CityDAO 2023 Project Planning

See the results of the 2023 CityDAO priorities Polis survey here.

High level goals for 2023:

Increase Citizen Time: Citizen Time is a metric we developed that measures the time CityDAO Citizens spend at CityDAO properties. For example, more citizens spending time at Parcel 0, Blanca, the DAO labs space, etc all contribute to Citizen TIme.

Increase DAO revenue: Find at least one reliable source of DAO revenue to help ensure the longevity of the DAO and guarantee our continued ability to exist and fund projects.

Projects in Progress

DAO Labs: A co-working space in Denver managed by CityDAO.

  • Metrics impacted: Citizen Time
  • Project lead: lyons

Baby Parcel Phase 1: Building the world’s first NFT leases for a piece of land in Blanca, Colorado

  • Metrics impacted: Citizen Time and Revenue (through lease payments)
  • Project Lead: Scott

t0wn: Building a network of land owned and governed by member DAOs.

  • Metrics Impacted: None
  • Project Lead: Gugz

Governance improvements: Improving the CityDAO charter to streamline governance and make important clarifications to our governance rules.

  • Metrics impacted: None
  • Project lead: Konrad

IRL meetups: Hosting a series of IRL meetups for Citizens to meet, plan future projects, and check out the new DAO labs space.

  • Metrics Impacted: Citizen time
  • Project Lead: memebrains

CityDAO Podcast: A podcast that shares stories from CityDAO Citizens and web3 leaders, covering DAOs, network states, and cities of the future.

  • Metrics impacted: None
  • Project Lead: memebrains

2023 First Half Roadmap

Income Generating Property: Become the first DAO that owns an income-generating rental property. This idea was the highest scoring suggestion on the 2023 Polis Brainstorm.

  • Metrics Impacted: Revenue
  • Project Lead: TBD (you?)

Baby Parcel phase 2: The current Baby Parcel project is limited to 20 NFT land leases. propose expanding this program to build a larger neighborhood of land owned by Citizens.

  • Metrics Impacted: Revenue
  • Project Lead: Scott

Parcel 0 monument: A statue or art piece that immortalizes Parcel 0 as a crypto mecca.

  • Metrics Impacted: Citizen time, potentially
  • Project Lead: lotrfan, potentially

Land-backed Stablecoin: Buy land and issue stablecoins that can be redeemed for the underlying land and develop a peg that ensures the price is stable.

  • Metrics impacted:
  • Project Lead: TBD (you?)

Hackathon Series: A series of hackathons designed to be a top-of-funnel for new CityDAO projects.

  • Metrics impacted: Citizen time
  • Project Lead: alexthims


Please post your feedback in the replies. Questions to consider:

  • What projects would you like to see included that weren’t?
  • What projects seem like a waste of time or resources?

Scott, thanks so much for putting this together in one place. Great to have a high level overview of what is going on. Also I really appreciated the polis questions. A great way to get a pulse check on the community and have some actionable data.

As far as feedback, a few thoughts:

  1. The projects in progress are awesome… what if our roadmap in 2023 is just completing those? I’d rather finish those projects than have them make slow progress in 2023 while adding new projects that also don’t get completed. This may be oversimplifying (for example, Citizen Y may have a new idea and doesn’t want to work on any of the existing ones, but would work on the new one), but worth a thought

  2. Should CIP-100 be included here? I still don’t really get that one but it seems like it was approved?

  3. If we want to add something new in 2023 - lets keep it something with a really well defined scope Parcel 0 monument, hackathon, fit that bill for me. The other stuff seems like it would require a lot of figuring out how we even want to get started. I think they are all worthy of being on A roadmap, but as described above lets focus our resources on getting our existing stuff done.

  4. Land backed stablecoin - I could be interested in a coin but I’m not sold on land-backed. There is some cool stuff out there about creating city coins that enable citizens to own a piece of the whole city rather than a specific plot of land, that way everyone is incentived to make decisions based on what is best for the city rather than the NIMBY focused decision making we typically see today. Check out this post from Joel Anderson: Positive Sum Housing Games Part 2: The Commonwealth City

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