CIP-64: Alignment on Quick Execution for an INTERNATIONAL Parcel 1

CIP-64: Alignment on Quick Execution for an INTERNATIONAL Parcel 1

Please note this is total copy-pasta from CIP-63, but instead focused internationally

In the spirit of maintaining a bias to action, one idea that has been repeatedly floated as a Parcel 1 that can meet many of the desires for CityDAO’s next parcel is to purchase a property capable of use, and to manage it in a fashion that expands on the proof of concept represented by Parcel 0. No idea is going to make everyone happy, but based on two months of relative inaction, it is my position that CityDAO should prioritize and maintain a bias to action and we all should be able to reasonably align and move forward on our next big project (in spite of the current bear market and prevailing property prices). This is not a “frat” house nor is it intended to favor any group of individuals. Rather - the idea here is that we can meaningfully expand our property rights allocations in light of actual use opportunities while enabling further community engagement and community value-add, while further allowing for experimentation around some of the radical concepts that have given CityDAO so much momentum.

It is in this spirit that I propose the following International Parcel 1 process:

Parcel 1 – CityDAO Multi-Use International Property

TEAM: Scott / Josh / Sotto / Simplepixelife / Chance / Konrad / Benmvic / Lyons / (whoever wants to be)

PARCEL: A property in a tech-friendly/crypto-friendly international environment with little or local “blockers”

USE: Possible Uses include, but are not limited to:

  1. Space for CityDAO Citizens to stay (can use blockchain based reservation system and NFT entry, and other blockchain applications
  2. Space for Community and Facilitator Meetups/Retreats
  3. Rental Income (AirBNB/VRBO “Season” during high tourism months)
  4. CityDAO Sponsored Hacker Houses
  5. Co-Working “Season” – Invite other DAOs/Projects to come and collaborate/collide
  6. Experimental “Season” where we test unique ideas relating to Quadratic Voting, Quadratic Funding, SALSA, and other unique ways to allocate property rights (but in experimental sandbox and without long-standing consequences)
  7. Other Uses as may be proposed by the Community from time to time

ACQUISITION PROCESS: (please note this structure will ultimately depend on local requirements / laws of the country where the Parcel is located)

  1. Select Property (with DAO input on things like country, city, use cases)
  2. Make contingent offer
  3. Pay earnest money and bring property under contract
  4. CIP of “YES OR NO” put to community (while closing conditions are being achieved in parallel)
  5. If voted “YES” – we offramp fiat and close on transaction, while offramping extra fiat to place into interest bearing account for purpose of “cushion” on operating expenses, taxes, and insurance
  6. If voted “NO” – we rinse and repeat on a property selection and start at Step (1) above

COMMUNITY BENEFITS: Place to stay, IRL collaboration and relationship building, Parcel 1 NFT, engaging project for the CityDAO Community to rally around, experimentation leading to additional positive PR from influencers and meaningful public goods building outcomes

TARGET PRICE: We are proposing approximately $750k of offramped fiat from the treasury toward the Purchase Price of International Parcel 1, taking into account local exchange rates. There will be a subsequent proposal authorizing the final transaction. Additionally, we will set aside a percentage of the final purchase price in an interest-bearing account as a reserve for several years worth of insurance, taxes, and operating expenses.

TEAM COMPENSATION: If the Project Team is able to execute on this Parcel 1 proposal, they will be compensated with eight (8) CityDAO Citizen NFTs and $2500 USDC each.



@DAOvolution in terms of feedback, I would say that prior to it going to CIP. the team + compensation should be specified like you did in your other proposal. I think that can probably be worked out through comments here on the forum or as the CIP hits 20 likes.

Can’t imagine either post getting the requisite governance support to even proceed to a Snapshot, so don’t worry…

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Josh, if it does proceed I’d like to participate in this team. I’ve been heavily involved in everything RE since beginning of Parcel 1 process and am located internationally, for the matter of this CIP. Thanks.

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Possible to do list ;

  • Write down pros & cons of locations
  • Tangible & Intangible gain for CityDAO
  • Alternative use list
  • Potential collab list (blockchain communities, DAOs…)
  • Fisibilty

Could add or remove… But even doing this list will show us the way how we may proceed in future