate of adoption of sustainable practices - Producing content on all major social media platforms, mainly video. By bringing together people from different backgrounds and expertise we can create a powerhouse of positive change that the world needs.

  • I’m not sure how the lease would be structured, but my proposal is to deploy a solar powered mining, manufacturing, and EV charging rig. Whether the rig(s) would be owned/funded by myself or the DAO… I have already built a 5kw solar powered mining, metal additive manufacturing, and Electric Vehicle charge point test rig. I constructed it by myself in ~3-6 months using a 7x14ft fully enclosed trailer. This rig allowed me to test out the theory and learn some valuable lessons about budgeting and core design considerations. It is currently running on my property in Michigan. Colorado has better sun exposure, so I think something like this could be an easy, low commitment, and low cost/overhead solution to bring infrastructure and utilization to the parcel. I haven’t done a complete/thorough finalized budget for it yet(since it is an ongoing project), but I think the total material cost to date for the one I already built is somewhere between $15-25k (including brand new ~$11k aluminum framed trailer). I could produce a finalized budget on request if helpful. Some Images Documenting the Rig: Top View, Side View, Interior Front, Interior Rear, Battery Bank, Distribution Box. *Don’t judge the state of the interior too harshly, it’s an active work area and haven’t had time to clean lately :wink: In conclusion, I propose to either use the lease to install my existing rig or build and deploy a new one for the DAO. We can also consider both options. Either way I see this bringing a great deal of utility to the parcel without a ton of overhead from building static structures that can require permits etc. This approach provides a good entry point to provide power, energy storage, manufacturing, and networking capabilities to the parcel in a quick and easy way.

  • I currently live in Texas, where laws protecting homeowners against HOA are minimal; however, I am seeking to locate a virtual lease that HomeownersDAO may begin a process of accurately representing HOA members across the United States, starting with Colorado and Texas. This NFT lease would be an essential requirement to register a business as a member of an LLC, which then can be a member of other LLCs in other states. Members will be able to leverage the HomeownersDAO to enforce and observe covenants equally, and this parcel is a requirement for the HomeownersDAO to have successful proof of concept. Furthermore, anyone that is a member of the HomeownersDAO service will be able to request services that ensure equality and fair housing justice for those in underserved communities. I can see a lot of good coming from this if you would be willing to work with me and permit HomeownersDAO to leverage the use of the lease. If you want to discuss USPTO (I have a patent pending on this concept), I will be in Salida and at Monarch on the 17th and 18th. Let’s do some good and make this one for the books! Thank you!

  • I am excited to submit my proposal for the world’s first NFT lease for a piece of land in Blanca, Colorado. As an entrepreneur and nature enthusiast, I have a unique idea for how I would use the land to benefit the community and the environment. My idea is to create a sustainable farm and educational center on the leased land. The farm would be designed to use regenerative agricultural practices that help to improve soil health and reduce the impact of farming on the environment. We would grow a variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, and grains, and sell them to local markets and restaurants. In addition to the farm, the educational center would be a place for people to come and learn about sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and other environmentally friendly practices. We would offer workshops, tours, and events that help to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. To finance the project, we would use the lease of the land to secure funding from impact investors and other sources. We would also partner with local organizations and businesses to help fund and promote the project. Overall, I believe that this project would benefit the community by providing access to fresh, healthy food, promoting sustainable living practices, and creating a unique educational resource for people of all ages. I am excited about the opportunity to work with CityDAO and bring this vision to life. Thank you for your consideration.

  • As the world continues to embrace the disruptive potential of blockchain technology, crypto-related companies and startups are poised to play a key role in shaping the future of the global economy. However, the success of these companies often hinges on access to specialized resources, mentorship, and community support - factors that can be difficult to come by for early-stage businesses. In response, we are excited to propose the establishment of an incubation center for crypto-related companies and startups in Parcel Blanca. Drawing on our team’s experience in entrepreneurship and business development, as well as the unique advantages of the Blanca area and Parcel Blanca, this incubation center will provide critical resources and support to help startups and emerging companies thrive in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Through partnerships with local organizations, targeted outreach to underrepresented groups, and a rigorous selection process, this incubation center will foster a dynamic and diverse community of innovators who are driving the growth of the crypto industry, thus creating beneficiary outcomes to Parcel Blanca’s community. In the following proposal, we will detail the need for an incubation center in the Parcel Blanca, the advantages of the area, the financial needs and potential funding sources, the proposed budget, and the timeline for fundraising and achieving our goals of making Parcel Blanca a wishful destination of crypto-related people. We will discuss the benefits that the incubation center will provide to the Parcel Blanca’s community, the selection criteria for participating companies and startups, the services and resources that will be provided, and our works for partnering with local organizations and stakeholders to maximize community benefits. We believe that this incubation center has the potential to be a powerful engine of job creation, economic growth, and innovation in the Blanca area and beyond. We invite local organizations and stakeholders to join us in this effort and help us build a stronger, more resilient, and more equitable future for our community. Please refer to the link for a detailed proposal.

  • Solar. Servers. Batteries. Boxabl. Starlink. Improved campground. Art.