CIP-12: Vote to buy a drone, fly it over the Wyoming parcel and make a short video

CIP: 12
title: Vote to buy a drone and fly it over the Wyoming parcel
author: @chance
created: 2021-10-12

This proposal is in reference to a Balaji tweet challenge from a few months ago wherein he challenged a DAO to collectively purchase land, a robot (like a drone) and use the drone to make a short video. He said he’d retweet a video of this if it is accomplished.

I propose we do this!


  • A Balaji retweet is an endorsement, which is worth a lot more than the cost of a cheap drone (likely around $1000). As an example, a tweet from Vitalik likely contributed millions to the treasury.
  • It sounds like a low-cost fun adventure and a way to gain reps with our governance process.

How will we do it?

  • we can discuss it here and then vote on whether to do it
  • once we’ve purchased the cheap drone, we can see if any members from Wyoming (there are at least around 10 that I know of) can help by going to the land to do the filming.

Context: Here is a link to the Tweet thread

Here are some key points from the tweet:

"Proof of concept I want to see: a DAO that crowdfunds some land, buys a robot, then executes a collective decision to send that robot for a lap around the land.

Why? Show that a community organization can combine on-chain decision making and robotics to do things in the physical world. Proof-of-concept. How? Use a consumer robot. A drone is ~$1k and is the obvious place to start.

If **you end up doing it there**, or anywhere else, reply in this thread and **I'll RT the video**. Include as much source code for robot, DAO vote, etc as you can!

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:


I like this proposal, fun idea. Who lives near the Wyoming Parcel? It’s 45 north of Cody, Wyoming

It seems like there are 3 core steps we need to think about:

  1. Buying the drone
  2. Going to the parcel and flying the drone
  3. Compiling footage and making a video.

Should we set aside 1 ETH or some Citizen NFTs for the citizens who volunteer to execute on these steps?


I agree with the ROI.

I suspect it will be simpler, cheaper, and more reliable to find a local real estate aerial photographer who will shoot and edit. There are websites such as to create listings.


I agree with the proposed result, drone footage of Parcel 0.

I don’t think we need to buy a drone though or make the video ourself.

I agree with @will that it makes more sense to contract the work to a company that does this professionally for real estate.


I agree with Jeeves, and we don’t need to buy a drone or make the video ourself, we can fina more simple and cheap ways to do it.


Yeah, I think we just look for a volunteer if possible. The hardest part has already been done in getting the land. I also don’t like the idea of us jumping through hoops for the sake of Balaji’s social media while using funds from the DAO - do we really need/want the attention of his followers anyways at this early stage?


It’s a tiny sum and great little experiment. Getting the footage would be helpful and the DAO opening a drone for later use too is helpful. It raises questions on asset management when drone not in use.

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I love the idea of getting some drone footage but I feel it’s unnecessary to buy one. Just hire someone who’s good at filming with drones to do the job-. Wish it could be me, I’m a big drone fan but I live in South America :sleepy: can help editing the video tho


I like the idea of doing a video of the parcel. That would have a good impact and attract more people to the concept we are developing on CityDAO. I think that will be good as a source to demonstrate the legitimacy of the project.


The idea is good but I think hiring locally will do the job with much lesser cost.

Unless someone happen to live nearby and volunteer to do the job.


Like this! As others have said, if locals are cheapest, that seems a good way to go. :+1:


hiring a drone operator would be a better option. I am sure that there are a lot of people among us to edit raw files and create a cool video of the Parcel 0. Maybe we can organize a little competition for our video editors :slight_smile:


re the comment above around doing this just for Balaji / social media hype, I think this is the right kind of attention to go after. i definitely don’t agree with everything that Balaji says, but he has a tremendous amount of followers who are passionate about the future, and is already one of the leading voices in new forms of governance built around crypto and decentralized tech. just wanted to chime in that i’m fully supportive of this if we can find someone to execute


I am a FAA licensed commercial drone pilot who flies routinely for my company in a construction industry setting.

Some initial thoughts:

  • Definitely contract this service out to an aerial drone capture company. The quality of product will be much better. The raw footage can be later edited/post-processed into whatever video product we’d like (marketing, planning, documentation, etc.)
  • 40 Acres is a pretty substantial site to fly. It’s definitely achievable and a drone aerial photography service focusing on agricultural/civil services would probably be best-suited for this task.
  • I would recommend that while this video flight is captured that we also commission the company to produce a photogrammetry model of our site (If I were to fly this, I would utilize a software such as DroneDeploy - to then export more universal filetypes IE: .rcp, .obj).

Photogrammetry models are accurate depictions of reality utilizing captured images and algorithms to produce a 3d “mesh” of the visible world. Between a photogrammetry model and a legitimate civil survey CAD, we could accurately produce both a relative and absolutely located digital site as well as begin to produce 3d topographies, or even import the topo into 3d modeling and BIM software such as revit, etc.

This could also provide a bit more justification (along with the social media hype of the flight video, etc.) for the DAO to fund this operation, as this would be a digital product (3d model) able to be utilized by all citizens worldwide for whatever purposes.


I agree, this is a very good way to promote our land


I believe @belay.eth ’s comment on the proposal is the way to go. Commissioning professional aerial drone capture services is our best option to get the most out of it. Both their photography and photogrammetry will be very valuable. Though, I’m enthusiastic on the purchase of tech assets for the sake of the DAO owning/utilizing it. Just imagine… there are many uses we can give to a drone besides making a hype/marketing video. We could use it to some day patrol the area in and around the parcel for whatever reason; be it for security, maintenance, virtual/aerial tours or project reports. It could also be used to let citizens physically visiting the parcel explore it with a bird’s eye view, or also to record and photograph events or tours occurring on-site. I’m sure there’s much more that can be done with it. Enough for this proposal to be split up into two. One for buying a drone for miscellaneous uses, and another for commissioning services from a company to do the hype job with their own skills and tools. Let’s do this! I’m a fan of Balaji’s ideas and among his following we can certainly find some likeminded individuals that would go full on CityDAO if they knew more about us under the right spotlight.

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Love this. The concrete advice seems spot on, and I love the idea of having a 3d model of the land. We could then use this for many purposes e.g. planning, building on it in the metaverse, virtual hangouts etc.

Will happily support this proposal if it goes to vote.

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do you have some estimate how much this would cost?
I understood proposal as a fun way to reach wider audience through Balaji tweet challange, and professional service with 3D model for 40 Acres could have solid price tag on it.

nevertheless, proposal is great, and if the budget allows it, it would be great to have 3D model, and starting building metaverse.

@cyclist The cost for photogrammetry model shouldn’t be more than just the time to fly and capture the reality itself, the processing and generation all occurs on the back-end. Photogrammetry models are composed of basically a bunch of “stitched” .jpg pictures together, so I could see maybe one site flight (or just partial flight) for video capture and an additional comprehensive flight for image capturing.

While I haven’t handled a site as large as this before, I have the capability of processing the 3d photogrammetry model on my end as long as I am provided with enough quality captured imagery.

Hell, if the DAO covers costs, I would go out there and fly it myself.

I would be more than happy to head up this conversation if we want to contract it all, or some of it out to a local company… To be honest, I would need to reach out for quotes and discuss specifically with whichever service we intend to use before I throw a number quote, as I don’t want to throw out a number that is lowballed for whatever reason (prices could range based upon drone model used, imagery/video capture quality requested, site conditions, etc.

Another consideration is that currently, the weather is dropping down into the teens (Fahrenheit) at night and if there’s any snow on the ground (IE: snow banks/drifts) during the we won’t be able to actually capture accurate “ground” photogrammetry information.

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