CIP-56: CityDAO Retreat and IRL Funds

Currently, executing on things IRL takes around a month and involves the following steps:

  • Forum post
  • Snapshot vote
  • Gnosis transaction
  • Off ramp
  • Bank account transfer.

We propose allocating 50k the CityDAO LLC bank account for IRL uses. This will solve things like events guild being unable to purchase Permissionless tickets quickly and guild facilitators being worried about flight re-imbursements.

Estimated use of funds:

15k - May 7th CityDAO Guild Facilitators Retreat in Wyoming

15k - Late 2022 CityDAO Retreat

20k - Funds as requested by guilds for real world uses.

Signers will be given permission to spend funds with a 5/8 confirmation in signers channel. This is an experimental way to reduce bureaucracy and speed up our ability to do things with fiat.

First use of funds

We propose sending any guild facilitators who are interested to Wyoming for up to 8 days in May or June.

Dates : May 7 - 15th

Confirmed Attendees: scottfits, josh, nico, casey, lyons

Guild facilitators and citizens message Scott if interested.


  • Live in an Airbnb together and discuss the future and vision of the DAO
  • Plant a new flag in Parcel 0
  • Visit Parcel 0 and host something on the land
  • Tour potential future CityDAO properties

Looking forward to come to Wyoming and meet with the rest of the CityDAO facilitating members :slight_smile:


I’d love to come if I can!


I think this will be very productive meetup for the DAO and would even say we should do this on a regular basis as new batches of guild facilitators come in after election cycles.

Also events guild needs funds in IRL bank account to function. So has my full support.

I’m rejecting this proposal out of principle because it contains a Rider. You bundled up 2 proposals into 1. Riders are one of the biggest sources of corruption in modern society.

If this proposal was solely about the LLC having an adequately sized buffer of funds in it’s bank account, I would approve it.