CIP 50: Proposed Partnership with Nemus

To the Citizens of CityDAO - We have an amazing and unique opportunity before us.

We all joined the CityDAO community to change the world and help to create the city of the future, and while the metaverse is important, we also need to be sure we are taking care of our home: Planet Earth. Our collective actions have taken a toll on the planet and the costs of these actions are truly devastating, if only recently understood. Fortunately for everyone, guardians of the planet are banding together everywhere to help ensure that the Planet is here for our children and their children to enjoy. These guardians are taking quick action to deploy all of the tools available, including web3 technology in many interesting ways, and among them all Nemus rises above the rest.

Nemus is a project that presents a lot of excitement for anyone and everyone under the sun. All humans stand to benefit a great deal from conservation efforts like those Nemus represents, and the signs are becoming increasingly clear with each passing year that we all stand to collectively suffer if we are unable to change course as a civilization. There are no politics here, only facts, and we need more projects like Nemus to help ensure the planet is still here to enjoy for humans in the next 50-100 years. Even if conservation just ain’t your thing - Collectors of NFTs and gamers alike will be delighted to see the incredible Nemus art, to learn about the flora and fauna of the amazon, and to own a piece of history.

We believe a partnership between CityDAO and Nemus will provide a clear opportunity for both communities to cross pollinate, which will create symbiotic mutual benefits and drive exciting engagement.

We hereby present to you this CIP-50 and request that you endorse, authorize, and quite frankly – to get excited about – this opportunity that we have to work together with Nemus, to save the planet, and to open new exciting doors.

Benefits to CityDAO Citizens:

  • Nemus has graciously offered to CityDAO 125 small parcels as a gift. These parcels will be raffled or otherwise distributed to Citizens in an effort to drive excitement and engagement with CityDAO citizens.

  • For future Seruini Parcel Drops (Drops 2-4) - Nemus will give CityDAO citizens up to 500 early access seats as well!

Benefits to CityDAO:

  • Prominent LOGO on the Parcel Viewer driving awareness of CityDAO
  • Amazing NFT for CityDAO Museum (Guaranteed Legendary Diamond Rarity)
  • Global Support for Conservation (81 Hectares of Rainforest!!! That’s like 150 football fields!!)
  • Engagement between two lively and like-minded communities
  • International Community Engagement (CityDAO ops have been U.S. focused so far)
  • Opportunities for teams to collaborate further - office hours, collab jam sessions, events

Benefits to Nemus:

  • Exposure to a global, high-profile community with 6k+ wallets and 31k+ discord members
  • Shameless Nemus plugs in the CityDAO amazon channel (with a special nemus portal)
  • Opportunity to co-ambassador crypto events IRL alongside CityDAO
  • CityDAO x Nemus Swag/Merch
  • Opportunity to work together with CityDAO as a strategic partner (public affairs and engagement)

Funding Request:

We are formally requesting authorization on behalf of CityDAO for the amount of 19.44 ETH which will be used to purchase an XXL Genesis Drop Parcel (“Sponsor Parcel”) plus GAS fees adequate to cover the minting (market-driven). We estimate the total community investment for funding requested under this CIP-50 will be approximately 19.5 ETH.

About Nemus:

The initial goal of Nemus is to secure a sufficient amount of rainforest properties to form a protective belt within the Brazilian Amazon, in order to implement conservation of the land and protect it from deforestation. The purpose for this is twofold. First, it is to exemplify how responsible use of the rainforest can create more value than destroying it, and second, it is to create an ecosystem where participants can be rewarded for doing good. We call these participants, Guardians. With this approach, Nemus can become an engine for positive change and use cryptocurrency to power a new model for environmental action, helping us rediscover our lost balance with nature. Nemus will acquire at-risk land in the rainforest and create a series of collectible NFTs, each tied to a unique geolocation within the land. A portion of sales from NFTs pays for the purchase of the land, while the remaining proceeds are stored in the Nemus treasury. The treasury is then used to fund implementation for economic and social activity on the land. Collectors of the Nemus NFT, Guardians, can participate in the Nemus DAO to ensure that treasury funds are used as a force for good; protecting and conserving the land, while creating value for the entire ecosystem.

