CIP-14: Parcel 0 land use proposal for NFT collectible, live stream, conservation

Final Amended Proposal:

Allocate up to 5 ETH to fund the following use plan for Parcel 0:
• Purchase and install of sign outlined by scottfits
• Camera and IoT temp sensor with cell connectivity
• Dev team work for a live stream of the CityDAO land

------ original proposal below -------


Launching a series of limited edition NFT drops in AR space to only be able to be picked up within proximity of the Wyoming Parcel location.


  • Incentivize Crypto enthusiasts and NFT Collectors to come visit the land.
  • Promote Cultural / Ideological Value from the NFT Art (we want to differentiate ourselves from your regular JPegs, have beautiful art with cultural references of Wyoming and the land, art that visualizes Blockchains and DAOs.)
  • Generate Income from the Land, a portion of NFT sales go to the artists, developers, rest go to the CityDAO vault.

What can people do with these NFTs?

  • Using AR as a medium to combine the metaverse with our physical location. We can launch AR NFTs that:

  • Can be viewed like any other NFTs in 2D Format (rendered representation of the art)

  • Can be viewed in AR at the Wyoming parcel with QR code + geo-verification (will be able to activate this additional layer of feature of these NFTs if you’re here at the parcel and has just scanned the QR code on land)

  • Have seasonal / changing AR activations, encourage recurring visit of the land

  • Can act as collectibles like Pokemons (Come to the Wyoming parcel to collect more of these rare NFTs)

  • Can have cultural & ideological values in the artwork, this is a cool example ( but we might want something more related to CityDAO & Wyoming?

…any other ideas? please comment.

Elements & Pieces

  • NFT Art Creation
  • Smart Contract Integration
  • AR Activation (better as a stand-alone app imo)
    • There are companies that are working on things like this like but in my opinion the best experiences of AR currently is just not in the browser. Best if it can be a standalone app. But once an app like this is developed it can be used by CityDAO or any other partners in any location based projects.

This idea is still at its infancy. Please pitch in and add your thoughts!! Thanks to all :slight_smile:



Hey Nico,

I have strong opinions that we should stay clear of art-NFTs and other technologies that have stigmas, are complex and are likely to confuse the general public. We only get one first impression and it should strictly be as legal / urban innovators (which in itself already has a fair amount of positive & negative cultural history attached to it e.g. utopians, cults, etc.). The general public is easily confused by new technologies and bold ideas, and adding more complexity into the mix is a net negative.

For these reasons, I am a hard no.




I love this, and I propose we add the provision to dedicate the land for conservation and commission a physical sign:

— Begin sign text:

CityDAO hereby dedicates this land to wildlife conservation as a 40 acre extension of the Shoshone National Forest. This land is open to the public but we kindly request leaving no trace and being mindful of neighbors.

This land is the first parcel collectively owned by a DAO. Visitors of the land my claim your ceremonial NFT by scanning this code: [REDACTED]

— End sign text

The large todo items seem to be:

  1. Design the sign
  2. Design NFT claim mechanism
  3. Install the sign

I also like the idea of making the land (or the things on it) interact with the web3.0 world. My idea was to install an old school photo booth that takes polaroids. The catch would be you need an ETH wallet/address to access it. Taking a photo could actually automatically trigger a minting process of that photo. It could re-edit the photo by partnering with a famous artist that would style it or the minting could be about something else (we could partner with a metaverse and the photo taking could mint an avatar or something else in the AR/VR world.). I think every person that would come and visit would take “an old school selfie”. The photo alone could be a constant revenue, not to mention if it is further tied to an NFT or coin. Plus the idea of a photo booth in the middle of nowhere comes close to the other ideas mentioned before: Prada shop in the desert, phone booth in the mid of nowhere. etc.


Hi, I think we should focus on that piece of land and design some architectural artworks based on the actual topography. We want to return to the theme of the city, and wait for the city to reach a certain scale and perform AR or METAVERES.

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我的想法是,可以考虑那个40英亩地上建成元宇宙的城市,里面城市里没有人,只有房子和设施,里面都有锚点用来3D建模。我们可以设计房子和设施,把它切割成N份NFT,用于募资,卖不完就不建(或是CityDAO补齐建也行)。建成后,就有了元宇宙的3D模型了,因为不是要建给真人使用的设施,所以建造成本可以比较低。然后通过VR可以来游玩,在虚拟空间里举办活动。可以适当的收取些类似门票的费用。设施NFT的持有者和公民可以分享收益。如果要拆除设施的话,可以销毁 NFT(但如何解决权益问题,没想好)。

Have someone help me to translate it ?
Google Translate:

My idea is to consider that 40 acres of land to build a meta-universe city, there are no people in the city, only houses and facilities, there are anchor points for 3D modeling. We can design the house and facilities, cut it into N NFTs, and use them to raise funds, and we will not build them until they are sold out (or CityDAO can make up for them). After it is completed, there will be a 3D model of the meta universe. Because it is not a facility for real people, the construction cost can be relatively low. Then you can play through VR and hold events in the virtual space. Some similar ticket fees can be appropriately charged. The holders and citizens of the facility NFT can share the proceeds. If you want to dismantle the facility, you can destroy the NFT (but how to solve the equity problem, I didn’t think about it).

Very nice and interactive idea. I have some additional idea input for how we can digitize and visualize the land. I propose to develop a parcel0 land tracker integration with IoT devices. The goal is to make cryptocities into a smart blockchain based city. Here’s what I found potential IoT blockchain devices from IoTeX called pebble tracker (pocket size multi sensors) and Ucam (security cam)

Pebble tracker is basically a secure, battery-operated, cellular-IoT prototyping platform designed for blockchain-based applications. The action plan for this idea is quite straight forward.

