CIP-52 Ukraine Fund Donation

I’ll start this idea with a little bit of context.

Shortly after ETHDenver I was hospitalised in a skiing accident and forced to stay in the US for 6 weeks due to insurance purposes.

I have been following the war between Ukraine and Russia since the beginning but after my accident i was pretty much immobile for about 4-5 weeks and resided in a hotel room in Denver for that time.

Each day I would watch the news and observe the horror that the Ukraine people are going through and keep a close watch on the progress of the war. All this time, while working with CityDAO and other projects, thinking about how we could use some of the large DAO treasuries out there to contribute even a small amount to any form of Aid fund for Ukraine.

I have taken it on to personally create a fund in which I will be asking protocols and DAOs to donate to and then have a vote and say as to how these funds are distributed.

Of course there is 0 management costs to this and 100% of funds will be sent to a legitimate aid fund.

I am proposing CityDAO contributes in the region of 100k USDC to this fund but am open to options and thoughts and wanted to hear peoples opinions.


Great idea, would love to see the DAO support this.

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I think $100K USDC is a little high. I believe that giving away a significant sum of money that could be used to help buy land is potentially outside our mission.

Maybe we could sell CityDAO “support Ukraine” NFTs or something, so those who choose to contribute can. Also, a per-citizen contribution would allow those who don’t support either politics or one side to choose whether to contribute. Regardless of my personal feelings, I like having the DAO be neutral on politics.


I’m supportive of this proposal with a few notes:

We don’t quite have a steady cashflow in the treasury that can support our current operations, especially with season0 coming up, we will be spending a lot more than we are making.

Under this circumstance, I suggest we set up an X% of our yearly spending budget to support great global causes. Within this budget we can distribute them to mutual funds or charity, so we can prioritize our operation costs are covered, and have room to give and help others out.

For example, if our operation budget is 1m/yr, then maybe we can section out 10% for charitable cause which can round up to 100k, we can then section it to different causes, aside from Ukraine war I think we can look into affordable housing, renewable energy and humanitarian crisis in Asia and other countries. Preferably better if we can do it thru ETH since it’s trackable.

There also needs to be proof of accountabilities of these distributions, so we know the funds are going to ones in needs in a direct way ---- such as sending it directly to UkraineDAO:



(I am only still typing because I have to post at least 20 characters according to the BOT)

I think this makes a lot of sense going forward. That said, I support a one-time donation to Ukraine. It is twofold, the money goes to both Ukraine, great of course, but it also supports the DAO project if we do it through Ukraine DAO.

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I am writing an article about Crypto use in the Ukraine war. Making a case that it has done a lot of good and that all the ideas that it could be used to evade sanctions are mostly just made up and not realistic. I also want to add a lot of personal stories to make it real. The plan was to do it in Lobby3 DAO. The idea was to somehow sell it with most of the proceeds going to UkraineDAO (would just potentially want a bit back to cover expenses). If CityDAO could fit into that, I would be more than happy. CityDAO could buy access (just symbolically, all money would go to UkraineDAO) and post the article in our media and content if nothing else. Maybe a special podcast where memebrains reads the article, thus making a podcast version. Something like that. Throwing it out there. Good to support and put some media out there that shows Crypto is doing good in the world.

ps. if anyone wants to help with the writing I would be more than happy to have help.


I agree with David. I think if we do decide to do a charity it should be something within the web3 space or at a minimum technology. Scholarships for foster youth to learn how to code, for example.
Besides, we may want to save it for Lyons hospital bills. haha

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Charity can enhance CityDAO’s sense of social responsibility. Diversified charity can better reflect CityDAO’s inclusiveness


Good idea, would love to help.

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I think that CityDAO should be laser focused on our mission. I would be sad to see any of our funds used to procure weapons or be used for warfare.

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Aid fund dude, like to rebuild or provide support like meals and funding to families…

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Absolutely not.I think we still lacking of money.

I saw that ATX DAO has an NFT for Ukraine that allows anyone to mint to provide a donation. We could do something like this but do a match up to a certain amount or something.