CIP-131: Fund IRL Events: CityDAO Winter Meetup and ETHDenver

We propose allocating $30k to subsidize 2 in person events in the coming year.

CityDAO Winter Meetup

A winter meetup for CityDAO contributors to brainstorm. Topics of discussion will include all current CIPs, DAO governance, and future vision of the DAO. The location is TBD, but likely a warm climate.

CityDAO ETHDenver

An opportunity for Citizens to check out the Blanca Parcels, the DAO Labs cowering space, and hang out at ETH Denver.


Memebrains has graciously volunteered to plan both events and make sure they go smoothly. For his role in planning, we propose a $2k reward. Responsibilities include choosing locations, doing logistics like car rentals and airbnb bookings, and responsibly allocating funds to maximize value and fairness for Citizens. If for any reason Memebrains cannot continue in the role, scottfits shall appoint a new Planning lead.


Total proposal requests $32k, $30k to go towards trip logistics, $2k to go to Memebrains upon successful completion and return from ETHDenver. The likely outcome is that things that many Citizens can benefit from (dinners, rental cars, an airbnb) can be subsidized, while individuals may still have to pay travel expenses.


I cower enough at home. :joy:
jk. I know what you mean.


How about a representative for international community ?

me :slight_smile:


Sounds good. The only thing I might mention is if @zeno might want to be involved. He did a ton of work for the last meetup and didn’t get any funding (due to not meeting the quorum), but from what I heard, the event went great. He mentioned something about EthDenver, anyway; I hope he could be included if he so wishes.


plus 1 on making getting intl people to this meetup a top priority. Alternatively, lets find a secondary or third winter location closer to our frens abroad.


I know it maybe far from now, but I believe Lisbon has an ETH event. We could set aside funds for next years.


who wants to find the geographic center of everyone that’s logged into sobol, we just go wherever that point is (if it’s in water we go to the closest shore)


Well said, would be great to have others on board

I would support but it’s not clear that the budget will be sufficient until @MemeBrains has finished planning. Ideally all expenses are covered for any citizen, American or international, who wants to attend. …we have the money.

“reasonable and pre-approved” expenses… CityDAO is not responsible if Tarkan wants to fly first class

i for one, think sending Tarkan first class is a really high impact use of DAO funds


I hear submitting expenses on discord and approval via emojis is a new hot trend coming out of the Bahamas these days


For real for a second: CityDAO absolutely should sponsor this event but CityDAO really needs two things:

  1. A meaningful outcome, not just a party. Whether its a “constitutional convention” or a re-alignment of priorities and projects holistically.

  2. Financial controls - CityDAO books accommodations and transportation, and must approve the plane ticket cost before any contributor books a flight.


We did have an Eth event last month; was pretty cool!

Fully support this CIP btw. The Portland event organized by @zeno was well worth it.


A couple of thoughts:

For the winter meet-up, I had proposed a meet-up around the time of the CityDAO Labs space finalisation so people could come in and contribute for the week and have something to do.

ETHDenver i think we should be 100% hosting another CityDAO meetup similar to last year as it ended up being super successful with a bunch of the CityDAO projects winning prizes.

I would also propose a third meet-up for the international Citizens in Europe that may find it a little harder to attend. This could be in Lisbon, London, Barcelona, etc. Somewhere a little central Europe.

And finally on this topic, I would like to propose a CityDAO meetups plan for multiple locations and Cities so that we can organise and establish CityDAO within more already built up Global Communities.

I organised ETHDenver Last year and would love to assist with the overall execution of a much larger project like this,


20 likes, after snapshot am i coming as a international member or what ?

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Still ongoing? @scottfits

This is a good question… technically the charter states the 20 likes must occur before the passage of 21 days… do we know if this got the 20 likes before the 21 day window had ended??

Let’s get this to a Snapshot! We are currently operating under the process of 20 likes going to a vote. I don’t think we have any way of knowing if that was achieved in 21 days but do think that is fair to assume.

The consensus generally seems that people are in favor of a CityDAO IRL convention around EthDenver with the two main concerns:

  1. Attendance favors those with time and money to spare
  2. Our problems are not going to be magically solved by meeting IRL

Not sure if this is within scope of this CIP, but I suggest we use the $30,000 to reward solutions to our problems instead of subsidizing travel. This creates fairness between IRL and virtual attendees and motivates the implementation of improvements rather than ideas.

I know CIP-135 proposed a convention, but it only has three likes right now - and we are running out of time! Also the pricetag here is significantly less.


This is a pretty wide-open CIP. If the winter meetup won’t happen. Then this is 30k for EthDenver. Memebrains is mentioned, but if he doesn’t want to do the planning, I nominate @melissa, or both.

I agree with the points above. We need something pretty simple and open. Some money to facilitate. Some funds for those who attend and rewards for good solutions (whether purposed IRL or virtually).

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