CIP-21: Website project


To update the CityDAO site ( to improve the look/feel, bring the content up-to-date, and successfully onboard new users to the DAO.

What does success look like?

To create an updated site which:

  1. Informs first time visitors what CityDAO is
  2. Excites and inspire visitors about our revolutionary mission
  3. Engages visitors by showing them how to get involved

Project brief with full details

Budget allocation

Up to 2ETH.

This will cover bounties for all design and dev work required for the project. See project brief for more details.


This project was kickstarted by Greg (a member of the core team) in the #Dev Discord channel.

To date, community members have been surveyed for ideas and feedback on the current site, but no design/dev work has begun. Please see the project brief for more info.

NB. This project requires funds for design/dev bounties so needs to be voted on to progress further.


In favor of this.

Also, move to amend the proposal to compensate Tyro 0.7 ETH from the 2 ETH project budget.

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Iā€™m in favor of this. Great project brief btw.

Also in favor of the compensation Greg mentioned above for Tyro.

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Yep, this all sounds very reasonable. In favor of all the above

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Also in favor of it.

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In favor with an added suggestion in the spec doc.

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Great work @tyro.eth In favor of all above

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thanks for your hard work @tyro.eth I agree with all of the above

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