CIP-114: Teach Anything! with Tippi Fifestarr

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Since May 20th, Tippi has, for free and on his own, created and run a successful bi-monthly event within the Education & Research Guild called “Teach Anything!” This CIP explains the event’s success, creates deliverables for Q3 and asks for basic funding to continue this event. This CIP asks for $950 per month for the development of the event + 1 NFT for the quarter as retroactive comp for Tippi.


The foundation of a city is not land, it is community. The foundation of a community is people and culture. A strong culture requires four elements: ritual, storytelling, artifacts and language. CityDAO seeks to be a city. This necessitates a community that grows together. Events where people gather to share knowledge and stories provide critical elements of shared culture.

In May 2022, Tippi began an event called “Teach Anything!”, which is held twice a month. It consists of 4 presenters who speak on topics of interest. The purpose of this event is not only to show that anyone can teach, but also to help people share their stories and knowledge, and to help people improve their presentation skills.


Using the metric of “citizen time”, Teach Anything! is one of the most successful initiatives in CityDAO. Over the past 3 months, it has generated over 55 hours of citizen engagement. At least 20 different citizens have attended overall, with a high rate of retention as measured by return attendance and requests to present again.

Including Tippi, 8 unique citizens have presented. Only 2 presenters missed their slots in the 5 sessions, and both of them came to the next session and taught. Feedback from the citizens has been positive as measured by informal polls. There are almost no comparable initiatives that have been done for free by members of CityDAO, undertaken for the good of the community without compensation.

Here is a list of topics that were presented:

Intro to Teach Anything, Listening to the Audience, How to give Quality Feedback, How to Ask for Money, Web3 Acronyms, The Relevance of Fruit, Types of Fruits and Health Benefits of 20+ Different Fruits, Introduction to Marketing: What is Marketing (part 1), Introduction to Marketing: What is Marketing (season 1 part 2), Why I Love Design Thinking, From Dirt to Data (Deep dive on Plot 0), How to Write a Pitch Deck, What I Learned at Permissionless.

The variety of topics (Anything!) and the juxtaposition of quality (Anyone!) make this event novel and interesting and keep people coming back.


  1. Development of a feedback and evaluation process using established Human Resource Management (HRM) techniques, to be led by Tippi and guided by David. David has been a professor of HRM for over 5 years at an accredited undergraduate university.
  2. Charted qualitative and quantitative analyses of various key metrics, such as distributions of participants, satisfaction, effectiveness of training, quality of guidance, etc. These metrics form the basis of analyses that can be used across guilds.
  3. Experimenting with alternate times and meeting locations besides Discord, particularly Gather.Town, to host the Teach Anything! events.


So far, Tippi has run this event for 3 months without any compensation or request for compensation. This demonstrates a commitment to the success of CityDAO and should be rewarded. This CIP would award 1 Citizenship NFT to Tippi retroactively for his contributions.

Facilitating this event, analyzing the data and continually improving quality is believed to take approximately 5 hours per week. At $40 per hour, this would be $200 per week, or $800 per month. Additionally, $150 per month is requested for discretionary funds, which may be used to experiment with rewarding presenters, participants, survey takers and other metric providers. This $150 will not be used for compensation to Tippi.


This is a very modest ask for someone who has contributed tons to CityDAO.


This is a great initiative, and Tippi is a great person to lead it! Fully support!

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Like the content very much, keep it going


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Tippi is great. I’d teach something.

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Definitely in support!

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Agree with this, great program from @tippi_fifestarr

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I think it’s a good idea!

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I’m curious about where the resistance to this proposal is coming from, what are some reasons people are voting against it? Everything has trade-offs, but by listening to “detractors”, we might be able to create a spin-off experiment that addresses their concerns (such as Shill Anything! which has a modified format to include audience feedback).