1/ to get the pebble tracker and ucam

2/ install them on the purchased land

3/ capture the data such as environment data (temperature, humidity, location, image feed)

4/ link the data to iot blockhain network

5/ create a dapp dashboard that display these information on each parcel land by cityDAO

This could be an interesting viz demo for making cryptocities a true crypto cities empowered by blockchain tech. And of course we can do more with these pebble tracker such as bundling them into a network of data collection. It’s up for community discussion.

If this idea is acceptable, I am more than happy to lead this with other interested citizens (have onboarded 1 non-citizen working on this). I can also outreach to IoTeX team for potential joint collaboration on this idea.


Discussion thread - Discord

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Here’s link for ucam -

There may not be celluar connectivity at the site. The maps show maybe Verizon and others, but it is always spotty in the mountains.

Cameras would need to be weatherproof (e.g. IP66), it doesn’t look like Ucam is.

Would it be possible to airdrop NFT with some iOT devices? I was thinking, if it’s just a location based airdrop it might be easily hackable cause people can fake their geo-cords and just get the drop right?

Another idea, how do we make it secure against malicious actors? What if someone wants to come and just destroy these sensors? Maybe we can lock them in some sort of bulletproof glass display?

But anyways I like this iOT approach a lot! Just wondering about the logistics.

Idea – NFTs that are streamed camera footage captured on land? So your NFT would be constantly changing based on the weather and terrain of this piece. That may be something we can auction for lol.

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Hi, thanks for the comment. I think it’s doable for one who has a pebble tracker and uses that as proof of location for eligible NFT airdrop since proof of location can be sent to the blockchain and for smart contract execution. This concept can be implemented with their existing pebblego -

For your second question, we can talk more about logistics and execution plan regarding IoT device setup/connection. I have contacted the IoTeX team and they may join us on Wed community call for discussing the technical implementation of these IoT devices. I have a few talents interested to work together on the logistics side and would be happy to form a work task group if this CIP is discussed, voted, and passed for the next step.

Yes cellular connectivity is key for iot connection. In a discord chat, people are looking ways to get the device hooked to the net. It happends starlink connection will be setup soon for the area. Regarding camera setup, i think weatherproof cover is doable with detailed logistics planning. Welcome more discussion on the discord thread. Discord

I suggest we have the following in scope:

• Camera, temp sensor, installation, sign for NFT collection, dev work

and just act quickly on doing it

i am hardly no to this. this intention is just to show off that CITYDAO has one land.why not greater picture than that.i suppose land owners should think about what’s the purpose of land. This city should differentiate from human living city. the city to be built of cables,electricty,solar system, virtal space,cryto space etc. our mind jumps out of bio-body living city.

Following the discussions from the past few weeks, it becomes clearer that Parcel 0 can only carry:

  1. symbolic/cultural value
  2. POC weight
  3. Insignificant revenue generating power (in comparison with what could be achieved in other locations or through other means - not including here a 100k people rave of course :slight_smile:
    for now.

Which is absolutely fine - in order to be able to start somewhere, the DAO needed to start small and the first logical step was: set up a DAO and LLC in a DAO friendly state and purchase a significantly sized plot at a reasonable value. Obviously this could not be in the center of a community or even on its outskirts for the price that was paid (less than 100k USD as I understood, but I stand corrected).

Now, as the minting is over and the Treasury close to 10 mil USD, Parcel 0 needs to follow its purpose and to further test the POC, the plan is to divide it into plots and sell it to CityDAO holders as NFTs. The zoning and permitting restrictions for the plot do no allow for any proper constructions for now and this was clearly communicated by the team.

The future buyers of the parcels NFT, will basically be part of the first experiment, where ownership of land will be brought on chain inside a DAO-type structure. There are indeed many ideas and possibilities to make this an income generating property, but the income would be insignificant compared to the ambitions that the DAO has for the next 2-3 years (personal opinion and vision) and building on it will probably require many steps and time.

The consequence should be that:

  • we allocate a budget from Treasury that is not more than 100% of the land value, while still targeting to achieve the goal to make this IRL Ground 0 for DAOs globally - so cultural, historical and social significance remains a must in my opinion.
    In this way the plots could be sold for a price that includes all added value, thus supporting royalties down the line.
    At the same time, even if the plot will not be developed IRL (if we decide to focus on other projects), it could still carry collectible value as one of 900 (or whatever the number will be) Parcel 0 NFT.

Now coming to the interesting part: each parcel holder cannot build IRL, but could surely build anything in the metaverse. And we could continue our POC, before going and investing the real cash into the first IRL cityDAO community (and building), by using some of the Treasury money to replicate a smaller CityDAO in the metaverse (of choice) and test our models. I think this would benefit our DAO from so many angles: testing governing principles before putting a lot of money IRL developments, getting attention and last but not least, following a trend that is difficult to ignore in our environment.
I know it is easier said in a few rows than done, but was thinking of ways to actually build a model using Parcel 0, even if not IRL and maybe a double NFT that gives ownership IRL but also in the metaverse is one solution.

Finally, to make my stand clear, I think we should definitely develop in the direction discussed in the last community calls, that is to select an interesting location and start building a small IRL community that should grow into the City DAO vision in the next years. Considering we would be ready to invest up to 5 mil USD for this, I think this could realistically buy between 500-5000 sqm of property, depending on location, desired quality and infrastructure. This could be enough for Phase 1 to kick off and to support building the first IRL CityDAO hub (standing for conferences, innovation, collab, museum, iWeb3.0 incubator, etc.).
Thanks for reading.

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