PHASE 1 - GENESIS DROP : Nemus’s pilot parcel (Genesis) is 100,000 acre property bordering the Purus river, near the city of Pauini in the state of Amazonas. This property will become the first region of land within the Nemus ecosystem and has a rich history of economic activity, waiting to be revitalized. On its borders is an even larger property spanning ~3.2M acres reserved for Nemus, once the pilot proves successful.

Link to Proposal Draft: CIP-50_Nemus Partnership w CityDAO_Forum.docx - Google Docs


"We travel together, passengers on a little spaceship, dependent upon its vulnerable reserve of air and soil; all committed for our safety to its security and peace; preserved from annihilation by the care, the work, and I will say, the love we give our fragile craft“

I’m in full support of this! Let’s set an example for the DAO space and make as much impact as we possibly can.


Fully on board with this one. Gives us a easy “Parcel 1” without the big fuss of actually buying land in Amazon rain forest. I also like the idea of CityDAO not going alone on everything and collaborating with other projects in the space.

Let’s do it!


I am extremely excited about Nemus and bought 3 small plots there myself. Everything I have wanted for CityDAO to do as it relates to “metaverse on top of land to conserve,” Nemus has done in spades and so, so well done.

We 100% should engage in a partnership with them and leverage their work as it relates to conservation land. As it relates to development land for the blockchain, CityDAO can continue to be the leader here (which IMHO always has been our core competency).


Love this partnership and the opportunity to make a real difference in conservation efforts!


Hugely in favor, thanks @DAOvolution for putting it together!


Joined Josh’s first call with Charlie and it seems to me like they are high-integrity and mission-oriented team. I’m in support.


As long as Nemus is totally legit, and it seems like they are, this seems like an easy win. It makes CityDAO look good for sure, I mean rainforest conservation is clearly valuable.


I feel its 100% standard to ask all questions and DYOR but I have not yet come across any working group with the experience and credibility of their core. Charlie is the best of the best (no offense to any Citizens) and if/when we get an AMA or Twitter Spaces, please show up and judge for yourself!!! I am stoked!!


If CityDAO has a parcel, how will citizens participate in the decisions on Nemus?


That is a good question. The parcel itself is being locked up to conserve rainforest, as part of the larger parcel structure.

Directly speaking, we will obtain one of the largest parcels and if agreed upon by the community following this CIP (hopefully) will result in sponsoring the land to be conserved as rainforest (and to support the multitude of other cool projects Nemus is working on that benefit the environment and local community). We will also get a legit AF NFT for the CityDAO museum for all citizens to enjoy, and technically, own by virtue of their ability to participate in and through CityDAO governance.

The citizens will also get to benefit from the NFT drop that they will be giving us. There will be 125 small Nemus plots to be awarded to the citizens, who also will be locking up that land for conservation. Having an NFT with Nemus will give citizens an additional opportunity to participate in the Nemus DAO I believe (though they have not launched that yet). Also, they are putting our logo on the map, literally, and if you haven’t seen their parcel viewer you should poke around. They are also willing to partner with us on a variety of levels. Across the board it is a huge win win and I hope the community agrees.

I am basing all of this on the chat I had with someone on their core along with sitting on their AMAs, as well as multiple credibility checks of my own. Whenever they do an AMA with us, please definitely come. I am sure the real answers from the source will be much more satisfying :slight_smile:


I went through the litepaper for Nemus and I am in support of the project. What won me over is their goal of creating a co-op for the crops that are native to the forest, and allowing them to generate income on a more fair playing field. There was a landfill in Nicaragua that had NGO funding coming in year after year (resident would ‘harvest’ from the landfill, creating issues on several levels), it wasn’t turned for the better until the local government got a recycling plant made, and hired the locals to operate it. Win-win on both economic and ecological fronts. So, with Nemus’ goal of creating the co-op for locals, I am in support of the project.


