CIP-88 Build the Metaverse supermarket project on package 0

CIP-88 3.0 Version

To the Citizens of CityDAO - Ladies and Gentlemen~

We have an amazing and unique opportunity ahead of us.

We will have a definite goal starting today.

We’ll push through an interesting experiment, and then describe the background, participants, and Season 0 roadmap for the entire experiment.

Background: I come from a Chinese community ~ in my hometown ~ owns a whole mountain ~ 200 rare tree species are planted on the mountain ~ fruit is produced every autumn ~ this rare fruit is very delicious ~ it is a kind of nut~ And it has become popular in the market~become a healthy and delicious food~many people buy it for this~

In view of the fact that the plot 0 has been completed ~ I want to connect the natural resources of the mountain and 200 trees to citydao in a Business way to become a sub-dao. And it’s attached to the parcel 0 I hold.

  1. The purpose of the experiment: to explore the possibility of web3.0 technology + natural land resources + people + consumption~

  2. Season 0 Participating elements: farmers, natural resources (mountains, forests, unique and rare native walnuts), DAO entities, web3 technology, DAO members~

  3. Roadmap for Season 0: Small supermarket Genesis nft, Season 0 activities, drop in October~

Metaverse supermarket Genesis nft: The concept of Metaverse supermarket: It is a virtual Metaverse supermarket, attached to the parcel 0, anyone can simply enter and buy the desired goods. As a result, we will open a Metaverse supermarket on parcel 0, (imagine an infinite row of shelves like the Matrix) ~10,000 copies of Genesis, each city member is eligible to mint one for free and participate in governance.

Season 0 event: Every city dao member who holds Genesis nft is eligible to purchase nut boutique gift box at a discount in the supermarket~

October drop: mailing nut boutique gift box~

Benefits for citydao citizens

  1. Free mint genesis nft ~ to spark interest and participation with CityDAO citizens.

  2. nft rights and interests: members of Genesis small supermarket, preferential purchase of the first batch of citydao land specialties, many rights and interests in the future~

Benefits to CityDAO

  1. Promote the development of practical and effective cases

  2. Promote trade consumption, generate potential tax revenue, and make the national treasury develop soundly

3.Owned a mountain 200 rare tree species delicious nuts and other natural resources

  1. Participation in the international community, close ties between citizens

Authorization application:

Apply to city dao for brand authorization and community support for this experiment~

project instruction:

The following figure is the project flow chart

  1. What is this project called?

Metaverse Supermarket

The following is a conceptual reference map ~ a shelf with endless space ~

  1. What is the TLDR version of your idea/project?

Season 0 now, with more to follow.

  1. How does this project align with CityDAO’s vision or actual goals?

Explore on-chain governance of land to drive a practical case.

  1. What financial and non-financial benefits can this project bring to the entire DAO?

Promote the development of practical and effective cases

Promote trade consumption, generate potential tax revenue, and make the national treasury develop soundly

Participation in the international community, close ties between citizens

  1. How should we implement this project step by step?

The core of the entire project is divided into 3 stages: Genesis nft, Season 0 activities, and delivery

Genesis nft: (requires preparation: nft design, mint method and platform, community marketing maintenance)

Season 0 activities: Determine the products to be put on the shelves (if the multi-country community can work together~ consider putting more products on the shelves and ship in this area~), consumption methods, description of regional restrictions

Shipping: (Mailing parcels ~ Considering logistics restrictions ~ Physical goods in the 0th season are within the scope of China ~ If there are multiple countries and communities participating, consider opening more areas ~)

  1. Who is responsible for this and its qualifications - if any?

I am personally responsible for this at the moment ~ but I suggest community members to actively participate ~

  1. What is the estimated timetable for doing this project?

The entire project is expected to take about 3 months.

From July to August, we will discuss supplementary details with the city dao community~

Start designing from August to September. Create nft design, Using the latest NFT animation technology to create city dao governance concepts and CIP-88 proposal content stories,design promotional posters, establish discord channel, Twitter, and start community building~

September-October Prepare the products to be put on the shelves in the 0th season, ensure a good supply chain, design the packaging gift box, and determine the delivery process~

Genesis nft drop in mid-October~

Shipping in late October~

  1. What is the estimated total cost of this project for CityDAO?

Season 0 will take into account the lowest cost operation ~

In addition to posters, nft drawings need to hire artists ( season 0 I can personally bear these costs)

