CIP-123: CityDAO In-Person Meetup and Team Building Proposal

After hearing about the success of the CityDAO facilitator retreat in May, and having spoken with many of the participants, we believe it’s in CityDAO’s best interests to have another IRL meetup. This would be open to any CityDAO citizen NFT holders.

A. Zeno’s Family Property in Oregon

One option we propose is to meet at a property owned by Zeno’s family near Portland, Oregon - approximately 35 min from Portland International Airport. Zeno’s property includes the following amenities:

12 beds and 3 bathrooms

TV / Internet

Pool Table

Access to Sandy River and recreation

60 acres of land

CityDAO citizens will have an entire house on the property, configured as:

  • Room A - 6 beds / 1 full bathroom
  • Room B - 4 beds / 1 full bathroom in hallway
  • Room C - 2 beds / 1 full bathroom

Camper Vans, RVs, and tents are an option as well, bring your own!

Zeno’s compensation would be 1 Citizen NFT, and the cost to rent the house is $850/night (USDC acceptable).


Another option would be to find a centrally located AirBNB to host an IRL meetup, perhaps in Denver or Austin. The following costs are approximations per night as Airbnb prices fluctuate.



Travel Stipend- Distance traveled * 0.10 = USDC received

Example- If you travel 5,300 miles you get 530 USDC


I’m in, would love to do a trip, meet, and work.

My vote would be for Zeno’s Property in Oregon in October. I can make any time in October work as of now.

October seems like the best bet, far enough to arrange travel and before it starts to get too cold to enjoy the area.

4 nights is long enough to be worthwhile for anyone that needs to do a bit of traveling.

Full support here. I am not sure I can make it due to a time conflict, but regardless this is a great idea.

Very much needed proposal; fully supported. Hope I can make it from Portugal and meet everyone!

October at Zeno’s house option has my vote.

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After getting some feedback I’ve added a travel stipend to the proposal.

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Sounds fun!! I can’t promise at the moment but will def make the effort to make it if I can! :slight_smile:

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Love this idea, count me in! Zeno’s property sounds perfect.


I will def. come and check out. Love the idea of doing something that is open for all citizens!

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Also, would be cool to try for other loser Citizens meetups in different states/countries for those who cannot make it!

Full support here - adding some commentary to resurface this topic. The Cody meetup was a truly amazing experience for all involved and I think expanding in person meetup opportunities would drive immense value for the DAO as a whole while enabling more effective communication & collaboration through interpersonal connection. Hanging IRL with CityDAO members at Permissionless and Consensus was the biggest highlight of both crypto-event experiences for me, as well.

I must admit that I for one have felt jaded and the overall negative energy of certain conversations lately, along with overall project creep vibes, and I am guilty of sharing in it. IRL meetups like this one will go a LONG way towards avoiding/precluding/mitigating the misunderstandings and misinterpretations of digital communication that have created a tense vibe IMO.

There was a (recent) time when everyone seemed ready to move mountains and use CityDAO to change the world for the better, and we have lost sight of that path a bit lately. We need to reconnect as humans, engage and build relationships, and remember that our common motivators for bringing us to the DAO are still within reach - if we work together. The best and most efficient way for us to regain our vision is to spend time together IRL.



I’m in for Zeno’s house. Can you clarify if there are payments involved for participating?


I’m game for Zeno’s.


I agree an in-person meetup is needed.

Instead of a single location, we should have simultaneous remote events around the world over a weekend. This will allow more IRL participation that favors no group.

I imagine synchronous and asynchronous meets over a weekend in NYC, SF, Portland, Denver, Red Lodge, Paris, Istanbul, Taipei, Beijing, and via computer, etc. There will be overlap to pass conversations back and forth for a true 72 hour meetup.

I suggest that each Citizen that hosts an event which draws at least 7 other Citizens be compensated and reimbursed. Incentive should be to minimize travel distance, so travel stipend should be split equally between total number of IRL attendees. And all citizens that participate via video for at least 24 hours are also compensated for participation. I like the weekend of December 3-4, 2022.

I would further suggest that a single topic of governance be the focus of the event - with the singular goal of new governance documents flowing therefrom.


Love this idea. @elmo and others in the engagement team you guys should think about it!

I think if we want to have a sooner in person meet then probably should just go with the single option, but I think we should work towards having another meet up like you suggest - maybe even vote on agenda topics before hand!

Zeno’s sounds ideal.