Yeah, I understand the premise behind conversation. I’m just concerned we’ll get into a situation where we have a large outlay of capital for something and we don’t know what the governance around that thing is. For example, I wouldn’t be ok with spending 20 ETH on a single NFT if all it is going to do is live in a gallery. So, obviously we are buying more than just the NFT.

So, I’ll go through the benefits as I see them and value them:

Nemus has graciously offered to CityDAO 125 small parcels as a gift. These parcels will be raffled or otherwise distributed to Citizens in an effort to drive excitement and engagement with CityDAO citizens.
A benefit for 125 citizens isn’t very substantial as it’s just over 1% of the population. This is barely a benefit. Also, saying “or otherwise distributed” means that we haven’t decided on the way they would be provided, so the Guild in charge of this initiative could just decide to give them all to themselves because they “care the most” or something. The mechanism should be decided upon before the vote and shouldn’t change after.

For future Seruini Parcel Drops (Drops 2-4) - Nemus will give CityDAO citizens up to 500 early access seats as well!

This is potentially more interesting because those citizens who want to be involved more could opt-in. What is the mechanism for that? Is it another raffle?

Prominent LOGO on the Parcel Viewer driving awareness of CityDAO
This is interesting because folks who go here will see our logo and I would consider this marketing. So, some portion of this money should come out of our overall marketing budget. Marketing should include attribution so we know how our marketing dollars are working for us, so I would expect the Community guild to get involved here and ensure that we are making a good marketing investment and understanding what we expect the impact to be / value to CityDAO for the exposure.

Amazing NFT for CityDAO Museum (Guaranteed Legendary Diamond Rarity)
There is some value here, but we only allocated something like 10ETH for our entire museum, so this is a portion of that (worth < 1 ETH?)

Global Support for Conservation (81 Hectares of Rainforest!!! That’s like 150 football fields!!)
Great stuff! I is the 81 Hectares for the XXL Parcel or for the whole thing? I couldn’t really find the size of the plots here. There’s some value here for sure.

Engagement between two lively and like-minded communities
International Community Engagement (CityDAO ops have been U.S. focused so far)
This is definitely good for CityDAO. We shouldn’t be US-centric, even if logistically our own work is focused on that because navigating one set of legalities is easier. So great if we can leverage other organizations to get into the global space.

Opportunities for teams to collaborate further - office hours, collab jam sessions, events
Not sure I understand this benefit exactly. It’s unclear what can be done with the land besides just being a Guardian of it. But, if we are to have decisions about what happens to it, etc., then I would like to understand how those decisions are made. Which guild is making decisions and how will those decisions be made? For instance, if Nemus has a snapshot vote for NFT-holders on something that has to do with the Parcel we Guard, then how do we decide what the right answer is? Do we need to have a Snapshot vote for it, or it a small group of individuals who will make the decision for CityDAO.

I’m just trying to avoid the “ready, fire, aim” mentality and get answers before something like this goes to a vote to spend a large amount of cash for one idea.


Nemus is a new project with a great potential of wide adaptation. Having our brand on their parcel viewer would benefit us tremendously.

Fully supportive for this proposal. Happy to partner with a project that is set out to protect the earth and indigenous nature and culture <3

HUGE thanks @DAOvolution for putting this together! #LFG


Love the questions @mdnatx! Lets flush this all the way out!! (And apologies if I don’t have all the answers yet haha)