~Existing platforms can be considered when issuing nft~

The rest of the cost can be almost saved~

  1. Avoid legal risks and policy risks

Season 0 Mountains and natural resources are only used for CIP-88 on-chain experimental use of city dao’s land governance vision

And the state supports the blockchain to feed back the real economy orientation~Explore cross-border e-commerce~

  1. Season 0 nft governance scope and utility

Season 0 Governance Scope: Asset management (potential asset use), develop management (initial listing of product categories, brand cooperation, community entry) Community members set up a representative committee to vote for governance~

Season 0 nft utility: pass card (shopping benefits)

  1. Answer community questions

A: The current physical industry is too inefficient and the process is difficult to monitor. It is recommended to give priority to the direction of Metaverse, finance, code, and data.

This problem is a real problem, and there are some alternatives: 1. More regional community brands will enter the supermarket and self-manage the products on the shelves. 2. Flexibly support the launch of products in the direction of Metaverse, finance, and data.

B: Are you requesting any funding from the DAO? Or are you just asking for permission to integrate with the DAO and provide citizens with a free genesis mint?

Season 0 will maintain the lowest-cost experimental operation ~ no need for DAO to provide any funds for the time being ~ just provide brand licensing to integrate with DAO, and community members support ~

C:I have a problem, I don’t understand how you are connecting web2 and web3. I mean, if I get an NFT, will the real goods be delivered to me? Or how does it work?

In Season 0, citizens participate in the creation of NFTs and can exchange offers to purchase Season 0 goods at preferential prices. And there are two ways to buy it (to be determined). 1. Citizens can place orders in web2.0 shopping stores such as Amazon and Alibaba, and ship them through international logistics. 2. Citizens can pay on the chain, settle orders with ustd and eth, and deliver goods through international logistics.

D: Notes for the future: not just limited to China, how to go more international, including other countries?

First of all, Metaverse supermarket shelves are decentralized, not limited to China, people from any country can participate. The goods, natural resources, people, brands, and communities will be web3.0ed through physical contracts to empower the local economy. (For example, local plantations, mountains, fast food restaurants, shops, lakes, through physical contracts, you can easily access dao, so that it has more possibilities, and members of sub-dao can conduct governance or DIY exploration)

E: What is a physical contract? What is its workflow like?

Many entities in the real world are limited to the local environment it is difficult to have more possibilities connect entities and web3.0 in one way ~

I hope to establish an experimental exploration of self-management, decentralization, entity + web3.0~

work process:

Entity access intentions are submitted by individuals, communities, and brands, and the 0th season will be reviewed by dao members.

Minting an entity contract (season 0 is to mint an nft to represent an entity contract. What will the entity contract include in the future? (It may be written into taxation, brand authorization interface, token issuance, nft, etc.) can be explored): connect entity get dao certification~

After obtaining the certificate, the connected entity can self-manage, invite dao members to participate in discussions and vote, and decide what to do with the entity to expand the DIY experiment.

The goods produced by the experiment can be freely put on the shelves of Metaverse supermarkets~

expand transaction trade consumption


  1. Future Possibilities ~ “Making Metaverse Consumption Easier”

2.0 Official website~Deployment of Metaverse supermarket platform~

3.0 Invite more communities to join, community brands to settle in, support more product categories, support the free opening and management of Metaverse supermarket shelves

4.0 Access to a rich and comprehensive web3.0 infrastructure, logistics system, cargo supply chain, commodity brands, defi infrastructure, nft animation billboard tools (supports the construction of advertisements or content with well-known nfts) ~ make Metaverse consumption more convenient simple~

5.0 web3.0 Land Governance Entity Consumer Trade ~Explore New Possibilities~

CIP-88 3.0 版本 Chinese version

致 CityDAO 的公民——女士们、先生们~





鉴于地块 0 已经完成~我想将所拥有的山地、200棵树木自然资源以商业方式接入citydao成为一个子dao。并且附着在我持有的地块 0 之上。


二、第0季 参与元素构成:农民、自然资源(山地、树林、独特稀有的土特产核桃)、DAO实体、web3技术、DAO成员~


元界超市创世nft:元界超市的概念:是一个虚拟的元界超市,附着在地块 0之上,任何人都可以简单的进入,购买想要的商品。由此我们将在地块 0 上开设一家元界超市,(想象黑客帝国那种无限一排的货物架子)~10000份创世,每位city成员有资格免费mint一份,并参与治理。

第0季活动:每位持有创世nft的city dao成员有资格,在超市里优惠购买坚果精品礼盒~


对citydao 公民的好处

1、免费mint创世nft~以激发与 CityDAO 公民的兴趣和参与。


对 CityDAO 的好处

  1. 推动了实际有效案例的发展
  2. 推动贸易消费,产生潜在的税收使dao国库良性发展
  3. 国际社区参与,公民之间紧密联系~


向city dao申请对此项实验的品牌授权以及社区支持~



  1. 这个项目叫什么



  1. 您的想法/项目的 TLDR 版本是什么?


