CIP-54: Buying a JUPE for CityDAO Land

As we are getting close to our land governance token drop for Parcel 0, we are looking to partner with JUPE ( to order one Jupe to be delivered to Parcel 0. A Jupe is a super compact and comfortable house completely operational with solar power on any off-grid structure.

We want to propose the purchase of 1 JUPE ($30k) and have it delivered on our land by May 10th for our upcoming Parcel 0 drop :fire:

With this investment we will:

  • Have a permanent place on land that any CityDAO Citizens can go and stay on for free (with scheduling ahead)
  • Experiment with Jupe’s business model of fast, compact, affordable housing for both temporary and permanent situations
  • Have the ability to move a Jupe or order more Jupes to other parcels if needed after seeing how it would work
  • Have a cyber-solarpunk structure on our first parcel!
  • Partner with someone who’s actively trying to solve the affordable housing crisis and bring solutions to the realm of social goods!
    Jupe wants to solve for X, where X is the 1.5B people without adequate shelter – TechCrunch

Let me know what y’all think!


Love the Jupe and also was on the call with Antonio and Jeff from Jupe and think it’s a great way to have a lightweight place to stay and hang out and sleep on CityDAO land.

A couple notes to add:

  • Parcel 0 NFT holders should get to decide who gets to use the Jupe and its management
  • We’ll need to rush this proposal to pay the invoice in time by the time the -CityDAO team is in Wyoming

I’d like to attest that I personally know Jeff from Jupe from his previous project (Kasita) and he is extremely smart, very legit and has our best interests at heart. I haven’t seen him for years, but still a big fan. He really looks at homes as an ecosystem, kind of like home = iphone, with a lot of personalized settings you can save and turn on/off when you’re there.

Some links if you’d like to learn more and decide for yourself:


Sorry but $30k for something with fabric walls? Reject.

I do like the idea of putting a structure on Parcel 0, but this is way overpriced.


From a liability standpoint, I’m not sure we want to encourage anyone to stay on the land overnight. Also, I’ve heard it’s very windy at Parcel 0. If we put it on the land and it blows away, will we be refunded the money? If not, we might want to check if the Jupe has been tested to withstand certain environments.


I think it would be an interesting experiment. But could you please further explain that when you have Jupe on site, do you expect somebody to live there without utilities, toilets, and kitchens etc. on parcel0? My point is I’m not sure why you want to test this on the parcel0 where the condition is inhabitable and unsafe? Ok, the Jupe might be able to withstand the wind but how about storm or lighting or etc? Jupe is a standalone unit structure and only has a bedroom in there. I think it’s suitable for camping in a more sheltered natural environment(ie bush or maybe more urban with something that blocks the wind and stuff). Well, it’s 30k out of the treasury, doesn’t seem much, but 30k can go towards parcel1 which we can be much more useful. Therefore, in my opinion, Jupe is not really fully self-reliant enough to put on a site out of nowhere, you need extra functions like the kitchen&toilet to survive with it.

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I completely support this, JUPE is a company that is super aligned with what we’re doing, they are working to eliminate reliance on centralized utilities.

We make more than this in a month just from royalties on the NFTs, if we don’t spend it it’s going to go to taxes to pay for military equipment that kills people. :man_shrugging:



Excellent idea, we should start from somewhere!


100% agree with serkanbenol and scottfits. Agree on rushing this in!

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I think that this Jupe idea is not aligned with CityDAO vision and overall parcel 0, heres why:

  1. Parcel 0 is a remote piece of land with 0 infrastructure. Putting a tent there is promoting people to stay here which i don’t see why we would do.

  2. To point 1, the weather conditions in parcel 0 are not accommodating to a canvas tent, same with the terrain.

  3. Jupe is a small company with significant amount to gain from CityDAO exposure. I am not against providing startups with exposure, however i do not believe this idea warrants CityDAO resources. Also not saying this idea is not good, i do not have an opinion on that, however i do believe that it does not correspond enough with CityDAO’s current vision to spend our own resources on it.

  4. The tents are 30k, this money would be much better spent on an event or similar that will benefit a wider group of citizens and overall citydao exposure. Even spending 30k on a more permanent structure of our own with solar is a better idea.

  5. This tent can only house 2-4 people, that is 1460 citizens a year getting to stay there at maximum capacity every night of the year. Realistically it would be a miracle to get a quarter of that. I do not think there is any benefit to citizens.

  6. Legal liability: Should we really be encouraging citizens to stay on the land ?

  7. Theres more but lets here some feedback first


From my own end here, it is a very good idea as far as it is for the growth of this DAO with highly valued aims


It is not recommended to waste money. 1: This place is very remote. Basically no one lives there. 2: No real benefit to the public.
I suggest that the Metaverse can be built according to the terrain. It is distributed to citizens for free, and they can interact online with wearable devices in the future.


totally agree. I also think spending money to invite a crypto artist to build a sculpture on Parcel 0 is more plausible and meaningful.


Art sculptures in a weird, remote location could attract people and marketing. Interesting idea and food for thought. Would like to hear pros and cons, and how it could allign with our vision, if anyone wants to discuss.


Agree entirely with these points. In addition to liability, $30k is a lot of money for a tent with outlets. Is anyone waiting for a tent to stay on parcel 0? Would more people really go if this was there?

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Jube looks cool. I really support the asset development activities to increase & sustain Parcel-0 value but I can’t comment on this since I don’t have enough information at the strategy level. It just need to align with our strategy & roadmap.

Putting a Jupe on land might be useful, but parcel 0 might not be the right land for it. More importantly, just because $30K isn’t a lot in your mind, it is to most humans on this planet. To suggest that we won’t be paying our legal share of taxes is a serious and highly fallacious accusation. Whether we buy an expensive tent or not, CityDAO pays their taxes and we are currently not advisors to the country on where tax money is spent.

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The Jupe is actually going to be solar powered!


I don’t see how that is relevant. We could essentially re-create the setup of a Jupe for less than $2k by buying a nice tent (couple hundred bucks), inflatable camping bed (couple hundred bucks), and a portable solar panel & generator ($1k for a reeeeally nice one). Toss in a string of fairy lights and it’s ready for instagram.

There is absolutely no reason to shell out $30k to buy a Jupe just so a handful of people can go sleep in it the next year. And if there is legitimate sustained demand to stay on this property by citizens & outsiders, why not just get a hard-sided manufactured shed or a high quality used camper for a third of the price?

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Agree with all of this. $30k is steep for this product. We have no idea if / how it will withstand Parcel 0 climate. Also, if they are going to get any press for the collaboration we should get a sizeable discount.