CIP-1225 Secret Santa Bounty

I propose a $15 USDC reimbursable bounty, collectable by any person willing to participate in a CityDAO Secret Santa.

The $15 will be reimbursable toward any gift for the program between $15- $50 USD in value that is given to another Citizen via the program.

Signups for the program will begin next week and participants will be assigned random citizen they must purchase a Christmas gift for. Gifts must be between $15 and $50 USDC in value.

Max cost to CityDAO is under $100,000.
Limit one bounty per wallet.

It’s a fun idea but $100K seems high. Also, is there a way to determine whether people will just buy themselves something for $50 or give it to someone else besides the honor system?

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It would be $15 and they would need to collude with the recipient. The incentive is very low.

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