  1. 这个项目如何与 CityDAO 的愿景或实际目标保持一致?


  1. 这个项目可以给整个 DAO 带来什么财务和非财务上的好处?




  1. 我们应该如何一步一步地执行这个项目?





  1. 谁应该对此及其资格负责——如果有的话?


  1. 做这个项目的预计时间表是什么?


7月-8月和city dao社区讨论补充细节~

8月-9月开始设计 创世nft设计、采用最新NFT动画技术,创作city dao治理理念和CIP-88提案内容故事、设计宣传海报、建立discord频道、推特 开始社区建设~

9月-10月 筹备第0季要上架的商品,确保良好的供应链、包装礼盒设计、确定发货流程~

10月中旬创世nft drop~


  1. CityDAO 进行这个项目的预计总成本是多少?


除了海报、nft绘图需要请艺术家( 第0季我个人可以承担这些费用)




第0季山地和自然资源仅用来city dao土地治理愿景的CIP-88链上实验用途


10、第0季nft 治理范围和效用

第0季 治理范围:资产管理(潜在的资产用途)、发展管理(初期上架商品类别、品牌合作、社区入驻)社区成员成立代表委员会投票治理~

第0季 nft效用:pass卡(购物优惠福利)




B:您是否要求 DAO 提供任何资金?还是您只是请求许可与 DAO 集成并为公民提供免费的创世铸币厂?


C:我有一个问题,我不明白你是如何连接web2和web3的。 我的意思是,如果我得到一个NFT,真正的货物会送到我手上吗?或者它是如何工作的?

在第0季中,公民参与创世NFT,可以兑换优惠,以优惠价格购买第0季货物。并且有两种购买方式可选(待定)。1.公民可以在web2.0的购物店如亚马逊、阿里巴巴下单,通过国际物流发货。 2.公民可以通过链上支付,用ustd、eth结算下单,通过国际物流发货。














12、未来可能性~ “让元界消费更简单”





感谢社区成员:ming、elmo、nine、scottfits、chao、Acryptofish、KikiAzuki、kkopczyn、feyou、flywangnaixiao、49856099、sean 等等更多成员~提供了优质的建议和帮助~


I really love the sound of it! Would love some initiative starting in China too. However, I think there’re still something that are missing in order to consider the feasibility of this project. Can you take a look at my 8 questions in the “Any template that I need to use if I want to present my project idea to the DAO?” in this doc? I think if we refine it that way and properly answer all of them that would be cool :fire:

Note: the guild structure should be changed somewhat next season, so I would say you should take a look at that section in my doc only and try your best answering it (Don’t worry, you can post this proposal in a more refined way later–no need to rush this one :+1:). Local contribution guide can get outdated in only a few months in DAOs :sweat_smile:



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Yeah a very good point. I’m not really sure if The Chinese government will be that “welcome” to us tokenizing products or its derivative from their lands :sweat_smile: Political risk is something that need to be mitigated considerably before we launch anything especially in countries with special government types such as China (governmental support would be a great plus in the Case of China-based projects too)

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(In view of Chinese laws, this stage is limited to commercial market economic access. If the objective conditions for an active market economy are reached in web3.0, then it will maintain the natural power of long-term operation.) In view of the resources of many countries and regions in the future Access ~ also suitable for this logic ~
Of course, if you have a better way~ You can also put it forward~ My personal ideas may have limitations~


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不错的想法,支持!感觉可以试下 ,为我们的dao赋能!

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Good idea, I like it and do it

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Good idea pending the concerns with governance outlined above.

Are you requesting any funding from the DAO? or are you just requesting permission to integrate with the DAO and provide Citizens a free genesis mint?

If you are requesting funding, can you put a specific amount for the request? This will allow citizens to make an informed decision.


The current brick-and-mortar industry is too inefficient, and the process is difficult to monitor. It is recommended to give priority to the direction of metaverse, finance, code, and data.

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I can support u , I’m a arctect and artist.

Supporting exploration of land governance ~ Metaverse Supermarket