CIP-1000 Throw a Huge Event and then wind down CityDAO

Subject says it all. Spend up to USD $1m on an absolute, certified banger at one of our parcels and then wind down CityDAO.
No Kanye.

The first 20 people to like this proposal gets a quadratic attention payment of $1000 usdc from the treasury if it passes.

Everyone who votes ‘yes’ for this proposal gets $250 USDC quadratic attention payment from the treasury if it passes.

This is an expiriment in quadratic payments.

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I’m not opposed to DAO wind-down proposals. They’re valid, and DAOs having a lifecycle (or responsibly throwing in the towel) are valid things.

I CAN NOT ‘like’ this post in its current form for the following reasons in priority order:

  1. It lacks a specific plan OR accountable parties to carry out the planning phase (if not able to be defined in the proposal itself w/ specifics)
  2. $1m going to where? There’s no proposal for a project and structure for treasury management so this feels like a temperature check on an idea, not a CIP because there’s no address to transfer funds to and I don’t think a CIP should be used to establish a spending limit on some undefined thing w/ undefined fund managers (as a signer have no clue what gets queued in our treasury multi-sig and when)
  3. I love experiments and the quadratic attention thing is interesting…but on a proposal as severe as giving up on the DAO mission and going out w/ a party
  4. If we’re going to wind down I’d personally prefer the simplicity of a direct to token holders pro-rata distribution (like I experienced at SquidDAO) and not a party that has no experienced event managers identified as running it (or a plan and costs associated w/ getting citizens to it)

If this is meta or concept art (or a joke); I’m here for it
– but please for the love of <insert your curse word of choice> don’t like this my fellow citizens and generate the logistical nightmare on the other-side of it that awaits as is currently written.

This getting 20 likes and moving forward in our governance funnel should be considered my official resignation as a signer without need for me to provide further comment than this post. Remaining signers can replace me as they wish in order to move forward in accordance with the OA but contact with me via normal channels may not be guaranteed.


As much as I would love to be a part of a million dollar party, I suggest we take the red pill

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There’s definitely going to be a famous band that doesn’t currently tour - maybe like daft punk or the scissor sisters. And also a pyramid of ice blocks would be pretty cool.

The multi signers would be responsible from administering all costs up to $1m usd

Appreciate that you are bringing this as an alternative to doing hard work and fixing, but this is a hard pass for me.

I, and I think most of the people who are still engaged in CityDAO came here because we wanted to build better cities with blockchain (or some version of that). I’m not ready to give up on it!

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I wouldn’t call it concept art maybe now it is…

Take the red pill and keep going down the DAObit hole or take the blue pill and wake up in the morning forgetting all about the night before.


If I wanted to keep going with the schtick I would because gosh darn it a $1m party would be freaking epic. The best night of our lives after Big Cypress 2000…

But seriously the real purpose of this proposal is:
1. To really put a bright underline on the fact that we are at a crossroads in this DAO - and highlight some of the issues with governance.
**2. I added the ‘quadratic payments’ to the CIP frankly out of frustration that people are so focused on using process to block instead of build, and to pick apart each other - It was a radical way to try to shift the message, borne from frustration after walking away from our friends arguing to the death over some very, very minor issues. **
3. Don’t worry, be happy. We love you and don’t want you to go. You have my commitment as sponsor this will NOT go on Snapshot.