CIP-66: The Big Parcel Proposal

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With a “Parcel 1” proposal already up on the CityDAO Forum, we propose a concurrent “Parcel 2” project, hereinafter referred to as “The Big Parcel”. This is a proposal for CityDAO to start looking for a large parcel of land, hundreds of acres in size, in America, which could be used for various city building purposes. The purpose of this proposal is to gauge community interest before we spend time searching for and analyzing alternatives. This proposal is NOT a business plan, a feasibility report or a full explanation of a sustainable path forwards nor is it a balance of costs and revenues, legal issues or actual use.

CityDAO is a groundbreaking web3 project that seeks to create a city of the future. To realize this, CityDAO incorporated as an LLC, built a vibrant community of thousands of participants, and purchased Parcel 0. CityDAO then elected a council to create the City Charter. A guild structure was developed with eleven different teams, including finance, real estate, design, development, operations and education, all for the unified purpose of building a city. We are now ready for phase two of CityDAO - acquiring more parcels to scale our capabilities on all fronts, from revenue generation to experiments and more.

Many Citizens view the future of CityDAO as a “network city,” a network of physical locations around the world owned and managed by our DAO. Within the context of this vision, The Big Parcel is intended to be the primary physical headquarters of the DAO, where large numbers of people can gather, work, and live. The Big Parcel must be a large piece of land, or a partnership with an existing city, that has structures currently ready for use. It must also be able to accommodate a much wider range of experimental initiatives than Parcel 1, including but not limited to:

  • Co-living
  • Co-working
  • Retreats
  • City Building
  • Public Goods management and incentive structures
  • Experimental ownership and governance schemes (i.e. Harberger Taxes/SALSA, QF, QV)
  • Construction and Development
  • Fractionalization / Tokenization
  • Affordable Housing
  • Location for development / use of software integrations such as NFT keys to physical doors and gates, blockchain-based property mgmt, etc.


  • Multiple existing structures that can be utilized immediately
  • Lots of acreage, ideally 500+
  • Reasonable proximity to an airport
  • Ideologically aligned municipality / existing community


  • Land that can easily be subdivided and / or there are processes in place on the local level that make it possible if you go through the motions
  • Flexible zoning
  • Existing legal precedent / statutory authority for creating / incorporating a true city

PROJECT TEAM: The initial Big Parcel Team will be led by Gugz and David. Other team members and guilds will be brought on as needed. Bounties may be offered to citizens for assistance where needed.

GUILDS INVOLVED: Planning & Operations, Legal, Real Estate, Finance, Design, Research, Public Affairs


BUDGET FOR PROJECT PROPOSAL: The discretionary budget for this proposal is $10,000, to be used only where needed for bounties or expenses. None of this money will go to either Gugz or David.

BUDGET FOR THE PROJECT: TBD based on parcel chosen


PROJECTED TIMELINE: The expected timeline to find The Big Parcel will be by the end of Q3 (end of August). This timeline may need to be adjusted as this is based on the availability of suitable parcels and potential unforeseen delays in government agencies replying to our inquiries.

Weeks 1-3: Search for and find 3-10 suitable parcels that meet the “Required Elements” listed above. At least one of these should be in Wyoming. This will be done through online searches and real estate agents. Other citizens may be bountied to help with this task, so long as this is done immediately. During this time, the “Big Parcel Funding Team” will be established.

Weeks 3-6: Each of these parcels shall receive a feasibility report, covering the legal, financial and public affairs assessments. Other guilds and facilitators will be tasked to help with relevant studies, such as notes on legal and financial feasibility.

Weeks 6-9: These feasibility reports will be expanded into business plans.

Weeks 9-12: The reports will be published to the community in a CIP for a one week discussion regarding preferences on parcels. It will be put to a Snapshot vote that the Big Parcel Team has the authority to make offers on the top 3 parcels. Offers will be made for the top 3 parcels. The offer that is accepted becomes the Big Parcel for CityDAO, our capital city.


Big Parcel Funding Team: A Big Parcel Funding Team will be created, which may include citizens from Grants, Legal and other guilds to explore how CityDAO would raise funding via possible requests for donations, NFT fractionalization, sales to accredited investors, VC involvement or other possible mechanisms. An investor deck will be created and a report prepared for each investment method.

Some examples of properties that are currently available on the market:


Sign me up. Seems to me to be in line with our mission, checks many aspirational goals, and is clear-eyed about the need for funding outside of the current CityDAO Treasury holdings. I support.


Sign me up as well. It is really important to pursue large properties in line with the CityDAO mission. While it is great to get smaller parcels with utility and revenue generation aspects in the short term. We need larger developments to really experiment at scale in line with CityDAO’s core mission.

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I’m down as well. Definitely a solid idea for a parcel 2…or a Chinese calendar themed project. But yes, let’s do it!

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I support this. Great context in the first para btw, ‘gauge of interest’ to decide whether or not to proceed with next steps.

I have a ton of questions and thoughts into how feasible some of these might be or not be, but all that comes later. Let’s proceed and find out the answers with boots on the ground :slight_smile:

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This is why we are all here. Full support


I support this as well. It fits the CityDAO mission and will be a fun project to pursue and promote in Q3!


So cool, this idea has the potential in becoming a home base for CityDAO as a starting point to brew a crypto city! It’ll have room for much innovation to happen!


@Da3vid This is extremely well written, and very clear on what a vote to approve will get us. A great example for other CIPs.

I fully support this, love that the team will be doing research and then presenting results via CIP to the citizens. Also appreciate the minimal budget ask.

Can we start a Discord Channel for discussing “the Big Parcel” @chance?


Supportive of this!

Some thoughts:

  • Upon successful execution, I would love to see David / Gugz and others involved be compensated for their work. It’s less about the money, but more about the mindset of “people who get shit done get rewarded.”
  • If the search is ongoing after Josh and I complete Parcel Home, would love to help out.
  • Would be great to include a target price range.
  • What if we use this parcel as an opportunity to test some private property NFTs, for example, have a section of the land reserved for meaningfully large pieces of land Citizens can buy NFT leases / ownership. I think @DAOvolution will think this is fun. And @will will be hyped to try harberger tax on some of them

Questions for proposers:

  • The example properties are all townships / incorporated cities. Will we consider this a success if we buy a large ranch, or are we only successful if we buy a town?
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I support this on the condition that stronger KPIs are established and processes are set up to measure them.

Ultimately, what is measured is what will be worked towards; however I recognize that this proposal is intentionally broad to simply get the ball rolling. Therefore, Weeks 1/2 ideally are spent establishing heuristics by which the 3-10 suitable parcels are judged aside from the required/preferred elements.

Sounds cool, lets go :fire:

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This is great! Looking forward to it moving forward.

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Management is measurement. KPIs and processes to measure them are essential. I would appreciate if you would consider providing input and helping with this, if you’re interested and willing.

Regarding your question, I think a ranch with subdivision capability, loose zoning and the possibility of one day being incorporated as a town etc would be a success (from my POV)

Hey guys, PM me if you want to left your comment as a quote to the news about the proposal.