CIP-18 CityDAO Museum of Art

Dear Citizens,

Every great city needs a world class museum that showcases and multiplies our creative spirit, attracts visitors, potentially generates revenue and creates tax benefits.

Therefore, I propose we create an official museum for CityDAO, a collectively curated temple devoted to all things NFTs.

One of the first assets the DAO acquired was an NFT – Blitmap #501 City Watcher ( Scott and I both threw in eth to acquire it, and it has since gone from 1 Eth valuation to around 10 today. It served as the inspiration for the official logo and brand, perhaps another first for a DAO.

While the financial upside is obvious, the fact is, we need a space. A space to meet, enjoy art, share ideas and bond. Just as shared spaces like museums in real cities do this, digital spaces that are community owned and shared are just as important.

I am not proposing (at the moment) that we use treasury funds to start acquiring NFTs we think will go up in price. I am proposing we aquire a CryptoVoxels parcel to serve as the home of our first official building - The CityDAO Museum of Art. The floor for most parcels is around 1 eth. Right now we don’t have many NFTs in the vault so we don’t need much space, but it would be a good start.

Here’s the fun part. I am donating another batch of NFTs to the DAO (the musuem). I think it would be amazing for this space to be collective curated, with Citizens donating NFTs from their collection as well. Let that idea sink in a little.

I will post an update later with the NFTs i am donating, Just going to wait for gas to chill. Stay tuned.

But what do we think? Yea or nea


ok update now that gas is kinda lower.

I just sent these pieces to the CityDAO treasury. A small explainer on why I like them, especially for the DAOs collection

Pote(n)za #4518 & 5961

"POTE(n)ZA is a deflationary series of generative artworks by artist Gavin Potenza and coded by Archethect. The project features a burn mechanic designed to lessen the supply. Burn 2 B&W to mint 1 Super Rare Color Edition. With each burn, the supply of POTE(n)ZAs becomes more scarce. "

I like them because they remind of parcels. If we want, we can burn these two to get a Super Rare Color Edition.

First First #666555

“FIRST is a collection of satirical generative texts. It both ridicules and fondly commemorates many aspects of NFT crypto culture circa September, 2021. All primary sales and royalties on secondary sales are donated to charity.

Tbh this came out during same time period as CityDAOs Citizen NFT and it just feels right.

Chain Runner #4330

“Chain Runners are Mega City renegades 100% stored and generated on chain.
Visit to find out more.”

We love the runners. Hack the planet. I mean this is perfect for CityDAO. I love this one in particular because of the metroplis background (very rare trait) and because we’re going to need a kick ass bot, and this is the mascot/pfp/avatar we could really build some lore around.

I have some more to send later once gas stops being high again. My main goal here is to spawn some fresh ideas around what we can do to build a stronger, more inspired community.

Should museum be 100% donation based or should we allocate 25 ETH or so from the treasury?

Can pieces be sold from the Museum, or are they forever owned collectively by citizens?

Casey, it’s a fascinating idea and appreciate the donations and work here.

That said, I think this is secondary to our mission and energy and funds contributed to this are a distraction at this point in time.

I would oppose allocating treasury funds towards this.


I’m ok with allocating a very small amount like 1% of treasury to this. Let’s just allocate 10 ETH to this as an experiment.

Would be really cool if this had a physical component, otherwise this is just like every other DAO that buys NFTs

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agree we need to stay focused on Core Focus of land on chain though. i do think having an entire ecosystem - virtual and physical - can make the DAO special though

The other question is can we have a mechanism for borrowing/loaning pieces for display.

I first heard about this concept when I was browsing CityDAO’s github and get excited.
But I agree with @alexthims on this is secondary to the mission and not allocationg treasury funds toward this.
If no fund is allocated, donating may also be a problem:
The gallery can be spammed by -the serial NFT collection printers- who are spamming discord channels and twitter as well just to promote their collections. They even do airdrops to some big collector’s wallets.

If an item is going to be listed, I think a launchpad would be best, not big amounts but, people who think it worth to be exhibited should show their appreciations by putting some money on it. (on Ethereum chain, it will be costly at the moment )


Yeah, I think this is hard because we’re called CityDAO. But if you look back at Scott’s first tweet, Nothing in that says we’re actually building anything on the land. Buy and tokenize, not build. I ask, what is the mission if we can’t build on the land?

I know the idea of cities up until this point means real structures, buildings, houses, roads. But imagine if real world land was just a vessel for communities to coordinate together in meaningful (read ownership) ways that end up generating the same if not better benefits that cities provide.

Cities are about energy. Human energy coming together, solving problems, and making love. Sax solo

But seriously, we can build stuff, without building stuff. Test governance models around plot ownership, and then try the hard work of building a real city, if that’s ever needed.

IMO, we need less real world cities and more virtual ones.

It’s awesome that people are donating NFTs to the treasury. I do not understand why we want to allocate 10 ETH to acquiring more NFTs, with no actual explanation of what the point of buying them is, who the multisig signers will be, etc.

This is my main concern for this CIP:

  • Allocate 10 ETH to a 2/3 multisig from which Casey can buy NFTs on behalf of the DAO. All NFTs will be owned by the DAO treasury.

My concern with how the CIP is written on Snapshot is it makes it sound like there is only one individual’s discretion with purchasing of NFTs. I’m not necessarily for or against a NFT museum, but I would prefer if there was more than one individual’s decision on the purchasing process. If it is intending to say that all spends must have a 2/3 multisig to be authorized, then I am a bit more comfortable about that, but would still be interested in seeing a purchase be based upon a larger scale decision/vote.

This is nothing personal to you @Casey, I admire and would love to see a museum pursuit, and am appreciative of your offer to CityDAO, I just feel if the DAO is supporting something then there should be more than one individual deciding what it is getting spent on - could be as simple as Casey proposing a NFT purchase and having a simple threshold “yay” amount of votes.

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such an awesome idea. congrats plebs.

i agree w/ this, having a slightly more decentralized process for deciding which NFTs to buy would be great