CIP 214 - CityDAO 2.0


CityDAO is dead, long live CityDAO!

Voting for this proposal will nullify CIP-212, create 4 new squads to govern the DAO and push development forward. CityDAO cannot continue as is, and those voting to close the DAO recognize this failure, so we’re proposing radical change under new leadership.

If one person deciding to go home is able to shut down an entire DAO, we were never a DAO in the first place. We have an obligation to succeed where others thought we would fail.


  • CityDAO has an opportunity to refresh the DAO with new talent, a better strategy, and clear goals.
    • Eg. Back to the CityDAO roots of acquiring real estate onchain, creating co-living experiments, living in onchain cities
  • CityDAO became the 1st DAO to legally buy property as a DAO, then did nothing. V2 will support the network state thesis and refocus our mission on DAO-owned and operated co-living/co-working, and acquiring and managing more real estate onchain.
  • The new squads will be made up of top-tier crypto-natives with a proven track record of success. A combination of OG CityDAO Members and fresh blood, this elite squad will bring insights and momentum from other DAOs and crypto groups.
    • The new core team will be made of 4 groups: Developers (clearly lacking in the DAO at the moment), BizDev & Marketing, Community / Events, and Advisors. Notably, the Advisor group will be made up of some of the most eminent and credible names in the crypto space.
    • These squads are just the beginning; the influx will create a flywheel of positive buzz, momentum, and talent.

Impact on Current DAO Structure

  • (EDITED): Citizens will be able to burn their Citizenship for a 300 USDC refund for a period of 90 days or Citizens will be able to convert their Citizenship to CityDAO 2.0 Citizenship

  • The intent of this proposal is to provide the DAO a clean slate. As a result of passing this proposal, the current Council is dissolved as are all previous organizations, committees, subcommittees, and lingering groups that remain in effect.

  • Any and all existing proposals to dissolve the DAO will be canceled, reversed, and undone.

    • Example: CIP 212 - Return Funds to Citizens
  • Any and all existing projects are put on hold, as activity in the shuttering entity will cease.

  • CityDAO will transfer assets to CityDAO 2.0, invoking the existing transfer clause in the charter (4.3.4 (h) Previous Quorum and VAR for Two Situations)

    • The Advisors will consult with legal counsel to ensure compliant transfer, management, and ownership of Parcel0 and explore the optimal legal structure(s) for CityDAO 2.0 to succeed.
  • A governance committee will form to draft a new Charter and Operating Agreement for CityDAO 2.0, that will be proposed to and adopted by the Citizens

  • All CityDAO IP that is privately held (such as but not limited to: websites, social media, discord, discourse) will be more decentralized in CityDAO 2.0, using tools like Hats Protocol to improve capture resistance.

Benefits to CityDAO over the status quo:

  • Members and citizens will see daily updates on projects that have floundered
  • A fresh set of contributors who can apply innovative thinking and creative energy
  • With strong branding and a “1st DAO to buy land as a DAO” accolade, we are not ready to declare CityDAO a failure
  • New tokenomics that will invigorate the community


  • Advisors
  • Developers
    • Shad - Founding Team, LabsDAO; Manager @CGI; Lead Blockchain Engineer @Leidos
    • Feven - Researcher @ Ethereum Foundation, core contributor to SheFi
    • Jordan - CTO at Layerr, 8+ years senior development experience, director level management experience at public company
    • Sophia - Former tech lead at Public Goods Network, an L2 dedicated to funding public goods through sequencer revenue. Previous product contributor at Gitcoin, Hypercerts, Celo, and CabinDAO.
    • Tippi - Web3 Fullstack developer. ETHChicago hackathon lead; Ceptor Club founder; developer_dao mentor; devrel uni Events Captain
  • BizDev / Marketing
    • Nima - Founder and CEO of Layerr, the leading Web3 infrastructure company onboarding Web2 native companies to Web3. Before founding Layerr, Nima held a variety of positions in SaaS, cloud technology, blockchain security & infrastructure, including leadership roles at BitGo and Ankr
    • Drendur - 0n1Force ambassador and BizDev. Bitbasel Operations and BizDev. Co-Founder of FanMax. Contracted with, Menudo, Korrupt. BizDev at Crossroads Home Group (grew company to $4M+)
    • Sid - Investor, Builder, Engineer, and Glitchrunner. Cofounded the Draper Round Table (acq) and an EVM on Rust (acq. Casper Association)
    • Rachel - Human-Centric BUIDLer | Published Author | DAOist | Core team member of deUETH EDCON2024 & @Giveth | Former biz dev & web3 partnerships at Opolis | Former podcast host/producer of @cryptosapiens_ | @PolygonLabs Mentor | Enthusiast of Bufficorns, Nouns & Base |
    • Richard - BizDev for JFDI Accounting, globally trusted by top blockchains.
  • Community / Events
    • Flame - Founding Citizen, 4x Emmy nominated content creator / producer Spaces host, Crypto enthusiast, art supporter, tech + RWA explorer
    • Ryan - CEO of a Web 3.0 events agency, 16 events in 2023, 1000+ attendees, hosted events at ETH Denver, Token 2049. Previous BizDev lead @ Unstoppable Domains.
    • Seecrits - Founder of NFT marketing agency. Host of ‘The JPEG Show’ One of the largest NFT Twitter spaces. Community dev for various large NFT communities
    • Alyssa - Web3 Social Media Agency, Miami events planner
    • Daniel - Former BizDev at IBM, software private equity investor, longtime AirBnB host, member at CabinDAO

Key Results:

  • Result: CityDAO has a powerful and retooled voting mechanism
    • Ownership: Dev Squad
  • Result: CityDAO has a workable and sustainable business model.
    • Ownership: BizDev Squad
  • Result: CityDAO community is growing, has a sense of purpose and optimism.
    • Ownership: Community / Events Squad
  • Result: CityDAO is top of mind amongst DAOs, smoothly operates internally, and recruits the best talent.
    • Ownership: Advisor Squad
  • Each Squad will meet in the CityDAO discord at least weekly for transparency and evangelization of progress
  • EDIT: Compensation for the team will be structured to be results oriented and not a guaranteed stipend

Roadmap / Timeline:

Each member of the new core team will be given a three (3) month initial contract, subject to renewal upon exceptional results. No weak contributions will be tolerated. Speed to ship, overall volume, and work quality are the core metrics.

Toward the end of the 3 months, the Advisors will host a DAO-wide roundtable retrospective on the previous 3 months, and make recommendations on Phase 2 plans.

Development Strategy

CityDAO has historically struggled to recruit and retain software development talent. We will begin with an initial group of 5 developers, and use the project flex budget to hire others on a temp basis as needed. The development squad will focus on creating software tools to enhance DAO operations, community visibility, and performance monitoring.

  • Deliverable: In Month 1, squad delivers a technical specification document outlining the main solutions to the proposed problems (see below)
  • Deliverable: In Month 2, developers will solicit feedback from other squads and broader community to drive more efficient outcomes in the form of open calls in the discord and surveys
  • Deliverable: In Month 2-3, developers develop and implement software according to the technical specification document and incorporating relevant community feedback. Final projects will be evaluated based on pre-defined success metrics

BizDev / Marketing Strategy

CityDAO is one of the most recognizable brands in DAOs, so the core focus of the BizDev / Marketing squad will be to cement relationships with key players in the ecosystem, further enhance the brand name, and lay the groundwork for the DAO to become self-sufficient through new funding sources.

  • Within 30 days of CIP passage, BizDev squad will create a business development strategy deliverable to showcase different revenue models the DAO could pursue, with a final recommendation on ongoing model
    • Deliverables: A comprehensive (minimum 5-10 page) PDF document, and a live Discord briefing open to the entire DAO
  • Within 60 days of CIP passage, BizDev squad will make progress on business model formation, which could include partnerships with other DAOs / groups, initial due diligence on global properties, or pilot co-living plans marketed on Discord / Twitter

Community / Events Strategy

It is crucial to convene the CityDAO core team in person to sustain momentum, enhance team engagement, and foster collaboration on projects. Squad will promote clear, concise guidelines on community discourse - eg. trolls and toxic members are kicked and banned. Squad will create a culture where successes are shared and promoted, leaders are respected, and community feedback is heard. Consistent cadence of in-person and virtual events to drive member motivation and belonging.

Our event strategy includes these main initiatives:

  • Constant Online Events: In collaboration with our Business Development team members, we will arrange a constant flow of virtual events from Discord calls and workshops to Twitter spaces and virtual hackathons.
  • Community Building: We will host bi-weekly events in Discord and on X/Twitter to keep community members engaged and informed about IRL Events and important current events related to the DAO, as well as ideally having guest speakers when possible to discuss RWA integration and collaboration.
  • Discord: Squad will have responsibility for moderating Discord, keeping and promoting a positive social environment.
  • In-Person Strategy: Squad will opportunistically look for ways to promote CityDAO at web3 events, including free side events, leveraging existing network within the team (eg. Takeover IRL and Nolcha), and meetups.

All of these events will adhere to stringent budget guidelines.

To ensure transparency and accountability, detailed metrics on attendee numbers, attendee criteria, and engagement outcomes will be rigorously documented and reported back to the organization following each event.

Funding Governance

  • Advisors as a group have the authority to fire contributors from the other squads with a majority vote (3 of 5 advisors)
  • Advisors can be removed by a DAO-wide vote with a quorum of 500 Citizen NFTs and 51% approval, or by a 4-1 majority within the Advisor squad
  • Advisors will sign on a ⅗ multi-sig that holds 100k USDC and distribute funds via SuperFluid.
  • Unused funds will be returned to the main CityDAO treasury after the 3-month contract period


  • CityDAO will allocate $2,500 per month for each new member of the core team
  • The maximum proposed spend over the initial 3 month period is $250,000
    • $150,000 is proposed to be spent on the core squad
    • An additional discretionary $100,000 will be held in Advisors Squad multisig for potential allocation to projects, additional needs, one-off fees, subcontracting, (ex: software licenses, LLC fees)
      • Up to $5000 will be set aside to help compensate @scottfits to assist with the transition and transfer of ownership from CityDAO to CityDAO 2.0
  • Each new team member will be granted 1 Citizen NFT from the treasury upon this CIP passing.
    • Per the current Charter, to receive compensation by the DAO, a Citizen NFT is required.

Closing Thoughts:

We are calling on all Citizens of CityDAO to band together to rescue the DAO. Back in 2021, we accomplished something fantastic, something that had never been done before. We were the first DAO to purchase and manage land onchain, but since then CityDAO has rested on its laurels and struggled to ship anything since.

Many have followed in the path you forged. You are the pioneers that made it possible. It’s time to become pioneers again!

I understand why the current leadership is ready to throw in the towel – the culture in the DAO has decayed due to complacency. But there is hope in this proposal!

It is time for bold new leadership to lead us to new frontiers.

Are you with us, anon?

CityDAO is dead, long live CityDAO!


Within two days, Scott’s CIP to close CityDAO received 930 votes on Snapshot with over a 91% voter approval rating. This is certainly not “one person deciding to go home”. This is very much a DAO and 930 votes is more than almost any CIP has ever received in the history of CityDAO. If the first paragraph of your proposal makes such an erroneous and hyperbolic suggestion, that is not a great sign. Snapshot

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curious to see how many people will change their vote now that they have another option. also 250 of those are one person


If CityDAO functioned as a DAO, and had properly implemented tools (such as Hats Protocol), proposal CIP 212 wouldn’t even be a thing.

The clean transfer of power, controls, operations, should be seamless within a DAO. It is clear from @scottfits proposal that a lot of the frustration is born from him trying to pass proposals, not passing them, and not wanting to do this anymore. That is 100% fair, but the reasonable thing to do would be to step down from leadership and let other DAO members step up into operational roles.

After failing to pass 7+ proposals 4, I see no path forward for us to agree on a reasonable way to spend the money, and keeping millions of dollars in a multisig leaves it vulnerable especially over a long period of time with multisig members cycling in and out.

I will be leaving the multisig, closing the bank accounts, off ramps, and CityDAO social media accounts, discontinuing to pay taxes our properties, and completely removing myself out of the operation of the DAO.

He wants out, and that shouldn’t be a problem.

Scott makes the assumption that

The most responsible path forward is to return the funds to the Citizens who contributed them.

but that is incorrect. The most responsible path forward is to step aside and let the DAO be a DAO. It appears his primary concern is legal liability. The DAO should be able to facilitate that transfer of power fairly easily.


Nothing is stopping you guys from forming a new DAO, just not with our money.


I’ll support fresh views/energy that I can trust.

I can’t trust current core/OGs of CityDAO (this isn’t about any particular individuals, I was one of them as a longtime founding citizen holder and on the inside of things at various times as a multiSig signer)

…but I personally trust @0xJoshua who I’ve met with in person at various industry conferences, contributed to alongside at other DAOs like BanklessDAO (where we cordially got things done w/ good vibes unlike the experiences I’ve had in this DAO at times).

In absence of fresh views/energy/ideas from people I trust I would have voted to dissolve, but I can get behind this.

Let’s do something w/ the energy we brought together instead of nothing.


I love the new energy, but I have a critical question. Since the DAO hasnt been making any substantial revenue, what’s the strategy around raising more money to support and retain operations?

I saw that part of the team were people close to grants and VC and within this 3 month trail, there should be a KPI in this venue.

On the cash flow generating asset acquisition, are you looking to buy property or tokenized investments. As a DAO holding tokenized RWA (bonds, real estate, etc) would be the best in terms of treasury operations.

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Hi here! I’m Fabien, founder of Snapshot and CityDAO citizen. I support this proposal and would be happy to help in any way.


If @Fabien @bpetes and @0xJoshua want to take a look at the contract draft that I posted in the other channel, it’s a decent solution that’s fair for everybody. Let citizens stake their nft into a new Treasury if they like and keep going. Then people who want their pro ratia share can leave and those that want to continue can continue.


Hey there - Ryan - Been working in Web3 for a few years. Let’s bring this back to life!


Decentralize the DAO! Into money non-quadratically returned or a new team, the ask isn’t that much, considering?

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I just posted 2 edits to the proposal

  1. Including a $300 USDC refund to any Citizen who wants to burn their citizenship and leave CityDAO + enable any Citizen who wants to roll forward to CityDAO 2.0 to be able to do so

  2. highlighting that compensation will be goals-oriented and is not something that will be flippantly distributed


How would the First Citizen NFT and Founding Citizen NFTs be treated moving forward? I believe these individuals acted as early stage angels to fund the initial purchase and operations, correct?


Love this, if it’s a DAO, treat it like a DAO - that’s the whole point.


I think that would be more for the DAO to answer than something I could enforce, but I’m in favor of those tiered citizenships maintaining their stature

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Personally, I’d advocate for the original founding team and the new core team to each receive a Founding Citizen (v2) token, to align all founders going forward.

Honestly, I’d rather have done a single common membership NFT + an equity token with an LCA model or similar, but had a difference in opinion back in the day. I think these conversations are important early stage and would love to contribute thoughts and research of helpful.

DAOs have come a long way since CityDAO started, and I feel like there can be a healthy reboot here if everyone is aligned and can contribute together towards the vision.