CIP-147: CIP Cleanup

Issue Definition:

Often times people around CityDAO find themselves wondering what CityDAO is working on, and with the number of proposals that have been passed / approved, it is fair to wonder where the focus is. This CIP seeks to help answer these questions via governance and to streamline CityDAO’s future focus.

For example:

There are a bunch of CIPs that have achieved 20 likes within 21 days here in the Forum - but have never been moved to Snapshot.

There are also CIPs that have passed Snapshot votes and have been approved - but no action has been taken by the project teams, in some cases, ever.


This CIP-147 seeks to close any such proposals where no action has been taken or where questions about progress are clouding the collective understanding. This CIP is not a rescission of CIPs, but rather, a formal means to give CityDAO’s community a sense of confidence and transparency with respect to CityDAO’s proposal-focus going forward. If this CIP passes through CityDAO’s governance processes, any CIP that fits the criteria listed below will be formally declared null and void. Any authority granted under these CIPs will be revoked and any budget requested by these CIPs will be formally terminated. Any funds distributed to these projects in the past will not be required to be returned - but no more money will be spent - and any such project will be deemed to be formally abandoned by CityDAO.

The CIPs that will be closed (should this CIP pass) are:

  • Any CIP that has not achieved 20 likes within 21 days of first post in Forum

  • Any CIP that has achieved 20 likes in 21 days, but has not moved to Snapshot within forty-five (45) days of achieving 20 likes

  • Any CIP that has been approved via Snapshot, but no action has been taken in the last ninety (90) calendar days.

  • Any CIP that is no longer capable of being performed in compliance with the proposal itself (by way of example and not limitation - proposals with a timeline where delivery dates have long passed)

Fine Print:

This proposal may be adjusted prior to Snapshot to include additional details or categories of CIPs for inclusion, in particular, as based on feedback to this CIP in the comments below (or Discord/other means).