CIP-67 Proposal of Parcel Agartha -- CityDAO Regenerative Living Institute


Parcel Agartha aims to establish a living example of an agricultural community that’s a regenerative living institute.


  • To exercise and document methods of regenerative farming
  • To create a local community of diverse culture thru seasonal residencies
  • To crowdfund with CityDAO’s publicity
  • To be financially sustainable in forms of farming, retreats, residencies & incubators
  • To offer CityDAO citizens:
    • exclusive timeshares
    • discounted stays
    • events invite
    • sustainability initiative incubation

Here we propose CityDAO Parcel Agartha — A regenerative living institute for agroforest & eco community.


  • Syntonikka - project management, design & branding
  • Cardfarm - land & farming technique research
  • Kkopczyn (tentative) - legal, finance, real-estate advisory


  • Community Food Forest with High Tech Farming
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Seasonal Residential Retreat
  • Seasonal Hacker House Among Nature
  • Seasonal Artist Residency
  • Sustainability Incubator Lab
  • Artists’ Solarpunk Cafe Library
  • Camping Festival & Other Community Events
  • Classes & Workshops (yoga, meditation, philosophy, gardening, software engineering, music, etc…)

Parcel Agartha aim to gather initial capital with the form of distribute governance tokens and other crowdfund methods, so it will NOT take away capital from the CityDAO treasury EXCEPT initial operational cost of: $2500 per facilitator

*Parcel Agartha aims to create its own operational treasury and ask for ONLY Legal, Operation & Publicity support from CityDAO to kickstart the project (in adherence to CIP 65 Project Empowerment)

Support Includes:

  • NFT Design + Launch platform support from Design & Dev guild
  • Branding & Marketing support from Media guild
  • Community support from Community guild
  • Legal & Compliance support from Legal & Compliance guild
  • Copywriting support form Education guild


  • Relatively close to city centers (less than 1.5 hr drive)
  • Have 40-100 acres of land
  • Have at least 1 existing structure to be immediately operational
  • Relatively painless zoning law (needs research)

A great example is something like these:



  • Parcel Agartha NFT Drop
    • Working closely with CityDAO guilds on a plan to drop Parcel Agartha governance token (how many, how much, marketing plan, what are the rights, etc)
    • Prepare marketing materials + conceptual blueprint for what the farm will be used for & visualizations
    • Parcel Agartha would have its separate treasury for the Parcel Agartha land acquisition and operations cost.
    • Parcel Agartha can pledge to give X% back to CityDAO treasury


  • Funding Initiate (aside from governance token issuance):
  • Land Research
  • Land environment + soil health
  • Planting technique for soil diversity
  • Environment design + blueprint
  • Farming technique research (a combination of hydroponic, aquaponic + robotics)
  • Commercial license permit
  • Building permit


  • Land acquisition + Commercial License Setup + Apply Building Permit


  • Parcel Agartha Build in Action
    • Parcel Agartha Project Teams propose Farm Improvement Proposals
    • Parcel Agartha token holders vote on proposal options
  • Plant Some Trees & Let’s Start Farming!
    • We aim to rely on renewable energy such as: solar, wind, hydro (depends on the terrain!)
    • Regenerative farming techniques such as: Biggest Little Farm, FarmHack, Farmbot, Efficient Keyhole Garden
    • Eco Building techniques such as Zomes, Earthships & Bioveda
    • Implement Composting & Biogas Techniques (We aim to produce close to zero waste!)
    • Greywater garden such as this one & John Todd’s Living Machines
    • Efficient Rainwater Catching system
    • For the areas not being used for farming & residencial, there will be trees planted by volunteers! (agroforestry)
    • We can collect carbon credits from rich people who feel guilty flying private jets :wink:


  • Parcel Agartha’s goal is to turn barren farmland to a beautiful forest as carbon sinks to create a regenerative living environment. Parcel Agartha aim to also provide retreat and camping opportunities for the public (ParcelFarm NFT holders and CityDAO citizens would get exclusive timeshares at Parcel Agartha)
  • Parcel Agartha intend to become financially sustainable in ways of:
    • Lodging / Retreat Revenue
    • Organic Produce Export
    • Sustainability & Artist Incubator Revenue (shares of projects incubated)
    • Camping Event Revenue (music festival?)
    • Cafe Revenue (‘Solarpunk’ Cafe with local organic food)
    • Other Events such as: Yoga, Meditation, Classes, etc
    • Carbon Credit
    • Fundings for public goods for open sourcing its solutions to rest of the world

CityDAO would support this vision of a community governed organic food forest & eco retreat. Grow and export organic food, have an all-organic cafe next to it for its retreat residents & CityDAO citizens.

A great example is something like this: 230 People LIVING COMMUNALLY: TOUR of Ithaca EcoVillage — Ep. 051 - YouTube

Farm produce & residency income is not enough to sustain financial income for the first few quarters, need to reduce cost & think about other financing strategies.


