CIP138: Increase CityDAO brand awareness with top engineering talent and empower DAO solutions by partnering at Miami Hack Week [IRL Jan 29th-Feb4th]

Project TLDR: Increase CityDAO’s brand awareness to bring top engineering talent into our community and connect with other DAOs to empower novel DAO infrastructure/governance solutions by partnering at Miami Hack Week from Jan 29th - Feb 4th.

**Since this is very time sensitive, if you are a CityDAO citizen and like this proposal, please remember to give it a like to move it to Snapshot! Would also love to hear your thoughts and feedback :slight_smile:

What is Miami Hack Week?

Miami Hack Week is one of the largest decentralized hackathons in the world. The week-long hackathon has helped jumpstart the web3 movement for thousands of the world’s top engineers and builders including with brands like Polygon, Quicknode, Thirdweb, and Solana. This year, they will have 6000+ hackers from around the world come to participate with the top selected talent chosen to be in 15+ themed hacker houses (web3, fintech, AR/VR etc.)

Examples of web3 hacker houses include DAO house focused on DAO infrastructure and technology as well as MiamiDAO working on a social impact house to help undocumented citizens use a revolutionary new ID system to get access to resources.

By partnering at Miami Hack Week, we will increase CityDAO’s brand awareness to bring more talented builders into our community. We will also have the opportunity to connect with other DAOs such as Developer DAO, LearnWeb3 DAO, Miami DAO etc. and empower the creation of novel DAO solutions.

Proposal Budget Total Cost: $9200 USD

  1. Sponsorship: Be a DAO House partner at Miami Hack Week($5000)

    DAO House is a DAO infrastructure and tech-focused hacker house hosted in partnership with Developer DAO, LearnWeb3 DAO, and other partners in the DAO tech ecosystem. This is the Community Partner tier (lowest $) and you can learn more about sponsorships here.

    Sponsorship benefits include:

  • CityDAO’s branding and presence at DAO House
  • Increasing CityDAO’s awareness to top engineering talent (+6000 hackers)
  • CityDAO logo branding on Miami Hack Week’s website/print
  • Social media promotion
  • Booth at Miami Hack Week expo
  1. Marketing assets: $700
  • CityDAO banner, posters, swag design, stickers etc.
  1. Participation Rewards and Reimbursements: $1500
  • For CityDAO citizens that would like to participate in hacking at Miami Hack Week IRL on a CityDAO or DAO governance/infrastructure related project can receive up to $300 in travel reimbursement (cap at 5, first come first serve)
  1. Planning and logistics:

    Miya#5783: $1000 upon completion

  • Responsibility includes planning with the Miami Hack Week team and DAO House team pre-event and IRL from Jan 29th-Feb 4th, leading coordination on marketing materials and assets for social media promotion

    Tippi Fifestarr: $1000 upon completion

  • Co-lead on planning, be IRL at CityDAO’s demo booth and DAO House, handle logistics of marketing materials and reimbursements

    Total Cost: $9200 USD


  • Low participation and engagement from citizens and Miami Hack Week participants


  • Increase in brand awareness (Miami Hack Week has 5-7M in social media and IRL reach)
  • Attract top engineering talent to join our community
  • Meet and collaborate with other DAOs such as Developer DAO, LearnWeb3 DAO and Miami DAO
  • Engage and inspire citizens through learning and participation in DAO infrastructure/governance hackathon projects

Would love to get your thoughts and feedback! and for CityDAO citizens please give it a like to move it to Snapshot :slight_smile: