CIP-116: Establish fair practices for CIP announcements


Establish fair practices for announcing CIPs.


  • There is no standard process for CIP announcements
  • Individuals with the ability to post on Discord in #announcements can do so and elevate their CIPs above other peoples’
  • Same thing goes for Twitter: CIPs are posted on Twitter by a select group of individuals who have the ability to. They can post, or not post, as they wish.


  • All CIPs must be posted on Discord in #announcements on the day of their publication on the forum.
  • All CIPs must be posted on Twitter on the day of their publication on the forum.
  • A CIP cannot be posted more than once in #announcements or on Twitter.
  • Any CIP that is brought to Snapshot must be posted about on #announcements and Twitter each day that voting is live.
  • If these rules are not met, all admins paying $20 in USDC to the treasury. Failure to pay will result in loss of #announcements / Twitter privileges. These checks and balances will ensure that standards are kept.

Is there a way to automate this process with something like Zapier? Like If a new CIP is created, then do X on Discord?
And if a new snapshot vote is initiated then X happens in discord?

I think it would be worth a bounty to figure this out, not just for CityDAO but as a product that all DAOs could use.

I could write a script in 30 minutes to auto post. Regulating double posts is where it gets much trickier.

If it could be automated, then for sure. However, without some method to do so, it would just be a nightmare to regulate. Who wants to police Twitter? I mean, Twitter doesn’t want to police Twitter.

Not really… all it takes is any one of the 6,000+ people in the DAO calling out a) no post in #announcements and/or Twitter, or b) multiple posts in #announcements / Twitter. And that costs the community nothing rather than the thousands of dollars worth of dev time automation would require.

I suppose, but just for the sake of argument, will people remember or care to do that? Who exactly do they bring the complaint to? Who would actually enforce the punishment? Suppose a vote gets passed, then we realize there was a Twitter post, do we invalidate the results?

Simple in some ways, not in others.

These are good questions. Are you posing them rhetorically or do you care to make suggestions?

This weekend ill share my process i have down somewhere.

Automated with zapier or just using a custom script and you can regulate double posting very easily with discord bots and key words - AKA posts that contain links with “CIP-111” in them.


Mentioned this to planning guild earlier - but this actually should be part of an overhaul of the comprehensive CIP process itself.

Announcements of the CIPs is just part of the equation, and cleaning up the overall process, including a standard template (or criteria) for the CIPs, would be extremely helpful while driving overall efficiency of effort.