  • The mission of CityDAO is to build the network city of the future where everything is on-chain, making the physical world decentralized, transparent, immutable and permissionless.
  • This parcel will be collectively governed on-chain by its holders, belonging to the greater CityDAO network as one of the elements.
  • This parcel will be accessible to citizens in forms of timeshare.
  • This parcel will implement existing or develop new transparent food distribution technologies that allow everyone to see where the food is grown (sensors & digital twin of the farm), where it’s being sent to (transparent on-chain distribution network)
  • This parcel is a proof-of-concept on sustainable housing & eco environment, if it can be proven successful it can be implemented any corner of the world as a CityDAO ‘node’

As we are building living spaces of the future, it’s imperative that we redesign our relationship with the environment, create regenerative ecosystems, and provide healthy, affordable and fun lifestyles for citizens and the public.
I will list 5 core principles of how this parcel and its team would operate:

Design a system that plays a positive-sum game and increment abundance for the long run.
We aim to be financially regenerative with a viable sustainable financial model.
We aim to be environmentally regenerative by carefully designing crops to increase soil diversity for healthier soil and better climate. (No pesticides ever, environmental health is our no.1 priority)

We aim to be emotionally regenerative by creating a healthy working/living environment among beautiful nature, in harmony with each other.

We want to design our environment so we can eventually source our own food, water, and energy in order to increase resilience to SHTF scenarios like global pandemic, loss of trade or WWIII. We want to encourage everyone to start consuming locally and this is just the first step.

An inclusive and diverse culture and a melting pot of ideologies is the root for innovation and compassion. We aim to invite people from all cultural backgrounds, beliefs, identities to live together and learn from each other.

We believe having a strong community is at the core of all individuals’ physical & mental wellbeing. We aim to create a space for communities to help each other, share resources, have quality time, live and thrive together.

We want to bring the culture of cutting-edge innovation into the concept of eco living.
Utilizing technologies like robotics, computer vision, climate sensors, machine learning and other advanced technologies to optimize farm operations and using blockchain solutions to optimize farming, energy, waste management, infrastructure and governance.

Thank you for reading thru this proposal, this is only our first draft for this project, many things are subjected to change.

Please share comments & feedbacks! Thank you!


I’ll have more concrete ideas later on, but I like it at first glance. This and CIP 66 may benefit, at least in the form of inspiration, from the Docu-series Home on apple tv+. They cover a lot of inventive ways people have adapted living to the environment or economic situation. An example would be, one home has the furnace on the first floor, yet the second floor has small open gaps at the edges where heat would rise through to heat the second floor. The margin difference is +/- 2 degrees between the floors as well.


Just watched the trailer and it looks incredible!! Def going int my playlist

I would love to contribute to this! Let’s chat sometime :slight_smile:

Love this idea. Just thinking out loud; could this be merged with big parcel cip? I know that we have to start watching our spending. Also, do you think we would need a minimum number of people to live onsite, or could it be seasonal?

I actually had a conversation with David, and I think merging to big parcel makes 100% sense! If not we should at least be neighbors ^0^


You’re definitely welcome to!

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Big fan of this one! Especially excited about how this can start to contribute towards a network city with concepts like paying back a % of revenue to CityDAO in exchange for services.

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Hey just wanted to say I really appreciate how you set up this proposal. I’m not personally that interested in the farm concept, BUT I think it is absolutely something that CityDAO should support, and also really like how you made it clear what CityDAOs role would be as like a support system but not the the primary funding or support mechanism.

This is the kind of thing that CityDAO can help create - connecting like minded people who can then go off and do cool things with a little bit of help from the CityDAO fam.

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Yes. I’m in favor of merging with the big parcel proposal.


@Syntonikka.eth I would happily contribute with/for @kkopczyn for this project. I have resources in photovoltaic manufacturing & technical knowledge.

From my research, panels over aggro crops actually increase material output efficiency and life expectancy due to moisture, while offering critical SHADE for particular light sensitive crops. This is currently being explored in Europe, but I’m not sure how many projects exists stateside.

This project would be an excellent use of this organizations’ time and attention, imo.


I think there are a lot of great ideas in here. I support merging this with the big parcel proposal.


David: I think that would be a good idea at this point. I think focusing on one big parcel proposal at I time would be ideal and starting to be agnostic on the section of the property until all options and pros/cons can be submitted in a CIP. Having said this, I really love this concept and perhaps there is a way to merge the two and everyone can cross collaborate.

I just liked this proposal giving it 20 likes!!! We can move it to snapshot!! Love it @Syntonikka.eth!!

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First property has no deeded access.

Strongly against this, not the idea of more plots but how this is effectively a new project that CityDAO doesnt directly control.

I dont like the idea of a separate treasury, new team, new token and creating effectively a completely new project that has no concrete returns explained to the main DAO. This feels like a new project is being created to branch out from CityDAO and effectively creating autonomy, not even sharing the same governance principals and adding a whole new layer of complexity to the mix.

All of this is thrown in and glossed over, you are changing core CityDAO principals and functions here under the guise of just another parcel whether intentional or not.

But aside from that, none of us know how to run a farm, and you think you can turn a profit in a few quarters?

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I tend to agree with this,

While i think that the idea is great, I share the same concerns as @Vortoxica .

  1. PA is distributing governance tokens and crowdfunding to raise capital but is using "legal, operational and publicity support from CityDAO. "

  2. “*Parcel Agartha aims to create its own operational treasury” this is great but it is separating a layer again from CityDAO.

  3. All of the support options are quite resource intensive

  4. Governance token drop will have control over a property that is a Citydao project ? Where do citizenships get use ?

It appears that this project is acting completely separate to CityDAO which I am not against but it is unclear in this proposal as to what the relationship is with CityDAO ?

A full new team, governance token, treasury etc. is confusing to me.

If this was the big parcel or something more clearly aligned with less abstraction then i would understand but currently I don’t.

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you americans are very silly spending money to make luxury farms. come to my town and we have plenty of cows for free they come in your yard.


Just to add that farming is essentially a volume business, and you better have someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. It’s a classic mistake of tech/city/smart people to think farming is easy. It’s not.