CIP-100: The Web3 City

This is going on snapshot and if it will be approved, i would recommend to include marketing plan as this one would be a huge step for CityDAO. If we can properly promote it, this proposal has a potential to make a impact in space.

In the original budget i see no share for marketing expenses, so you may want to consider allocate from art or land budget. But either way, if we are going to play big, we have to promote it as it deserves.


This is a great point. I intentionally didn’t include a marketing budget to keep the price below $1M. Do you want to propose a marketing budget & marketing team in a subsequent CIP? As a heads up, we will get press coverage on this either way.

A note on art - a minimal Turrell installation on the private market, if he’d even be willing to do anything for us, costs $750k:

Best bet would be to line up an artist like him and work out a deal where they create, we provide the land, and we split revenue somehow. Hypothetical example would be if we had held the land on which Turrell created is Roden Crater work.

Thanks for sharing.

There’s a very low probability we would go with a Turrell work because his land art requires a commission. The issue here is primarily time-to-delivery (which is likely several years) and then cost. I can explore this avenue but would assign a 5% probability. Otherwise his sculptural work (or the relief your shared) are not be suited for placement outside.

I can but for me you should have included the budget in this proposal.

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It currently falls under miscellaneous expenses.

Agreed 100% here. It would be irresponsible of the DAO to allocate 1 million dollars to this proposal as is. It should be broken up into milestones, beginning with either a search for land, or an agreement to work together with the Big Parcel. Then we should get a clear understanding of what sort of art is available and what sort of artists might be interested, and whether there’s actually any tangible value in terms of attracting tourists etc. with those possibilities. Both of these things can be achieved with a small expense budget. We will also get a chance to see how the team works, and take things from there.