CIP - 34 CityDAO IRL Guild


Awesome moments and great ideas are usually sparked by people who meet through a common vision. This happens every time CityDAO members meet offline!

Here is a proposal to kick off an irl guild for CityDAO, with the vision of connecting citizens offline, bringing CityDAO to crypto circles and beyond, and nurturing bonds and connections for people with shared vision.

Our goal for IRL Guild is:

  • Create Meetups where DAO members getting to know each other on a :family_man_woman_girl_boy: personal :sparkles: level
  • Grow CityDAO to broader circles —- friends, friends of friends are all invited to become ONE OF US :raised_hands:
  • Connect locally, act globally, keep the D in the DAO —- local members connect with local real-estate, architects, land owners, legislators, introduce the idea of CityDAO, recruit more citizens, push & propose collaboration
  • Discover & Participate in IRL events for CityDAO promo such as: ETH Global, Bitcoin Miami, etc


IRL Guild Leader(s)

There will be an IRL Guild organizer who will spend around 1-2 days a week organizing the IRL Guild with their dedicated time being compensated by CityDAO. Suggested rate can come to estimably $40 per hour, 8 hours a week → $1280 per month (based on workload this can increase or decrease in the future)

Their responsibilities include:

  • Bi-weekly guild update call with all guild members discussing upcoming agenda
  • Coordinate each local event host on event progress, update with the rest of CityDAO community manager
  • Coordinate CityDAO presence & promotion at IRL crypto events
  • Create and distribute CityDAO merch products via IRL events

IRL City Hosts

Ideally we can have one city host at each major city hub including:

NYC, SF/Bay Area, LA, DC, Miami/Florida, Chicago, Seattle, Lisbon, Berlin, London, Paris, Sydney, Toronto, China, Turkey, Thailand

Each City Host would be compensated per each event they host. The event expenses can be invoiced by the DAO treasury, and organizers can be further compensated for their time and effort of event hosting. (rates to be discussed)

Organizers would be responsible for:

  • Hosting CityDAO meetups at least once per month, at the event organizers would discuss CityDAO updates, initiate group discussions, and introduce CityDAO to outsiders.
  • Discover Crypto & Real-estate events locally and organize a CityDAO presence
  • Report event feedback & discoveries to IRL Guild Leader(s)


By creating a strong and lively CityDAO irl community, we will help facilitate engagement from citizens into the greater goals of CityDAO. We will also dedicate our time to promoting the CityDAO brand to a greater community of crypto enthusiasts and real-estate experts.

Ideal outcome of the IRL Guild:

  • Form a network of CityDAO citizens all across the world with local communities, missions & events.
  • Create a cross collaboration & real-life presence of CityDAO across local crypto / real-estate irl events.
  • Encourage local CityDAO citizens to come up with project proposals on smaller-scale ‘real estate on chain’ solutions, from investing in small villages to renting co-working spaces
  • Consolidate CityDAO presence in the crypto space & beyond🚀

Please comment with ideas and suggestions :pray:

Please DM me on Discord (Syntonikka.#5665) if you are interested in working on this proposal together or join force on the IRL project!


Hey @Syntonikka I love the idea of an IRL guild. I think it’s really critical for CityDAO to be a hub for real interpersonal connections with other citizens and, as you said, with locally interested parties, like real-estate, architects, land owners and legislators. Great suggestion.

I also think CityDAO certainly should be represented IRL at events like ETH Denver. I would LOVE to see us represented at the National League of Cities 2022 Congressional City Congress on March 14-16 in Washington, DC. Conferences & Meetings - National League of Cities

I would love for this IRL guild to include our citizens in other countries as well. I hope that I can provide some help toward including the Chinese community, as I lived in China for quite a few years.


(Welcome to our Chinese citizens! In my experience, the Chinese strongly support metaverse projects and have an optimistic outlook about the future of virtual cities. I hope we can all work together to build an international virtual city and to demonstrate to organizations and associations that a diverse international community can provide mutual support and help each other to self-actualize while providing tangible value.)

My only concern with this proposal is the idea of establishing a set monthly salary before establishing whether this position actually requires eight hours a week and whether that salary is commensurate with the responsibilities. To me, $40 an hour is a significant sum of money and $1280 per month might be a lot, depending on the actual KPIs of the position.

Not ready for this City conference yet and it’s too soon to have an impact. But like where you’re head is thinking.

We need to start having an impact at crypto conferences first and a buildup of IRL resources in our space, as well as get on the same page with messaging.

I strongly support Nikos CIP. This is an area we need more work in getting stronger.

100% agree that set salary can be arbitrary without KPIs. :pray: