CIP-71 Create Mayor Role

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Propose creating a Mayor role, elected for 6mo terms with the first term being held by scottfits. The goal is to help reduce bureaucracy and provide a path to executing on things faster. For example, instead of passing a CIP which takes 14 days just to do a small project, the Mayor can use a budget to make it happen.

The mayor will have the following responsibilities:

  • A Mayor Budget of 20k / mo that can be used quickly for things like allocate funding to bounties, hiring the best people to execute on missing DAO functions. It cannot be used for Mayor comp, that will be separate.

  • Hold a regular Community Call or Town Hall and share the state of the DAO

  • Regular check-ins with guild leaders and community members, unblock and empower them. Giving guild leaders and contributors feedback.

  • Be the public spokesperson for the DAO

Mayor Role Structure

  • Comp is 5k and 5 Citizen NFTs per month
  • Elections every 6 months through snapshot. Candidates announce intent to run on Discourse.
  • First Mayor is scottfits, next election Jan 14 2022

It does seem that there would be a lot of benefits of naming one person as the face of cityDAO from a PR perspective, and I like giving the flexibility to the mayor to make quick decisions with a small discretionary budget. There are many good overlaps here with what is trying to be accomplished in CIP-70.

@scottfits @DAOvolution @ethlaw @lyons800 and others - can you give some specific examples of things in the past 6 months that either took too long or never happened because of the decentralized structure? Real estate transactions is a big one I know but I wonder if you could give more specifics. It would help me (and hopefully others) understand what the value of the mayor role might be, and understand what exactly you’d be doing every month.


There are benefits to have a leader, so long as the leader has clear cut authority and a scope of his or her authority. This position involves holding yet another community call, which we already have, check-ins with guild leaders, which does not require authority and being a spokesperson, which Scottfits already is.

What does this position actually do? I am not against it, but what does it do? At a time when budgets are being cut, positions are being reduced (for good reason) and the top-heavy administration of CityDAO is being streamlined, is the mayor in charge of firing? Conducting evaluations? I just think this can’t be a proposal to give someone a title and compensation and in good faith still say that budgets need to be cut.


While I agree with this in theory, Scott is wholly unqualified to be the mayor. He has been given the opportunity to take over these responsibilities and has failed. These are just tasks we have asked him to voluntarily take up as the founder of this project, which he is now asking for a salary and budget for. He had the moral/founders authority to do these things (and mission had the budget) but he just was not present or able to lead in a way that is acceptable to a community of this size. So if we do this the mayor would need to be @gugz or @lyons800 or @andrewlreeve or someone who has demonstrated ability by his or her past work in this DAO to take the role.
Sorry Scott, I like you as a person but we had this talk 2 weeks ago. Add to it that your proposal getting absolutely rebuked by the community in the snapshot shows that you’ve lost the confidence of the citizens. It’s time for @gugz to take the reigns on the big parcel as lead and @lyons800 to be given a chance to pass his restructure and for you to step down and take a ceremonial role.

P.S. I am one of the strongest advocates for someone getting more authority in this DAO to move the ball forward in a positive and light handed way to take us to the next level. But not like this…

The idea of a mayor role is going backwards on all the moves to decentralize that we have pushed for and achieved. If this is the direction you want the DAO to go in, with you remaining in some form of power the Core Team structure shouldn’t have been changed, this would be a step backwards.