  • The 125 smalls are 7.5 ETH, meaning our net outflow is only 12 ETH. The mechanics of the drop not determined yet… (solely due to my own ignorance around dev - please help as I know you are on the dev team!!!). Open to the best ideas and most certainly will not be reserved or quarterbacked to any one!
  • Not sure on future pre-sales, I think we get whitelist for seat availability and can buy the tickets before the general public. Can be asked directly to Charlie at an AMA once we have one!
  • The Logo will be a huge marketing driver!! I don’t care who pays for it. CityDAO can keep any facilitator comp it was planning to pay me and roll it into this. I don’t want the money anyway.
  • NFT/museum - its value could likely be much higher than we pay for it on the open market, especially once Nemus gets critical momentum. Whoever holds it is locking up the rainforest. We all like breathing, and while their goals are not the same as our project’s, we have to make sure we are capturing the total social costs and benefits for the cost-benefit equation, not just the private ones :slight_smile: The partnership here represents an opportunity for CityDAO to collectively help the planet and each of us as humans to enjoy a future that is not dystopian…
  • Parcel Size - 81 Hectares is just us!! Its like 43000 hectares or something on the Genesis drop alone (with more to come). They want to buy up even more land and continue to block out industry/clear cutting while also employing the local community. Genesis drop is them crawling (and funding) before they walk!
  • Engagement/Collaboration - for me these are the true benefits here. They have more or less designed exactly what we would like to do (with some obvious variance/nuance). The ability to tap them on the shoulder and ask for ideas will be invaluable once we get humming at CityDAO operationally!!

I am biased for sure. Biased by the project, biased by my personal beliefs about the environment and humanity’s role in it, and biased about the value add proposition. I really do feel this one speaks for itself and would love as much feedback as possible about how to structure the drop or any other dynamics that will enable me to help refine this proposal.

Thank you @mdnatx!!!

Thank you for so much detail. I appreciate it! I’m all for this idea, and $70k seems reasonable for a conservation project.


sure, but this 7.5 ETH is going to individual citizens, not CityDAO, though maybe throwing money around randomly will get people more involved? It might affect citizenship price, but I don’t think that’s what everyone is going for (though for sure some are).

I think random is probably the best way forward. I’m less worried about the mechanics of the drop vs. deciding that it is a “random drop”, and working with dev to figure out the true mechanics of random later – depending on what Nemus can do.

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In full support. LFG

  • Partnerships (DAOLationships) are the lifeblood of doing well in this space and it’s not easy to find high quality ones. Nemus looks like a good bet and more than safe enough to try
  • We’re talking about <1% of current ETH holdings to do this initiative so doesn’t feel like too much up front to test relationship and benefits

I love Nemus’ intention and outlook. However, I have some concerns regarding its legal entity structure and whether it can accomplish the goals that it sets out for itself and its Litepaper. the website indicates that there is several entities that are coordinating to conserve land on which communities are living. It is understandable that there has to be a foundation based in Brazil that can legally own the land. It is unclear whether the DAO will have any authority over making decisions regarding the conservation of the land and the interaction with the peoples that currently live on it. It seems like the DAO will only be set up to issue tokens, which can be exchanged for additional NFT’s or used to buy goods from the people on the land. Also, there is mention of initial investors that will be reimbursed through the cell of the NFT’s, and it is unclear as to whether these investors invested in the foundation that owns the land or in the DAO. having the experience of establishing self-governance and transparency within city DAO, I think we are in a good position to help Nemus establish itself for long-term success. I am looking forward to the AMA with Charlie from Nemus. maybe he already has answers to these questions and I am just not seeing them. Considering that 20 eth is a substantial investment we need to make sure that these funds are used as intended For conservation of land long-term. furthermore, I don’t agree that this should be parcel 1. Our community has been very clear that the main priority should be building a city, and a secondary priority is conservation of land. we can do both at the same time, but we should not settle for having parcel one being a piece of land that we are using for conservation purposes only. The community came together to build a city :wink:

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No one said this was Parcel 1, sorry if there is any confusion! This is a partnership that will drive tremendous symbiotic benefits for both parties as spelled out above!

Totally agree with your line of questioning!

If you could put together some questions I can pass them over to Nemus for answering, as I agree the questions are valid. However, I can say the project roadmap as described to me is much more robust than how you have framed it. Maybe there is more information in and around the litepaper file location that can also be used to help you understand. For example, they did a really nice job with the FAQs.

I am confident that no matter what questions anyone has, they will find credible, transparent, and trustworthy answers! (from them I mean, let it come from the source - I am just evangelizing)

I think anyone who DYORs and gets to know this project/team will quickly understand the huge value add the partnership has to offer CityDAO and our citizens. We do want to build a city - but unless you are planning on making a full time residence in the metaverse, we better take care of Planet Earth too :upside_down_face: