CIP 215 - Parcel 0 Proposals, Quorums and Voter Approval Ratings


This proposal is (1) to change the number of likes required for a Parcel 0 Improvement Proposal (PIP) to move to snapshot, (2) to change the quorums required for PIP votes to pass and (3) to change the voter approval ratings required for a PIP to pass.

Purpose of this Proposal

As one of the first DAO LLCs in America, CityDAO’s mission is to explore decentralized governance of land on chain. This is discussed in one of the first mirror posts on August 5, 2021, which can be found here: Announcing CityDAO - a city built on Ethereum — CityDAO

CityDAO’s first parcel of land, known as Parcel 0, is 40 acres of terrain located in Cody, Wyoming. The story of Parcel 0 can be found here: How CityDAO Acquired the First DAO-Owned Land — CityDAO

Parcel 0 NFTs were revealed in May, 2022: CityDAO Roundup Vol 13 - Parcel 0 NFT drop shipped! — CityDAO

Following CityDAO’s mission, it has always been a goal to have a decentralized community of people from around the world govern Parcel 0. While there are certain legal restrictions on the use of the land, it is up to the Parcel 0 community to decide how to use the land.

Parcel 0 Details

  • Currently, there are 5453 Parcel 0 NFTs with 2905 holders

  • Parcel O NFT address: 0x90384e76b6B3DdB47396fF85144819ded148900d

  • There is a Parcel 0 website, located at:

  • There is a Parcel 0 Snapshot, located at: Snapshot

  • There is a Parcel 0 multisig, located at: 0x3304fdF26B6B39A206B1e057d0d6e3188397bEfb (Parcel0.eth)

  • The current signers of the Parcel 0 multisig are: Scottfits, Casey, Alex

  • The Parcel 0 multisig is currently funded with: $40,254.48

This CIP would modify the Parcel 0 Proposals as follows:

  • A PIP template will be created by the Parcel 0 multisig team
  • Any Parcel 0 NFT holder may create a PIP and post it on the discourse forum
  • 10 likes are required to move a PIP to Snapshot
  • To pass a proposal, the following quorums and voter approval ratings are required:

Quorum: 30 wallets

Voter Approval Rating: 67+30($AskTreasury)

Budget: This proposal requests no funding, though in the future it may be necessary for the Parcel 0 team to pay fees for the Parcel0.eth name, the website domain and any other Saas fees.

Note: This CIP establishes the first like requirement, quorums and voter approval ratings for PIPs. After this passes, they can be modified directly via PIP and no longer require CIP approval.


I just want to be clear that the main CityDAO treasury holds another $30,000 ‘in trust’ for parcel 0llc

It’s also my opinion this should be a vote of parcel 0 holders and not necessarily citizens.

That may be true. When Casey and I discussed making this CIP (if I remember correctly - it was a while ago) we weren’t sure if PIPs (parcel 0 improvement proposals) had to follow CityDAO’s CIP rules, since there were no alternate rules enacted for Parcel 0 DAO. If this is seen as a hard fork and not a CityDAO project or subDAO, then I suppose the Parcel 0 community could decide on whatever rules they choose.