CIP 44 | Formation of the Events Guild

What is the mission of the Guild?

With expansion and membership growth being key factors in the future development of CityDAO, the Events Guild strives to create a professional presence at crypto events for the community. By creating this presence, CityDAO can further communicate with other potentially beneficial communities as well as attract top minds into CityDAO.

Why is the Guild needed in CityDAO?

As CityDAO evolves, and some problems arise, an influx of creative and talented individuals collaborating with current community members would promote solution-oriented advancement; many hands make light work. Due to the early stage of CityDAO, there is a necessity for innovative people to bring new perspectives and suggestions for solutions. Fortunately, crypto conferences/ hackathons are a unique opportunity to connect CityDAO with people who can in turn contribute to solutions. For Example: More than 12,000 people from 100 countries came to ETHDenver, with about 8,500 checking into the conference. This event alone connected CityDAO with thousands of like-minded individuals who have skills and personal networks themselves. Dozens of current CityDAO citizens participated and were victorious in hacking projects that will also benefit our community and exposed our community to Vitalik Buterin (who was a judge in the hacking competition) and other leaders in web3. Our presence also resulted in new citizens buying their first Citizen NFT to be part of our community.

By creating the Events Guild, a few thousand people at one event would multiply into a full network of support. Not only would CityDAO benefit from the intel brought by new citizens, but CityDAO would become an organization known by countless other web3 communities and organizers, potentially bringing in investment, support, and connections currently unavailable to us at the same extent. The public affairs guild would have new avenues to follow up on as a result of this networking.

What would be the responsibilities of the Guild Facilitators?

  • Finding crypto events across the country, or potentially globally, and planning which events CityDAO would attend each quarter.

  • Strategising, planning and implementing CityDAOs involvement in these events in the form of booths, events, presence and networking.

  • Recruiting ambassadors from within our citizens to attend, represent and work at these events.

  • Plan and execute budgets to compensate the guild team and participants. Cover the costs of these events and the room and lodging for citizens that will represent CityDAO at these events.

  • Create content from the planning and participation at these events to keep our citizens informed and promote our mission to attract more citizens and potential partnership opportunities.

Why is this Guild Facilitator qualified for the position?

Pat has 5 years of sales experience and over 10 years of marketing experience, making him a qualified candidate for this position. His extensive experience in networking and social connectivity is precisely the skill set needed for a facilitator of the Events Guild. His previous roles in c-level positions gave him valuable understanding of networking and generating b2b relationships. In his time working in the solar industry he was able to generate partnerships with over 100 solar installation companies by attending events and making cold contacts with industry leaders.

Pat was chosen to be part of the inaugural CityDAO city council, which gives him an intimate understanding of our mission and our vision. Pat represented CityDAO at EthDenver and his team won the hacking competition that was judged by Vitalik Buterin. This energy and attitude would be used in planning and representing CityDAO in future events, and Pat would be an enthusiastic and professional facilitator.

Does the Guild already have members ready to join?

Yes! There are many citizens currently interested in joining the Events Guild.

Including but not limited to: Pat, Lyons, Favian, Syntonika, Mayur, Bruno, Earl, Elmo, Valerie, and many more….

What is the budget / what funding is needed?

We are requesting a budget of $9,500 for team compensation for Season 1 (the spring quarter through July 1, 2022 .

The guild will vote on action items for the facilitators to complete each quarter, the budget will be divided as agreed by the guild members. Additional CIPs will be created to establish a budget for each event the guild determines the DAO should attend.

How many multisig members will there be? Will they be doxed or have KYC?

Multisig signers must be doxed.

There will be 3 signers in the multisig with at least 2 needed to pass a transaction.

What is the near-term roadmap (3 month)?

In the near term, the guild will decide on the following possible events. :

  • Bitcoin 2022 Miami
  • Permissionless
  • NYC Fintech week
  • Block chain Expo NA

I think we should clarify a couple things on finances:

How much of the budget is for housing vs paying contributors?

I would love to see specific milestones and goals, for example:

  • Host NFT NYC Citizens Airbnb (budget: $3,000)
  • Host …

And specify how much Pat and other will be paid for their time


I think Scott has a solid point. Even if its just one of the events, but a solid- closer than ballpark estimate of costs (maybe using ETH Denver as an example both of costs and how it could have potentially be run more efficiently), would be great. I do think something like this would be solid. One question, and this is off the top of my head and done for wanting to hear you out more, why a separate guild, and not an extension of Public Affairs or even Community. Great work, and hope to hear from you soon Pat! - Blackacres.


Love the feedback @scottfits and @Blackacres

For clarification this proposals budgets is for facilitator compensation, we’re expecting facilitators to fly/drive out to in some cases multiple week long events in one month.

An example for event budgets would look something like this

Low End
Blockchain Expo NA

Santa Clara, CA

May 11-12

VIP badge $1000 x 5

Airbnb x 8 bed $1400

Expenses budget $2000

Total $8400

High end

New York, NY

June 20-26

VIP badge $1500 x 1

GA badge $600 x 4

Airbnb x 8 bed | $11,500

Expenses budget $5000

Total $20,400

Booths for events would also be proposed in separate CIPs and would show cost and projected outcomes.

Here is a list of events the guild would be creating proposals for this year, more to come as they’re announced for Q4

Bitcoin 2022
NY Fintech Conference
Blockchain Expo NA
NFT Expoverse
Futurist Conference

We’re seeking to create proposals for each event that would send 5 elected citizens, and secure at least 8 beds for elected citizens and any other citizens at the event seeking accommodations.


Great idea, that’s how I got in contact with CityDAO in the first place. Small teams of 8-15 people can work really well. Also when there are events that are workshop and community building oriented. I can see that if we combine it with Hackathons that it becomes a incubator for receiving funds, development accelerator and community building at the same time


Great proposal. Conference really accelerates not only community bonding but also ideas and product development among CityDAO community. Experienced it first hand at ETHDenver.

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I like it. Count me in.

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I think this is different than public affairs (which is focused on policymakers) and community (which is focused on internal communications and information). This is for outsiders to learn about Citydao and maybe a close partnership with community for onboarding.


@Blackacres just realized I missed your question, but yeah exactly what @Fugyeah is saying here. Also wouldn’t want to inflate those guilds budgets, it could make it hard to get stuff more core to their mission done.

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sounds good! thank you!


So the $9k budget is for people to review the events that we could be part of? And then there would be extra budget on top of the $9k to actually attend the events, right?

can we break down the budget? How many hours of work is this at what price? Let’s say $50/hour x number of hours. I think it wouldn’t take more than 40 hours to research the events for one quarter (my business does similar work to find events and grants each quarter) and then 10 hours per event to write up a proposal for funding.

To me it looks like 40+4 events x 10 hours/proposed event.
80 hours x $50/hr = $4,000 per quarter.


What do you think?


Thank you for the feedback @kyleschutter!

I should probably add that on top of the planning before events facilitators will also be responsible for setting up housing at events, organizing gatherings for developers and potential partners at events, and just generally being on the ground to make sure everything goes as planned.

I think that if we’re having people attend 1-2 events per month compensation should at least cover their costs for attending.

Thanks for writing this up @PatSantiago! Question: what would be some goals as far as partnerships? I consider partnership generation to be the most impactful part of this potential adventure, so curious to hear more on that. And if this were to exist, would I be about to route partnership requests that emerge in the community towards this guild / you?

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I think that’s a good question, but potentially one for the mission guild. We are going to recieve partnership requests from many places and we should have a standard procedure for dealing with them. I assume it’s going to get refered to the mission guild for some decision, how much resources outside of this guild are necessary to move forward with a partnership, etc.
I don’t think you need a vote but there needs to be some kind of central review to make sure we don’t have some random guild decide to partner with a group we don’t want to generally associate with.

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Cheer UP!!!

I Will Support U

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Fully in support of this, about time! I agree that the funds in this CIP will only be for compensation to the facilitator, Pat, (and as decided by pat, to other guild members) for organizing the guild meetings, strategizing, andimplementing the plans. Once the guild is formed, the guild as a whole would decide which events and what type of participation/partnerships. After these events are decided on, the guild would put up cips to cover the costs of the events.

I got to work with Pat at our EthDenver event and he organized and implemented an awesome super bowl party that attracted a bunch of current and new citizens. This event by itself solidified awesome connections within CityDAO and other web3 projects. Looking forward to Season 1!


Great question @chance, I see the events guild being like the spear head, so if guilds or just members of the DAO have partnerships they’re seeking we can find them in person at the booth and set up good introductions.

For example let’s say the dev guild is looking to work with a specific DAO tooling software, we could most likely find their booth or some team members, and make warm intros by pitching them on what citydao is doing and why they should help us out.

We can also keep our eyes out for new tools and teams that the DAO should be working with and set them up with the appropriate members in the discord.

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I have read a doc file with the updated budgets for a series of events leading into June and I will be a yes vote for the approval of the Events Guild! Im excited to go to the events as a citizen. Santa Clara isnt far, I want to do Palm Beach then Austin as well. So I’ll see you all there!


Palm beach baby! Count me in!