CIP-143: DAO Coalition Representative


The DAO Coalition is a group of approximately 30 DAOs and supporting organizations that seek to advocate on behalf of DAOs in the United States and globally. This coalition was started by Stuttgart on behalf of CityDAO, and therefore CityDAO has a significant place in the coalition. Each member of the coalition has been asked to formally select a representative. Da3vid (Da3vid#1983) has been the unofficial representative to the DAO Coalition since its inception. This CIP would be to make Da3vid the official representative from CityDAO. This proposal is non-financial.

Coalition Team

The DAO Coalition currently consists of 3OH DAO, Alliance DAO, ATX DAO, Aragon DAO, Bankless DAO, City3, CityDAO, Cohere, Data Union DAO, enDAOment, Governor DAO, Impact DAO, JournoDAO, Kali DAO, Klaytn, Krause House, KYC DAO, LegalDAO, LexDAO, Lobby3, Nemus, OtoCo DAO, PAC DAO, Polygon DAO, R3WIND DAO, Sapien Network, Sporos DAO, SuperRare DAO, SSV DAO and Standard DAO. Supporting organizations within the DAO Coalition include the Blockchain Association, COALA, NEAR, the DAO Research Collective, and the World Economic Fund.


DAOs are confronted with an uncertain legal landscape with pitfalls and obstacles. Our presence as a leader in lobbying efforts keeps CityDAO in an important position in the space. Working hand in hand with organizations like Bankless, Aragon, Polygon, the Blockchain Association, NEAR and the World Economic Fund helps us engage with the larger community.

There are interests in Washington, D.C., such as the Crowdfunding Professional Association, that are directly averse to the existence of DAOs. More recently, we’ve seen the CFTC sue Ooki DAO on allegations that, as an unincorporated association, it violated federal laws. However, last summer, Senators Gillibrand and Lummis introduced S. 4356, the Lummis-Gillibrand Responsible Financial Innovation Act, which, if enacted, would provide a federal framework for DAOs. This legislation would provide an opportunity for the DAO Coalition to provide a positive narrative to policymakers about the promise of DAOs.

The DAO Coalition has been holding monthly conference calls since its informal inception in summer, 2022. Stuttgart has helped to establish the DAO Coalition, but would transition his role to represent the DAO Coalition in DC as a lobbyist. Each DAO needs a representative, however, and Da3vid has been the unofficial representative of CityDAO since the inception of the coalition.

Responsibilities of the Representative

The official representative has the responsibility to attend DAO Coalition calls and report back to CityDAO on the proceedings. When decisions are required, the representative will bring them to CityDAO and take direction from CityDAO on how to represent CityDAO to the coalition. This position is not paid.

Proposal Budget


Timeline and Deliverables

The DAO Coalition has formed a 501(c)(4) nonprofit entity and continues to engage important DAOs in the space for collective lobbying efforts. There are no specific timelines or deliverables at this time.


There is a risk whenever anyone makes representations to the public. However, Da3vid would make no public statements. All communications would occur within the DAO Coalition.