CIP-133 - Parcel 0 Infrastructure Project Management

Citizens – the time has come to formally set up all of the functional aspects of Parcel 0!

This proposal requests funding for, and authorization of, a Parcel 0 team to set up all necessary functional aspects of Parcel 0 operations. This includes at a minimum: safe management and multisig, snapshot, forum page, discord channels, coordination tooling, and overall Parcel 0 project management/excellence.

Proposed Team:

@DenverCitizen9 – Project Lead (subject to his acceptance of the role)

Alternate: @Fugyeah, @alexthims

@2Jamez – Boots on the Ground (subject to his acceptance of the role)

Alternate: @wdclapp, j0sh

@missa – good vibes moderator and communications lead (subject to her acceptance of the role)

Alternate: Syntonikka

J0sh – obnoxious rules guy

Alternate: @wdclapp

In the event any of the above-listed project team members or alternates do not wish to accept this project role, or otherwise are not available/able to participate, a suitable Citizen will be chosen to replace them.

Budget Requested:

$4,000 USDC maximum, subject to role acceptance and participation:

Project Lead will receive $1,500 USDC

All other active team members will receive $500 USDC


I like this as a starting point - do you imagine we should include funding and authorization to set up real world infra like power and water?

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Funding and management of those elements is vital, however at this foundational stage, I say we keep it reasonably manageable and just stick to the Parcel 0 tooling and coordination infrastructure

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Doesn’t Parcel 0 already have an authorized pool of funding to pay taxes and do things of this nature. not probably like building a road funding but I believe some minimal stuff.

@DAOvolution I think we really need to drill down on what the job description is of each of these roles beyond just a one sentence description. for example - who will do the role of “Parcel 0 secretary” - which IMO is really the most important task: Keeping documents, the calendar, keeping track of citizen time, making sure all deadlines are met, coordinating guests on the parcel, behind the scenes tasking, etc.

So in that respect I - I think realistically we would need to bump the lead to $3000 to include those responsiblities or create a separate role that is subordinate to the lead, but responsible for the majority of record-keeping - probably with the $1500 pay equal to the lead.


@DAOVolution thank you for posting this. Very cool, very much needed, and it would be a pleasure to be able to take this on. I’m very thankful that you’re driving this and agree with your idea of getting these foundational aspects in place.


Yes, 20k was allocated for this purpose as part of CIP-112. I believe this is held in trust by CityDAO and earmarked for such things.

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Related, I’ve published a draft for an outline of what I think are the types of things that are necessary to move Parcel 0 forward. What is being proposed in this CIP is an essential foundation for moving forward. I’d be happy to talk about opportunities beyond this initial setup as well, should there be other possibilities.

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