CIP – 68: The Parcel-0 Monument Proposal

Proposal Overview

This project has two primary purposes.

  1. Use Quadratic funding in CityDAO.

  2. Build something cool at Parcel-0.

The definition of a monument is “a statue, building, or other structure erected to commemorate a famous or notable person or event” – we want a structure to commemorate an event, CityDAO’s journey thus far, along with a notable person, Vitalik.

Proposal – Authorize a 10k matching pool to build a statue of Vitalik and a bench using Quadratic Funding at Parcel-0. Allow ScottA to appoint a team of between 3-5 citizens to execute the proposal.

The goal is to raise as much funding as possible; the more funding, the more money allocated to the project. In other words, the more money, the more Vitalik. The statue’s size will increase with the funding (if we build it big enough, he has to come to see it, right?).

Important to note – CityDAO will only fund if we receive private donations with a max of 10k in matched funding. In this manner, a large part of the funding will come from outside the CityDAO treasury and costs to CityDAO will be limited.

Once the Quadratic Funding round is complete, the team will oversee the monument’s building. In short, we will find the best prices from the best people and ensure the construction and placement at parcel-0 are as promised.

Project Team and Lead

@ScottA will lead and appoint a team of between 3-5 citizens

Suggested team:

@ScottA, @scottfits, @DenverCitizen9, and TBD

Proposed Team Comp

Upon successful installation of the monument, the team will be compensated 1000 USDC each (3000 - 5000 total) along with a Citizen NFT each (3 - 5 total). Additional funding might be required if special circumstances arise.

Best Case

We get a gorgeous monument that people will visit and will serve as a symbol of the bold venture that is CityDAO. It will also educate citizens on the process of QF.

Worst Case

Nothing is done and it won’t cost a thing.


Week 1 – discuss CIP in discourse

Week 2 to 3 - Carry out the quadratic funding round

Week 4+ – use funding to build the desired monuments

The timeline will depend on the time needed to construct the monuments.

Alignment with Mission

The educational component will serve a critical role as it will lay the groundwork for future applications of QF. The process will help build a framework for future projects to build public goods, etc. This will increase the overall capacity of CityDAO to build a city.

More directly, it will increase time spent at parcel-0.


I’m imagining a website UI where the more u ape in, the bigger the statue of vitalik.

Should we do the quadratic funding round on Gitcoin, or will this require dev effort to build out our own?

Love the idea of seeing Vitalik get bigger if you donate.

great question re gitcoin. @DenverCitizen9 might be aware.

This is a solid worst case scenario. Also, “the more money, the more Vitalik” is hilarious. Who’s got two thumbs and is supporting this proposal? This guy.

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