CIP-144: Community Team

Proposal TLDR

This is a proposal to reinstate the Community Team—whose members consist of most of the former Community Guild’s members: Lupei, simplepixellife, and Ming—to manage the communities of CityDAO again, in order to maintain and increase engagement both inside and outside of CityDAO Discord, ensuring a healthy community.

Why community?

A point of argument which is often brought up is that we currently do not have enough city building experimentation progress to justify the need to put effort in community-building. However, we believe that community-building effort is important in every step of a project of our scale. By constantly building our community, not only can we generate more sales from our citizens NFT, we would also grow our network of human resources and open more doors for collaborations/partnerships that would benefit our city building effort.

Community Team’s past work in CityDAO:

Project Team and Responsibilities

The team consists of three of the former members of the Community Guild:


  • Provide Thai translation on important matters
  • Write biweekly newspaper and bimonthly roundups
  • Manage community activities and marketing initiatives
  • Provide monthly reports of the team


  • Provide Turkish translation on important matters
  • Organise Turkish CityDAO IRL events
  • Host Twitter Spaces
  • Manage community activities and marketing initiatives


  • Provide Chinese translation on important matters
  • Manage CityDAO WeChat Chinese community
  • Write Chinese CityDAO articles
  • Host Twitter Spaces

Proposal Budget

  • Each member will be compensated $1500 per month for 6 months.
  • The team will receive $6000 budget for community activities/visual content production. Any leftover at the end of 6 months will be returned to CityDAO treasury.

Total: $33000 (roughly 1.5% of treasury for 6 months of work)

Upon approval, the $6000 activity budget will be transferred to the Community Team’s multisig. Team members will get compensated at the end of each month.

Timeline and Deliverables

Duration: March to August

At the end of each month, Lupei will be providing a report on what the team has done for the month. Lupei and simplepixellife will be in charge of utilising the activity budget to organise community activities/producing visual content. We aim to have at least one activity or visual content per month, but those of larger scale may take longer. Most importantly, we will make sure that our activities and visual content are aligned with CityDAO’s missions and values.

What to expect:

  • Weekly Newspaper
  • Roundups
  • Visual content (videos/artworks)
  • Casual Discord activities
  • Discord/Community Management
  • Blogs & articles in local languages
  • Twitter Spaces
  • Contests
  • IRL events
  • Translations
  • etc.


There may be legal issues with community activities that include “giveaways” of financial assets such as prizes for community contests, which could negatively affect CityDAO LLC. However, this issue can easily be averted. All activities that would contain giveaways will be consulted with the legal team first to make sure that there will be no legal problem.


There is no regulatory issue.


I for one might see a need to eventually bolt on some new roles or responsibilities depending on direction and momentum, but six months is short in DAO-time, and the overall Community has been lacking lately creating a gaping hole of good energy at CityDAO.

I am glad to see the team moving forward here!!!

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TLDR, let’s focus on creating a relevant strategy for community building, see what we need in order to deploy this strategy, and then select people to do that.

Longer version

Hey, I am 100% for creating Community Team, however, at this stage, I think we should first figure out a relevant strategy for Community Building activities.

According to the proposal, apart from the local translations and hosting Twitter Spaces 3 people would " * Manage community activities and marketing initiatives" but it’s not specified how you see this process to look like.

I think we should separate Online Marketing activities and IRL marketing activities because those two require different skill sets.

Therefore 6k budget for “community activities/visual content” is not too reasonable if we don’t know exactly whether it’s gonna be visual content OR community activities, and if any community activities are planned then what kind?

I don’t think that at this stage we need 3 people to host Twitter Spaces. I would give ourselves one month to create an adequate strategy and then discuss who and how gets involved.

Hey @quantumdoll1

As you said CityDAO need a relevant strategy for marketing, yet as community team, we cannot decide it by ourselves cause it was mainly the job of Media Guild (not entirely tho).

As community team, we want to make sure to update the community about CityDAO both inside & outside discord (internationally). You can imagine not many people visit discord or Twitter daily (Twitter is not active after Q4 2022), so in order to keep them informed, we got our to do list.

  • Newspaper & Roundups serve that part

see link below

For Twitter Spaces ; Its for international communities - Turkish & Chinese

Ming and myself did some local Twitter Spaces with known figures at Turkey & China. Those events actually helped us to stay in map greatly and hopefully we will continue to do so.

Eng Twitter Spaces is another story. There, @MemeBrains helped CityDAO when Media Guild was active.

For the part of managing communities and marketing initiatives, pls see link below for Q4 & Q4 summary of Community Guild.

That summary will give you an idea about things we have done and / or will do.

Off course our to do list may change according to the agenda of CityDAO so we will act accordingly.

If you do have any question pls do