CIP-71 Acquire Parcel NY

This propose allocates 120k from the treasury to acquire a small parcel of land in Brooklyn, NY.

Proposed Parcel:

If this Parcel is gone by the time of closing or falls through, funds will be applied towards purchase of a similar Parcel in the New York region.

Potential Uses:

  • Pop up Art Gallery
  • Hangout spot for CityDAO Citizens
  • Place to put up an outdoor facing sign that Citizens can vote on
  • Community Garden or Park accessible to Citizens

Why this Parcel?

  • Easily accessible during NFT NYC and other events
  • Easier to get to than Parcel 0 in Wyoming
  • 40 minutes by subway from Times Square, NYC
  • In Bushwick, an up-and-coming area in Brooklyn

Upon successful completion of this project, Scott and Josh will each receive 8 Citizen NFTs for their work on doing diligence on the property, investigating local taxes and regulations, and closing on the property.


Will there be any sort of budget or assessment report given to the community on what the property taxes will be like for the next X number of years and the cost of running this space? Or how this will help make money for CityDAO? Will this be a perpetual drain on the treasury? Or how this is a public good that aligns with the overall mission of creating a city of the future? Is this something CityDAO currently needs to survive?

If this proposal falls through, why would the funds automatically be applied towards a parcel in NY? No explanation was given for that statement. What if there isn’t a suitable place in NY? What if there’s a better place elsewhere?

This seems to send a precedent that any citizen could choose a location in their neighborhood and make a CIP that CityDAO spend treasury funds to buy it without needing to analyze additional costs, profitability or alignment with overall mission.


Second this. Reoccurring costs specific to NYC are a large consideration when purchasing property in The City and will push lifetime costs much higher than $100k.

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