CIP-49 CityDAO Video Roundup

CityDAO is transitioning into a new season and will be undertaking lots of new activities and projects.

We have a community call once a week, however it often does not suit timezones or people cannot stay for 1-2 hours to listen to all of the discussions.

Chance is kindly leading the Community roundups in mirror which solves this issue to a certain extent.

LastMan is a citizen and owns a production company who have expressed interest in creating a roundup in video format each week for citydao .

Below i have attached a video of his parcel 0 roundup back in January:

Please see the attached proposal and voice your opinions below !



What does 1 free revision/video mean?

Kinda pricey especially compared to @MemeBrains and the length of his work product. If we go this route the per-video pricing is cheaper than the 9 ETH flat, based on today’s ETH prices. Reco we’d do that to also to keep him incentivized to keep producing each week instead of handing a bag with no incentive come weeks 40, 41, etc. (not to say he wouldnt honor the deal, just thinking out loud about the right way to do it)

Or just do fewer episodes?

The Proposal was sent on February 10th, so yeah 9ETH is worth much more now. The correct valuation now would be around 6ETH (for 35 videos this year)

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I love the idea of a regular roundup video. Agree with @DAOvolution on the price question. @lastman do you know where you’ll source the content for the video each week?

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Nice vid & presence! :slight_smile:

To @DAOvolution and @chance earlier comments, I gotta say it, my first glance thought was; either I shoulda put forth a MUCH higher budget for the Podcast proposal, or…?

Compared to the podcasts per show requirements of;

  • Guest recruitment, schedule coordination, prep time
  • 1 - 1.5hr recording time
  • Extensive audio editing
  • Website work
  • Time-stamped show notes creation
  • Inclusion of marketing support, and;
  • Whatever else comes my way related to the show

I’m grappling with my own thoughts at the moment on this one.

Another flag for me here is the requirement of up front payments for ANYTHING.

Keep in mind; I went approx $5k out of pocket to breath some life into the podcast because I’m in love with CityDAO. Zero expectation of reimbursement, 100% pure passion driven. And I still pay for all expenses even after the proposal vote was approved, just happily waiting patiently over here with zero pressure on anyone. I like producing content and I like CityDAO, 'nuff said! :slight_smile:


I think this could be an important project, but I feel like it should probably be tied to Memebrains’ podcast in the sense that they are highly interrelated. Memebrains started making podcasts and then asked for compensation retroactively. That shows dedication.

Also, I’d be curious what it means to say someone has a production company. That could mean employees and lots of value for CityDAO or it could mean he incorporated a name. Having said that, it was a very nicely done video with good content.


The @MemeBrains podcast is shining jewel for CityDAO. Thank you for everything you do and have done! You set the bar on both attitude and effort! (not to mention the top notch work product). I agree with you that the idea should be to add value and then talk afterward about what it could be worth, once both parties have better information.


I started a broader Media thread in the CityDAO podcast chan on Discord which includes Video Roundups, may I suggest we direct continued discussion in that thread before putting forth Roundup voting proposals? I think there’s some really cool stuff we can all hash out together @lateman :slight_smile:

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