CIP-146 CityDAO Onboarding & Discord Clean

This CIP is to implement a new CityDAO onboarding process using the new Discord onboarding features which can be found here Community Onboarding: Welcoming New Members | Discord and to streamline the discord and update channels and information.

This would iron out the onboarding flow and deprecate any existing reaction roles etc. as well as make sure items in the discord are kept relevant.


  • To create a smooth onboarding flow for users to come into CityDAO.
  • To add a place for people to post IRL events.
  • To create a central forum for project discussion.
  • To deprecate the channels: DAOLabs, ETHDenver, ETHDenver Projects,
  • Make other improvements to improve Discord Usability.






3 days


I am sure this CIP is well intentioned - but I think it is important to be a bit clearer for the community. Use of words like “etc.” does not engender a great deal of confidence for people who want to know details like the 5 W’s and the H - so think - who what when where why and how…

Can you describe more about the process you would undertake, the consequences of the things you would do, and why this is important currently?

How does whatever it is that you intend to do create a more smooth onboarding process?

Also - why $1? In addition to any other details you feel the community might consider important of course. Thank you :pray:

Keep the budget TOIGHT :ok_hand:
I like it, has my vote.

We’ve been talking about doing this for a year, thanknyufor stepping up :fire:


…A year ago when we were paying the Operations Guild $15,000 per month…

If you’re not an admin here does that mean you’re not coordinating with whoever is? I would like there to be a coordinated and consistent strategy for onboarding in coordination with this forum and other platforms we use.

The onboarding would be for Discord and not discourse.