Bundled Guild Proposal

The document below is a collection of eleven different proposals for Guilds. These proposals represent over a hundred hours of work by many committed citizens for the purpose of creating a solid foundation for CityDAO to develop and grow into one of the most important DAOs in the web3 space. The proposals include:

  1. Mission
  2. Operations
  3. Legal
  4. Finance
  5. Community
  6. Public Affairs
  7. Grants and Projects
  8. Design
  9. Development
  10. Real Estate
  11. Research and Education

These proposals also represent a substantial expenditure of funds, much of which is targeted for bounties to give citizens and guilds the freedom to fund their own projects and develop autonomously. For this reason, triple the previous quorum will be required to pass this proposal on Snapshot (300 votes).

It is with the greatest respect that we present these guild proposals to the community for feedback. Along with the Charter and Operating Agreement, this Bundled Guild Proposal completes a triumverate body of work that we believe will serve CityDAO well in the future. This work has not been done hastily, but with prudence, caution and a great deal of care.

As a final note, all proposals reflect only THREE MONTHS, which is affectionately known as “Season 1” of CityDAO. At the end of the first quarter, every guild will detach and create their own proposals, as need be, for their continued funding, facilitation and growth.

The Bundled Guild Proposal can be found here, and will move to a Snapshot vote on Saturday, April 2:


This is going to be a huge win for CityDAO moving faster and getting things done. Thanks for everyone’s efforts on this!


Love the idea, love the guilds, but need to free up a ton more funding else guilds are going to be nickle and diming the community by asking for money through additional CIP’s

I think the community is in absolute agreement that we’re ready to move forward. This proposal needs to carry us through 3 months; no need to gatekeep small amounts of funding during that time


I’m ready to start working.


Thanks to everyone who helped push this forward. It’s onward and upward for us from here!


I agree with @DenverCitizen9 regarding opening up more funding for some of these guilds. I don’t think that a blanket “$X per guild for this quarter” is really indicative of the cost to get each of them off the ground. There are very different needs per guild.

I’m the closest to the dev guild, so I’ll just speak to that one. $20k is about 1 month of work for one or maybe two developers if they are working full-time, and that’s not going to get very far. We’d need to go back to the well almost immediately to do anything of any real size. Creating secure contracts is time-consuming in and of itself, and even getting an audit of a set of contracts could take almost that entire budget depending on the complexity.

If we are expecting folks to do things for mostly free, that’s fine but just expect that things are going to take a really long time to complete.


In my opinion this is what’s needed for CityDAO to move up to the next level.

The Guild categories appear to encompass all the points needed for CityDAO to move forward.

Most importantly someone like me who finds it difficult to keep up with all the post in discord and understand all that is going on with CityDAO hopes we have a guild (Community) that will simplify, organize and post the latest developments for the community to understand.

Thank you putting so much time and effort into this


I, as a representative of the coming community guild, will try to get that done as soon as possible. I’m thinking of making a dedicated #Update channel in our discord so I can jump in and summarize things in an informal way from time to time. That might help keeping everyone on a loop as oppose to let everyone sorting the entire discord himself. Need to see how it’ll function, though, as we’ll implement a discord revamp soon which should reduce the number of channels dramatically. :thinking:


It’s hard to justify 1-2 facilitators to manage that amount of work. It’s also hard to justify limiting what can be done to the work of 1-2 people.

We could pull back on facilitators, but I think we are all excited to get things moving, so that’s why I’m advocating for more funding.

The more we push the throttle, the faster we go. We need to create opportunities for citizens to participate.

Thanks for this post @JoshK.Crypbro. This is a priority for sure!

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I would be up for dev getting more funding. I know it would create a disparity between the guilds in regards to funding, however, as much as we think of physical properties, there will be a lot of dev work needed to make it function, or for it to work in the first place. Are there any specific projects in waiting that you/dev team can share?


There is no Dev team. This proposal is 100% of what we have defined for the next 3 months

There’s a pretty long list of projects in the Dev Guild Notes, and it needs support from designers and developers to really get off the ground. Things like contract dev, web site improvements, CityDAO dDapp, transparency and visibility projects, etc. etc. I don’t know what we expect to get done with less than 200 hours of development, but it’s not much.


sounds good. I went through it, and even at a glance, I’m comfortable doubling the allotment for Dev. If they need more, I’m down to review things and go to bat if it makes sense too.

Great progress. Citydao will no doubt continue to be successful.

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Awesome, let’s get working. THis might not be perfect, but it is 3 months. That is not much time. We can easily reevaluate in 3 months and add funds where needed and subtract funds were not put to good use.


This is far beyond great, really excited.

Not sure this is too late or not. Overall doc is superb, just a few ideas :

  • To prevent silo execution of each guild, Mission guild should ensure the alignment of each guild are in the good shape. Decentralised and autonomous are in our heart but need some level of alignment. This can ensure our DAO vision / mission / strategy will be cascaded down effectively and always in sync. This may be similar to Grant and Projects guild but focusing more on the alignment at the strategy level.
  • Crisis Management. To reduce FUD in crisis, shall we have crisis management strategy predefined? Mission guild or Community guild should agree the predefine roles and activities in crisis situation. (i.e. Who should do what, when our discord / website got hack)
  • Form what I observed in Parcel-0 activities, legal perspective might be one of the most important success factor in the our CityDAO. Why we spend too little resource in the Legal Guild. We suppose to have a few full time resources taking care all legal perspective in our early guild execution (3-6 months period). This especially needed when we have Design and Grant & Projects Guilds incubating new innovative projects. This can avoid the situation where the project has been developed successfully but it finally get struck at legal. All incubation project should have the green flag from legal since the early MVP phase (Legal by Design).

That all from my idea. The more I look into CityDao, the more I smell the moon.

We are the best (Real Estate) DAO!!!.


crisis management is a good point but I think we can slot that in under Public Affairs’ where we have professionals who have experience in high level crisis managmenet. Obviously it would be a partnership with several other guilds but they can take the lead I think.

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Active project with good fundamental about money management.
I really want to work with Citydao team

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I oppose this CIP in current form.

It’s not clear to me that the people selected to run the guilds are the most appropriate for the job, given that they are expected to be doing a bulk of the work over the next 3 months, as well as creating/verifying tasks for other citizens. The nomination/selection process was opaque and there were limited opportunities for citizens to become involved.

Also, the amount of funding currently available for each guild does not seem to be enough for the guilds to be effective. While we can go back to the well and ask for more money from the DAO, that’s not a good way to get things done.

If we’re not sure that this is the right direction / we aren’t comfortable committing to it, then perhaps the proposal needs additional work.

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