CIP-139 CityDAO at ETHDenver 23'

ETHDenver 23’ CIP

Hey everyone,

ETHDenver is rapidly approaching and unfortunately the most recent event related CIP did not reach the quorum:

We have had 60+ Citizens fill out the following form: CityDAO x ETHDenver

This CIP is to do the following:

  • Sponsor Housing for CityDAO Citizens wanting to build projects at ETHDenver.
  • Sponsor some CityDAO Merch for these teams to represent CityDAO at the event.
  • Sponsor small networking events through the wider event
  • Provide Resources to Citizens to form teams & ideas

ETHDenver 22’

ETHDenver 22’ was a huge success for CityDAO Citizens.

Here were some of the following outcomes:

  1. 3 Sponsored AirBNBs for Citizens
  2. 6 CityDAO Citizen Projects
  3. New Core CityDAO Contributors
  4. 2 Top 10 ETHDenver Projects
  5. 5 Citizen Projects won prizes across different ETHDenver Tracks


  • 2-4 Houses for Citizens that want to hack at ETHDenver

    • Budget $12,500
    • Goal: Get people that want to build something as a “CityDAO Sponsored Team”
  • CityDAO Swag

    • $500
    • Goal: Increase CityDAO Awareness at ETHDenver
  • Networking Event

    • Budget: $1,500
    • Goal: Increase CityDAO Awareness at ETHDenver
  • Misc. Expenses

    • Budget: $3,000
    • Transport for Citizens at the event
    • Travel Budget for Team Organizing
    • Comp for Members who help organise/facilitate at the event
    • Other incurred expenses.

Total Budget Request: $17,500

Other Notes:

Organisation Notion: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.