CIP-40: Council Compensation Round

Update incorporating feedback: I propose we allocate the council a multisig with 45 Citizen NFTs to be allocated amongst themselves. We consider the mechanism of allocation out of scope of the proposal.

– Old proposal –

Upon the successful ratification of the Charter and Operating Agreement, we propose allocating 45 Citizen NFTs to a “compensation pool” for council members.

Here’s how it would work:

  • Only the 15 new council members are eligible. Core team members are not eligible since they may be compensated in another proposal.
  • All 15 council members will be listed on a snapshot Approval Voting round.
  • Every council member who gets at least 1 vote receives 2 Citizen NFTs.
  • Snapshot approval voting is used for each council member, and the council members with the most votes receive an additional 2 NFTs in order of rank until the remaining 15 Citizen NFTs are depleted.

I might be misunderstanding this CIP. I had thought that the members of the Council were going to discuss it and try to self organize into tiers and then explain our reasoning for requesting this compensation to the citizens in a CIP and see if people agreed.

It seems like a direct Snapshot vote would be asking the CityDAO citizens to allocate compensation without knowing any of the details on which the compensation is based. They would just be guessing on who put in more or less effort.

Agree with @Da3vid . Appreciate you taking the time to post this @scottfits but first and foremost the citizens have no idea who did what on the council. If your intention was for council members to be the only voters in this Snapshot, still, I’d rather see if we can all get on a call and figure it out in good faith before we proceed with a method like this that is likely to leave people upset. Your proposal basically has 7 members receiving an extra two NFTs, but what if #8 did the same amount of work as #7 (which is likely, frankly, as I think 10+ people did a lot of work and only a few did very little).

@scottfits I think what you propose is too technocratic…

… and that the council should all just agree among themselves on who gets paid what. They know how much each of them worked on it and who contributed and who was a leader, etc.

I assume they can reach consensus among themselves to avoid anyone feeling like they got shorted, which is the worst thing for a contributor to feel.


The council have been discussing this issue in Discord and we propose amending @scottfits proposal to compensate council members according to the following schedule: CityDAO council rewards - Google Sheets

I suggested initial allocations based on my perception of the time people spent. Some discussions were had. Some changes were made. Council members could freely change their own allocations and still can if they feel they were incorrectly categorized (by DMing me, no questions asked). Once this goes to snapshot the schedule will be locked.

I propose this goes to snapshot Friday, March 18 if there are no major changes or dissenting opinions.


fine with me. we can bring it up during community call today too

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