CIP-46: Sponsor ETHGlobal DAOHacks - [Cancelled due to speed]

Sponsorship doc:


We already have a citizen-voted and approved budget for sponsorships. We should run this and future events through the events Guild (CIP-44) and the budget for the already approved event should be merged with this and CIP 44. Yes I think this is great but let’s run it through the process. Either way I don’t think we need a seperate vote on this.

This is time-sensitive. Will the events guild even be set up before ETHGlobal next weekend?

I think this is a good idea, btw. Get more awareness of CityDAO.

That’s not really enough time to take this to vote. Are we going to have a team there? Or is this just our name plastered on some stuff?

yeah, we’d need to rush the vote. But we’d be able to sponsor a project and could get people building things around the CityDAO ecosystem

I really wish we had a metric for these to evaluate them.