CIP-118: Baby Parcel Usage

Trying something new – CIP conversation is happening on Polis. Please check it out at the link below and post your comments there!


fun idea! i added “statue of vitalik”

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Can you explain why we should use another tool? Are there particular features that positively distinguish Polis from Forum?

Also, is Baby Parcel = Parcel 0? I think we should build a playground and trails on Parcel 0.

I also like you ideas of collaboration with other DAOs on use, as well as NFT artists.

I also like the idea of a statue - but not of a man - rather an idea.

I think the idea here (at least for me) is that there is a general lack of engagement on discourse >> So maybe another platform could help solve it >> one of the problems with discourse is that people write long responses (generally thoughtful) and its tough to get people engaged in long responses, and tough for people to know how to jump in if a conversation has been going on for a few days >> polis is all about engaging quickly with short 140 character statements >> maybe that will help bring more people to the table >> maybe it will help us see common ground because the computer finds it for us.

Anyways thats why I think its interesting. May be others.

Is there any way to gate polis to just Citydao holders?

Not currently. If a top 3 proposal is not authored by a Citizen we can always throw it out.

It’s not so much the proposals but the voting and bots. I just voted like 5 times by simply opening an incognito window and pasting the address, voting and then closing the window. If i can do it like that a macro couldn’t take more than 5 min to write to just sway the vote.

Baby parcel = CIP-102