CIP-180: CityDAO Districts


The original mission of CityDAO was to buy land in Wyoming, but many Citizens are more interested in finding a property that is closer to where they live and more useful. Instead of purchasing one big parcel in Wyoming, I propose we create an 7 CityDAO Districts of Citizens grouped by physical geography that represent smaller groups of Citizens and allow each group purchase its own property, and give each district 1/7 of $1.5m.


  • This proposal creates 7 CityDAO Districts grouped by Citizens physical location with a treasury of $214,000 each.
  • Each District shall purchase and administer a piece of property within its geographic boundary - it can be raw land, camping, co-working, residential, or any type of space.
  • Any CityDAO Citizen, regardless of home District, should be able to visit and use the property of any District at any time.
  • If the proposal passes, a census will be taken. Citizens will be grouped into districts by Scott, with the goal of creating a relatively equal number Citizens per district, but also factoring in geography to create local districts that represent a group of nearby Citizens.
  • Citizens who take the Census will be given a soulbound NFT that represents residence in that district, a Snapshot for their District, and a Discord Role and channel for their District. Citizens can join a district even if they miss the Census later.
  • Each District will elect a 7 member council via a Snapshot that becomes the District’s multisig. Once the District Council is elected, CityDAO will transfer the $214,000 to the multisig. The person who gets the most votes is the District President and is responsible for finding and proposing a property or delegating the responsibility to someone. Decisions like purchasing the land must be approved by a majority Council vote and transfer of funds from the multisig. The council shall be re-elected each year.


This proposal authorizes $1.5m from the treasury to be split among 7 District multisig treasuries.


Hi Scott.

I like the general idea behind this proposal, but I think this highlights some of the flaws with existing CityDAO projects:

  • This proposal feels very vague/underdeveloped for a $1.5 million budget
  • There are no clear milestones or deadlines set

In general it feels like there’s a lot of risk in this project.

Possible ways to de-risk:

  • Start with a single location/district
  • Have clear milestones and deadlines with funding unlocked for success at each stage
  • Remove the requirements for soul bound NFTs or other new/unproved tech which may hold the project back
  • Remove the district citizen aspect completely? (it doesn’t feel essential to fix your problem of providing citizens with a local building)

It also feels like this overlaps a lot with Baby Parcel and t0wn? They are both concerned with buying physical property for DAO use.

Sorry for being negative, but I see the current projects struggling, partly (imo) due to vague CIPs, and I’m not sure it makes sense to repeat the mistakes again.


For this proposal, I assume they would be broken into D1, D2…etc
What are we going to do with the current property? Would parcel 0 (and Nemus?) be one district or outside the split? What about DN?

Do we own property in Nemus? In hindsight, that was just throwing money into the void.

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