CIP-117: Ban the award of Citizen NFTs as compensation

I propose we ban the award of Citizen NFTs as compensation in any and all circumstances in perpetuity. Here’s why:

  • Citizens with large numbers of NFTs hold outsized influence within the DAO
  • Guild leads can award themselves NFTs, increasing their political power
  • Guild Leads can award NFTs to their followers, increasing the political power of the guild and loyalty to the Guild Lead

To ban the award of Citizen NFTs as compensation is a step towards a fairer, less political, better functioning community.


I generally like the idea of 1 Citizen being 1 person eventually, but there are some downsides…

  1. Citizen NFTs are free for the DAO to create, unlike USDC. This makes it a great tool to use during bear markets for example.
  2. Quadratic voting means that even if you have 100 Citizen NFTs, you get 10 votes, so voting influence is less of a concern
  3. Citizen NFTs probably give people more of a feeling of ownership in the DAO over USDC

Good points; responding inline of the number:

  1. Two thought here:
    1.1. In one light, this results in “governance inflation” where each additional token has diminishing marginal returns; in practice, however, this is proportional to who actually uses their tokens.
    1.2. We should consider switching to a system where the DAO sells citizenships on the primary market (competing with its own secondary market). This would have benefits during bear markets but even more so during bull markets. And, to signal commitment to the DAO, bounties awardees could use their USDC to “buy back in”.
  2. That’s true currently; however a proper system of QV would grant people multiple votes per token. QV is designed to enable the expression of magnitude of preference, something we don’t currently take advantage of.
  3. That’s true, but i’m not sure all bounties should be awarded with ownership.