CIP - 33 Establish a Volunteer Victims Fund to Suppliment any losses

The Core team shall establish a multi sign wallet- to be administered for the reciept of voluntary contributions to compensate victims of the hack on an equal basis.

The Core team shall verify victims and issue a special POAP (or other NFT) to each victim of the scam to memorialize their loss and mark the wallet for future potential additional benefits.

All funds recieved above the required reimbursement amounts shall be saved for a “rainy day fund” for the DAO.


I wrote this proposal because I think these are some noncontraversial things we can move forward on the hack that not only show our strength as a community but our compassion and dedication to the cause.

This doesn’t preclude other action being taken, but it does take the temperature down a little and make progress on this issue without immediately impacting the DAO treasury. This way we can continue with a thoughtful and measured response to this catastrophe.


Well, when DAO decided to not reimburse the victims, I’m sure that it’s the only way to help them at least partially. Even if I think it’s a strange way to decide a problem.

I’m sure as well that it will give a chance to our citizens to show some tangible empathy.


I think this is a very empathetic move and I support the creation of a voluntary fund for those who were the victims of this very unfortunate scam. I just wanted to clarify the language. In the first sentence, you said they are voluntary contributions (which I am in support of) but the section quoted says “required” reimbursement amounts. Are you suggesting that citizens would be required to contribute a certain amount, or that the total amount actually lost (29 ETH I think) would be the “required reimbursement amounts”?

After the money is distributed that we would be required to reimburse based on losses then the remainder would be retained as a rainy day fund.

Give NFT to people who donate too.
I want NFT from this project. :pleading_face:

It was really just a POAP to mark the wallet so that if we don’t fully reimburse at this time we can provide other nontangible benefits, like early access etc. But you do make a good point.