CIP-22: Transparency Dashboard

The DAO has repeatedly run into issues of transparency in its operations, primarily with the holding of finances and NFTs. This project aims to standardize our process for handling assets to maximize communication between core actors and the DAO at large. Please review the project proposal doc here and leave your comments below.

Note that this proposal will allocate 10 ETH towards the project. The reasoning for this is contained within the proposal doc.


@greg the doc doesn’t seem to be accessible to the public for viewing

Ah sorry about that. Try now

For me it feels like we’re putting up 10 ETH to try to run our own solution in hopes that it’s a product that we could sell to other DAOs versus starting this by prototyping with existing solutions (e.g. Dune Analytics dashboards, Notion, Treasury Report/slides at weekly calls, and update published in the weekly update mirror posts, etc).

I always think it’s a good idea to start with the cobbled together solution and then assess its weaknesses before build your own approaches.

Not sold on this based on my current skim read; could be convinced with more content in the proposal about solutions explored or tried and why they don’t work, and/or a more phased approach (i.e. smaller ask for the investigation/design thinking phase prior to asking for more funds).


@greg I understand the rationale behind allocating 10 ETH toward the project, but this seems potentially excessive considering the website overhaul proposal bounties amount to 1 ETH.

It could be that the site bounties aren’t accurately reflective of the work required or that this initiative is indeed 10x the effort, but wanted to get your reaction.

10x for sure. The website overhaul is a fairly straightforward project with few unknowns. (also the website project is 2 ETH just for clarification)


Sounds great and thanks for the clarification

Certainly a valid concern. I’d say the big factor that makes this project unique is the fiat-crypto bridge. I’m not aware of anything that caters to having both. That being said, maybe we need to divide the proposal into two to allow more time for exploration.

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this looks good to me, let’s go!!

ok,nice。 I agree to do better and improve the current problems.

I like that we are trying to be more transparent about funding and I believe this proposal will definitely help. I do feel that 10 ETH seems like it may be a bit much.

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I have some suggestions here:

1.Try make the system works automatically and easy to use. A DAO doesn’t need much centralized system, that will make things getting more complicated.
2.Maybe you can divide the whole project into sections, plan several steps to achieve our goal. Then you can collect some feedbacks and do some adjustment for next step.

Thank you for your great efforts!


Can write a web page that shows where the money is going in real time?


Yes that’s exactly it. Hopefully this will be the first step towards more decentralized fund management.

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I put a similar comment in Discord about breaking this project in two. We planned to have a vote after Week 2 when the Reporting Process was defined anyway. We could include additional research time upfront to see what existing solutions could fulfil an MVP.

In saying that, I’m not aware of an existing bridge from fiat accounting systems to Web3. If decentralisation is an important objective of this project, that will probably need to be built.


Future architecture governance, all through DAO,

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While I understand and appreciate the necessity for this, and on the citizens call on this issue there seemed to be a unanimous approval of the concept…

I’m going to ask you to please calculate the total % amount of treasury you’re proposing on this project as well as any other metrics you feel may give some additional context as to the resources being spent on this project vs our total resources. Thank you.

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We should get a strike wallet. That’s the best bridge and we can hook it to our fiat bank and our Twitter payments.

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I still think we need a monthly summary report in plain English that includes certain reporting for the people who aren’t chain scientists and whatnot.

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I’m supportive of the general aim of this project (I wrote the original transparency proposal!), however, for me, it feels too vague to justify a 10ETH allocation.

I agree with @bpetes, is it possible to start with something smaller, simpler, and quicker? For example, simply adding this high level info (who owns what, who controls what, what is being spent) to Notion, would more than satisfy my needs for transparency, without any requirement for dev time.